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FREE READ Mesilased · PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook Romaani sündmustik leiab aset 17 sajandi lõpus Leideni ülikooli bakalaureusekraadiga lõpetanud Laurentius on saanud stipendiumi õpingute jä. 17th Century Dorpat present day Tartu Estonia was a hotbed of spiritual learning as well as a city of depravity Philosophical theories were debated by university students while poverty stricken starving peasants lived on the outskirts of the city Laurentius Hylas traveled from Holland with his parakeet Clodia to attend university in Dorpat Constant rainfall severe at times created hazardous road conditions making carriage travel treacherous The dampness and chill led to Clodia s deathLaurentius colorful chirping parakeet had helped him maintain emotional balance Her presence counterbalanced the melancholy he felt Laurentius now had racing thoughts and noticed an unexpected acrid stench permeating the carriage he was traveling in He smelled decay in the atmosphere that conjured up prior memories and guilt He saw shadows among the treesUpon arriving in Dorpat Laurentius matriculated at university and engaged in the philosophical discussions of the times His damaged spiritual fortitude made him unable to concentrate He dreamed of phantoms and witches reliving contorted memories He needed to determine a plan of action Would bloodletting help balance his humours or would his fevers be better treated with a tincture of willow bark powder Superstition abounded in the 17th Century A Willow King a shadowy figure emerging from the darkness was rud to come and steal the souls of the emotionally weak or physically ill Laurentius needed to restore his body s euilibrium so apparitions would no longer freuent his dreams and the black bile flowing through his body would no longer enter his soulThe Willow King by Meelis Friedenthal was written about 17th Century medically diverse theories Should melancholia be treated with folk remedies like willow bark tincture or with the medical practice of bloodletting What is the nature of the soul Where is it located in the bodyThe Willow King is a fascinating tome that perhaps reuires than one reading to fully understand the rich content presented by FriedenthalThank you Steerforth Press Pushkin Press and Net Galley for the opportunity to read and review The Willow King

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FREE READ Mesilased · PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook A sündmused mis on kohati üpris hirmuäratavad Meelis Friedenthali esikromaan «Kuldne aeg» pälvis 2004 aasta romaanivõistlusel kolmanda koh. 35 starsOriginally published in Estonian as Mesilased The Bees this novel was awarded the 2013 European Union Prize for Literature and is now presented in an English translation by Matthew Hyde Dense and allusive it evokes the philosophical world of the late 17th century through the story of Laurentius Hylas a young student who comes to study at the university of Dorpat modern Tartu I can t say that I enjoyed the book which is intellectually rigorous and unrelentingly bleak but I did appreciate Friedenthal s ability to capture the contradictions of the early modern mindFor the full review due to be published on 2 May 2017 please see my blog

FREE READ ¶ PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook ó Meelis Friedenthal

FREE READ Mesilased · PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook Tkamiseks Tartu ülikoolis Ikalduse käes kannatav Liivimaa pole just kõige sõbralikum paik ning ülikoolis ja väljaspool seda hakkavad arenem. Laurentius Hylas arrives in 17th Century Dorpat present day Tartu Estonia to further his studies There is constant rainfall crops have been ruined and the peasants are starving At the Uni studies of medicine are mixed with philosophy as the great thinkers consider where is the soul how illness permeates the body and where God fits into everything Laurentius is also suffering from depression and is yet to find a way to cure his fevers But he has weird dreams and visions featuring his dead parrot and the Willow King who is believed to steal the souls of the weak The book gives an impressive coverage of the moral and academic debates of the times where those who are different are considered witches and folklore directed the actions of the uneducated

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