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  • Hardcover
  • 180
  • Mike Lupica's Comeback Kids Two Minute Drill
  • Mike Lupica
  • English
  • 06 April 2020
  • 9780399247156

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FREE READ Mike Lupica's Comeback Kids Two Minute Drill Mike Lupica ✓ 1 FREE READ FREE READ Ã Mike Lupica's Comeback Kids Two Minute Drill Y seem like an odd couple but each has a secret that draws them together as friends and proves that the will to succeed is even important than raw talent Mike Lupica scores from downtown with his Comeback Kids series  Praise for the Comeback Kids   “Lupica portrays the action clearly and vividly with a real sense of the excitement and unpredictable nature of the games These ar. Well there is this kid named John He has a foot ball field in his back yard and he loves kicking field goals Then he meets a friend named Chris then they try out for a football teamthey make it they go undefeated then they reach the championshipthen they have fourth down at the end o the game they have to kick it and john nails itI think the book was good book because it had good point Because it s about a kid who gets bullied Then he did a tryout and for a team and makes it But the whole season he is forgotten about But at the end he became a heroI would rate the book 4 out of 5 stars because it had my favorite sport and it had good character description Because it tells you a ton about john like He loves football and he is personal about stuff like when he was getting bullied he dropped a Picture of his dog the guy threatened to rip it but he said give it back I don t want you looking at that so he is a little personal about his stuff I didn t like that it had a lot of repeated stuff like they went to his back yard every day and it gets boring So it s basically just a practice and they almost repeat it every chapter so it get s a little boring But overall it was a great book I would recommend this book to people who love the sport football and that love a great ending I would compare this book to a book called football nightmare by matt Christopher because the kid in football nightmare starts out as a good player but in the championship game he drops the winning catch so at the end he comes back and becomes a superstar but in comeback kids he joins the team he doesn t get any playing time then he becomes the hero in the fourth uarter with like ten seconds to go and they have to kick for the win and he kicks a drop kick and he nails It and becomes the hero they carry him of the field and celebrate so they win the game and he becomes a winner so it is a little bit the same so I think they are similar so both great book

FREE READ Mike Lupica's Comeback Kids Two Minute DrillMike Lupica's Comeback Kids Two Minute Drill

FREE READ Mike Lupica's Comeback Kids Two Minute Drill Mike Lupica ✓ 1 FREE READ FREE READ Ã Mike Lupica's Comeback Kids Two Minute Drill #1 New York Times bestseller Mike Lupica pays tribute to the underdog in his Comeback Kids series for young middle grade readers Chris Conlan is the coolest kid in sixth grade–the golden armed uarterback of the football team and the boy all the others look up to Scott Parry is the new kid the boy with the huge brain but with feet that trip over themselves daily These two boys ma. I read the book Comeback Kids Two Minute Drill I very much liked this book and wanted to keep reading it I liked everything about this book and how he had to face many struggles through out this book It is by far one of my favorite sports books that I have read The way that this book started all the way to the end was very good This book started off when Scott went to a new school and was thinking about joining the football team He decided that he wanted to join so he did He was not very good and never got to play in games Scott s dad did not like that he never got to play in games Scott helped his best friend Chris who had dyslexia in school because he was one of the best players on the team Scott got mad at one practice and tackled Donavan He was another really good player They made it to the championship game and were losing 2 0 Scott kicked a field goal and won the game for his team and everyone was happy again I would recommend this great book to all males from the age of 6 to 26 I feel that people that age could really relate to Scott and the challenges that he faced in this book


FREE READ Mike Lupica's Comeback Kids Two Minute Drill Mike Lupica ✓ 1 FREE READ FREE READ Ã Mike Lupica's Comeback Kids Two Minute Drill E worthy additions to collections seeking to draw in middle grade boys with an enthusiasm for athletics” – School Library Journal   “These should score big with middle graders looking for alternatives to Matt Christopher's titles” – Publisher’s Weekly   “This title is a good choice for reluctant readers with a background in baseball” – School Library Journal  . The book Two Minute Drill is a realistic fiction book by Mike Lupica The book has 180 pages in it In the book the new kid Scott Who is very smart joins the football team The star uarterback Chris has a secret that if someone finds out he will be off the football team They have to work together to achieve each other s goals My favorite part in the book was when Chris stands up for Scott against the school bullies This was my favorite part in the book because it showed that you don t always have to be on the same side of things as your teammates in sports at schoolSome of the problems that Scott and Chris face is that Scott isn t great at football Chris has to help Scott a lot so he can stay on the team This is not the best for Chris because he needs help for school My favorite character in the book is Chris Chris is my favorite character because I can relate to him Similar to me he loves to play sports but we have some differences in that he loves football and I love hockey If you love sports then I would recommend this book to you I recommend it because it is a great story about sports and friendship between a new kid and the most popular kid at school