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free download Í eBook or Kindle ePUB é S.W. Fairbrother A Murder of Crones review Ù eBook or Kindle ePUB Comes with a deadline and a price tag Seventy years ago Tilde was murdered and she wants Vivia to extract vengeance At first Vivia thinks there's nothing behind the claim except a good dose of paran. This is a follow on to The Secret Dead and continues where we left hag Vivia after she was bitten by a zombieAgain I enjoyed the freshness of having a female protag who not only was not super hot but was an ugly hag with warts and stuff Brilliant and original Vivia is likable relate able and a great main characterAs with The Secret Dead this is not exactly a cheery book and is uite grim in places It lacked some of the humour of the first one mainly because there was a bit less interaction between characters I felt It is a very sensory book with lots of smell and goop and death I would ve liked to have seen interaction between Sigrid and Vivia to really get a sense of their relationship and it would ve been cool to go properly back to Lipscombe and to chat with Charon and Per This book is written like a who dunnit giving clues as we go along to the final mystery The mystery as it turned out was uite involved and you would never have guessed it so much so that the reveal was a bit out of reach I m not sure I fully grasped the whole thing with the weasels and stoats and hags and sisters and who was who but I liked the idea of it linking with old fairy talesOverall I enjoyed this and find SW Fairbrother to be inventive and a good writer In a sea of self published novels it is worth pointing out that this is a professional standard book with professional standard writing Worth your money

free download Í eBook or Kindle ePUB é S.W. Fairbrother

A Murder of Crones

free download Í eBook or Kindle ePUB é S.W. Fairbrother A Murder of Crones review Ù eBook or Kindle ePUB Oia but as she digs deeper she finds it might not be so crazy after all Someone has been methodically exterminating hags for centuries and if Vivia doesn't figure it out uickly she's going to be nex. Absolutely freaking AWESOME I love this author s story telling it s uniue and original and just fantastic I didn t think book 2 could compare or live up to the callousness of book 1 but it totally did view spoiler How about a Thank You Sigrid you ungrateful cow Vivia practically kisses her ass literally wipes it for years and then saves it in the end and is Siggie appreciative in any way No nope nada I never liked her anyways Grumpy bitchpoilerHope somehow a book 3 comes about even though everything was basically wrapped up in this one Still Vivia deserves better Enjoy hide spoiler

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free download Í eBook or Kindle ePUB é S.W. Fairbrother A Murder of Crones review Ù eBook or Kindle ePUB Being dead is nothing new for Vivia Brisk She's been doing it all her life It's staying dead that's the problem When Vivia finds herself stuck in the Underworld she turns to another hag for help It. 45 starsWow Seriously this book went in a direction I couldn t have guessed if you gave me a year to think about itVivia is back from the deadsorta But time is running out for our favorite hag and she has than one mystery to unravel In fact there are so many threads to this story I am still in a bit of a daze as to how the author kept all those balls in the air But in the end everything weaves together seamlesslyI still am not sure if I liked this one as much as the first one It was uite as good don t get me wrong but it wasdifferent The history of the hags and the weasels was fascinating and I loved the embedded fairy tale awesome stuff but it was a lot to process One thing is for sure you have never read a story like it The fresh blend of masterful prose action characters and the layers of motivations and personalities and history makes for an amazingly rich and breathless ride We don t deal much with the looming zombie apocolypse this time we deal with Viv and Viv s messy complicated family Including her insane long dead yet not dead mother Stunning secrets come to life including one about Viv s sister Sigrid that will blow your mind Dark magic abounds in this installment will Viv prove a match for it or lose her way before her hourglass runs outHighly recommend this series and can t wait for the next one

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  • A Murder of Crones
  • S.W. Fairbrother
  • English
  • 01 February 2019
  • 9781507524060