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Mystery at the Club Sandwich

Mystery at the Club Sandwich Read & Download Æ PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook Lola Gale has lost her marbles Literally Nick Trunk private investigator has been hired to find them He’s a very good detective but this case is a tough nut to crack The only clues are an o. Mystery at the Club Sandwich is a mystery picture book recommended for second or third grade The picture book is uniue because it is filled with black and white illustrations It offers readers with many places to stop think and predict who stole the bag with six marbles in it

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Mystery at the Club Sandwich Read & Download Æ PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook Old black and white movie while endearing animal characters plentiful PI and peanut puns and a suspenseful but not too hard to follow mystery make this a crime story that’s hard to put dow. Nick Trunk is a private investigator elephant He works for peanuts Lola Gale is a fox y lounge singer at the Club Sandwich She has lost her marbles and suspects someone has stolen them Detective Trunk is the only one with enough nose and enough brains to solve this sticky peanut butter coated caper With enough bad puns to make even a first grader groan Mystery at the Club Sandwich is a delightful picture book to introduce kids to the mystery genre With deadpan first person narration and over dramatic black and white illustrations Doug Cushman s tale parodies and embraces the tropes of the hard boiled films noir of old Detective Nick Trunk searches the scene of the crime finds clues interrogates witnesses rounds up the usual suspects and reveals the perpetrator to the surprise of the assembled cast He examines each character s motives and opportunities and consumes a number of peanut butter and fish sandwiches in the processAdults and older children will appreciate the humor in this story but the big reveal probably won t come as much of a surprise This book s best use is as a read aloud for kindergarten first or maybe second grade Extra credit if you read it aloud with a film noir Brooklyn accent Younger students will delight in the puns as well as the gross factor of the strange peanut butter concoctions I can think of no better book to teach young children mystery genre vocabulary like clues and suspects and teachers should pause before the climax to allow kids to make their own deductions about who committed the crime Mystery at the Club Sandwich will make students want to pick up their magnifying glasses and do some sleuthing of their own no doubt

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Mystery at the Club Sandwich Read & Download Æ PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook Strich feather and lots of peanut butter delicious peanut butter Will Nick be able to solve this sticky crime Monochromatic illustrations give this hilarious whodunit the dramatic feel of an. This book is so much up my alley that I m surprised I didn t write it myself A Film Noir mystery starring an Elephant Detective That s like 5 of my favorite things I only wish that Doug would have written a series of these books I would read them