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True Blue DeLuca Family #3 characters á eBook, PDF or Kindle ePUB Into his life againThere is very little gray in Joey's line of work as a Lt Detective it is either black or white right or wrong But Meghan’s insistence on finding answers to her father's murder threatens those beliefs and throws his marriage to CPD Detective Andi his career and the entire DeLuca family in jeopardy when new I was gifted this book for an honest review I have fallen in love with the DeLuca family This third book was an intense read Husband and wife police officers team up to investigate a cold case Each lead that is followed hits closer and closer to home Murder mystery fans this is the book for youJoey DeLuca decided to follow in his father s footsteps working for the Chicago police department He was used to seeing all the violence but his tough exterior melted away with an unexpected call from an old friendMeghan knew she shouldn t bother Joey but after all these years she needed answers He was her only chance at finding peaceAndi shared her husband s passion for law enforcement Being the great detective she was she saw Joey s distance Hoping it was just the burden of his job she tried to give him his space Her suspicion was confirmed when she witnessed that kissSee what live throws at the DeLuca s in TRUE blue book 3Missy reviewer for Mommy s Naughty Playground

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True Blue DeLuca Family #3 characters á eBook, PDF or Kindle ePUB Revelations come to lightCan Joey save his marriage solve the murder and keep his family together all at the same timeThe third book in the hard hitting DeLuca Family Series TRUE blue will take you on a thrilling and emotional journey from the teeming streets of Chicago to the majestic mountains of Montana's Glacier National Pa Thank you first of all to Reading Addiction Blog Tours for getting us a copy of the ARC so that we could bring you this reviewI truly enjoyed reading this story It has so much mystery action adventure and romance Joey is contacted by Meghan his childhood girlfriend to help her solve the murder of her father s murder But there are things that are harder to do then solve a 24 year old cold case And that is doing it without telling the rest of his family about it including his wifeAndi suspects that something is going on but what she thinks it is is really not the case She fears that Joey is having an affair but in reality he is doing something much worse He is doing something that could put his life career and family at stakeThough the romance of this story isn t as heavy as most of the books that we usually review it does have such a sweet reconnecting of a husband and wife kind of romance to itHappy Reading Adri

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True Blue DeLuca Family #3 characters á eBook, PDF or Kindle ePUB Sometimes we must revisit our past before we can embrace our futureTwenty four years ago the murder of a Chicago police officer changed Joey DeLuca’s life He lost his best friend and first love Meghan McConnell when her mother whisked her out of town Now on the eve of another officer’s death Meghan is back and about to step This is a terrific book The suspense keeps you on your toes The tension between Joe and his wife is palpable and adds to the fuel and the mystery when solved will shock you This book deals with some interesting issues such as trust infidelity murder and love at its coreAndi begins to see a change in her husband Lt Joey DeLuca and doesn t know why They are drifting but she knows they love each other This rift though has her feel a little insecure Over time this blows up and she follows him only to find that he is telling the truth in a way Joey is helping a friend of 24 yrs ago solve the murder of her dad a fallen police officer Unfortunately though this friend was a girl that got away and there is some unresolved feelings between them Joey is a good guy though and even though these feelings are there doesn t act on them because he loves Andi He does however keep this investigation from her until forced to say something This tension between the three of them is there while solving this murder and Andi and Joey do work things out Meghan has had this murder haunt her through adulthood and hopes this will give her closure and she can live again As the twists and turns occur in the investigation the danger ratchets up and so do emotions Emotions that aren t acted upon but acknowledged and dismissed by Joey because he knows the only woman for him is his wife As the danger heightens we are taken into twists and surprisesa amazingly book with twists to keep you intrigued and turns that have you wonder what is going to happen next The ending makes me wonder what Andi has to tell Joey and what is next for the DeLuca family This is a wonderful suspense story that has just the right amount of romance thrown in to the mix while trying to solve a murder that brings danger into everyone s life

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