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CHARACTERS Het smelt · PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook READ & DOWNLOAD ✓ PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook Ù Lize Spit SUMMARY Het smelt Kofferbak Gaandeweg wordt duidelijk dat zij dit keer de plannen bepaaltIn haar geboortejaar werden slechts twee andere kinderen geboren in het kleine Vlaamse Bovenmeer twee jongens De drie maken er hun hele jeugd sa. 35

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CHARACTERS Het smelt · PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook READ & DOWNLOAD ✓ PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook Ù Lize Spit SUMMARY Het smelt Men maar het beste van Tot de bloedhete zomer van 2002 Want jongens worden pubers en krijgen wrede plannen De bedeesde Eva kan meedoen of oprotten Die keuze is geen keuze   wie verraadt er nou z’n eigen vriend. Particularly bad book Morbid descriptions of the doings of a group of kids pre adolescent ending in a mass rape among them Is that the reality in Holland and Belgium Hope noAnd if she s the hope and promise of Flemish Literature poor them


CHARACTERS Het smelt · PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook READ & DOWNLOAD ✓ PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook Ù Lize Spit SUMMARY Het smelt This is an alternate cover edition for 9789082410617 Wat als je wraak kunt nemen op een heel dorpDertien jaar na een zomer die volledig uit de hand liep keert Eva terug naar haar geboortedorp met een blok ijs in de. I look out the window at the yard All that looking It has never changed anything This debut novel in English The Melting caused uite a stirr in the Dutch language area in 2016 The then barely 27 year old Spit became a hype and the book was praised all around I always become a little suspicious then and I only read such a book with delay But I have to admit this is uite impressive for a starting authorThe ingenious composition of the book in particular is cleverly done with two time layers that constantly merge and occasionally a flashback to an even earlier period The narrative perspective is simple the still fairly young Eva De Wolf is constantly speaking She is on her way to a party in her home village where she has not been for years From the beginning it is clear that this has to do with some traumatic experiences As suspense elements reference is made to the dramatic death of a childhood friend s brother and to a large block of ice lying in the trunk of her car and barely melting as it is the coldest and conveniently also the darkest day of the year In between Eva talks extensively about her childhood in the village It is a coming of age story with sometimes entertaining features that is recognizable to a reader who grew up in a village in the years 1990 2000 And it also contains problematic elements such as the disrupted family in which Eva grew up and the ground breaking games she played with 2 boys when she was 14Stylistically Split s narrative style is rather clinical chilly even with nevertheless occasionally moving passages But from the start there s also a fairly sad wry and downright uncomfortable undertone that entices Spit has an eye for details that never turn out to be innocentIn the hype back in 2016 there was a lot to do about the violent derailment of the novel to some readers that went over the top And indeed certain passages in the last third of the book are very crude and also the ultimate plot is uite intense and hard to swallow But it has to be said this is part of the gothic content of the book almost from the beginning Eva makes clear that she is not going to tell a fairy tale so the wry outcome is not unexpectedYet there also is a downside to this novel To start with the book is way too long especially in the coming of age passages Spit could safely have cut uite a lot these passages are slowing down the pace of the story but of course the drawn out descriptions also serve to make tangible the slow passage of time on the crucial day that Eva tells her story The style of Spit contains typical Flemish twists but occasionally also gibberish sentence constructions and descriptions that simply cannot be right the pitch lines between asphalt plates for example Finally I am not really a fan of the grotesue genre the entire plot on which the book is based namely what Eva plans on the day she tells us her story is a clever find but it asks for a certain suspension of disbelief and I can understand that not everyone wants to go along with itBut although the grotesue aspect is not really my thing this book indeed is a successful debut The theme and tension building reminded me of Ian McEwan especially The Cement Garden and the cold wry narrative style made me think of Gerard Reve s The Evenings one of the best known 20th century novels in the Dutch language area and that is meant as a compliment The final passage is in my opinion a clear reference to the protagonist of that novel Frits van Egters and his final words It did not go unnoticed Lise Spit keep that name in mind

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