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The Shepherd Free download Ð PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook characters ↠ PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook ´ T.W. Luedke T.W. Luedke ´ 0 characters Gs that always come trueThen I almost ran over Nadia in my Geo A passing truck finished the job left a crumpled heap of skin and bone on the road I fixed her MeNow this fourteen year old girl won't leave me alone I sorta let her sneak in my window when she needs a place to crashI have a double life daytime at school Anita skating and then my nights with Nadia She's my secret friend giv Travis Luedke s The Shepherd offers hope to horror fans weary of the pale recycled horror populating the current marketOne of the coolest things as a reader is finding a new author and watching him grow In the 80 s I was was lucky enough to discover Dean Koontz before he hit it big I watched as he improved with each novel until he became the household name he is todayI get the sense that Travis Luedke is on the same pathThe Shepherd is his newest novel and it is definitely his strongest The plot is tightly woven wasting no space on unnecessary fillerThe lead character Mike Evans has a crystal clear voice Readers will get a sense of his personality from the first page He s 16 from a less than ideal home who meets a mysterious young girl named Nadia who changes his life There is to Nadia than meets the eye There is a twist in the middle which I won t spoil for you Thankfully unlike so many other writers Luedke does not bash you over the head with clues The secret is fun and completely obvious only upon reflection Much like the twist in The Sixth Sense I was expecting the story to go one way Then it went somewhere completely differentI couldn t be happierA word of caution the book has a warning about mature subject matter Luedke has chosen to write Mike Evans in a very realistic way There are copious amounts of profanity violence and sexual situations Many may be offended by the language even though it is realistic based on the character Though classified as Young Adult this book has nothing in common with Harry Potter Twilight or Hunger Games The Shepherd is not appropriate for young children although many could argue that Hunger Games isn t appropriate for young children eitherI chose to read The Shepherd as a straight horror story It reminds me very much of a good Richard Laymon story If you re a horror fan and not familiar with Richard Laymon I strongly recommend you check him out Travis Luedke is a fine successor to Laymon although he never devolves in to the pure pornography Laymon was prone toThis is Luedke s 5th publisher novel If he continues to improve his craft at this pace I m very interested to see where he will take us in the future

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The Shepherd

The Shepherd Free download Ð PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook characters ↠ PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook ´ T.W. Luedke T.W. Luedke ´ 0 characters Es me money and listens to my problems when nobody else willMy world is spinning out of control Old friends have turned enemy my grisly visions of death won't uit and Anita's intentions make my head spin Even with all that I've got bigger stuff to worry aboutNadia's hiding somethingSharp witty dark and gritty The Shepherd is the must read YA paranormal thriller of 2013 Get your copy no I received a free copy of this book for review purposes from the Lovers of Paranormal group and their RTR program I must admit this book held my attention until I was three uarters of the way through itand that was where it lost meThe author did a wonderful job of introducing the characters and giving them life I uickly learned to like Mike and his best friend Anita The mystery surrounding Nadia who or what she was and her obsession with Mike made for thrilling reading I kept trying to put the puzzle together by her actions and the scripture at the beginning of the chapters I was totally baffled and I loved itWhen the answer was revealed it made no sense in regards to the scripture and I felt the details were not given as much attention as the events leading up to it The whole aura thing was strange The fact that Mike got so upset when he discovered that Nadia was killing his classmates even to the point of running from her in terror and then seemingly forgiving her so easily and giving her a hug was unrealistic I realize this is fiction but when you have a character do a complete 180 in the expanse of a chapter it comes off as amateurish in my opinion The book ends with Mike his dad Anita and Nadia all having pizza together like a normal family Mike s dad has accepted this stranger Nadia into their home with no uestions or reservations even though she looks to be fourteen years oldI enjoyed this book up to a point I just wish the author had given thought to the reasons WHY and that the characters reactions had been realistic and less like a fairy tale

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The Shepherd Free download Ð PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook characters ↠ PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook ´ T.W. Luedke T.W. Luedke ´ 0 characters Skate punks kleptomaniacs clairvoyant visions and reincarnation THE SHEPHERD is unlike any other Young Adult novel you have ever readMike Evans here Sixteen year old skate punk suatting in a white trash trailer park with my loser drunk Dad Seems I lost most of my friends when Dad lost our home in foreclosure Only Anita stuck by me Worse I keep having strange clairvoyant visions of thin The Shepherd is a teen Goth masterpiece It centers around Mike a skatepunk with a bad attitude and worse luck His friendships are a mess his love life runs the gamut between abject disaster and near sexual experience induced euphoria His ex girlfriend is a back stabbing psycho cheerleader his dad an unemployed drunk and don t even get Mike started on the foreclosure of his home and his subseuent move to a trailer park To top it all off a bunch of pill popping jocks are after his head That s enough teen angst to cause a nuclear power plant meltdown right there But wait He s being stalked by a lovestruck 102 year old tween demon with a penchant for karmic vigilantism Honestly if I were Mike I d get the hll out of dodge but I m so glad he doesn t If he did we wouldn t have this wonderfully morally murky paranormal story to sink our teeth into spoiler alert that was a pun Full disclosure I m one of those readers who likes paranormal just fine but isn t WAY into paranormal Frankly I find a lot of it over the top in an operatic sort of way The Shepherd is not that kind of story The paranormal elements are so natural to the story that it maintains a real people feel The story is well written and the characters are fresh and filled in relatable What I liked most was The Shepherd s loyalty to teens themselves So many YA stories are so high on ideals that the situations don t ring true and the characters themselves don t behave credibly as young mixed up learn as you go aspiring adults The Shepherd gets that and doesn t even attempt to tie up Mike s morality in a nice neat box with a bow Mike suffers from clairvoyant visions and sometimes he genuinely tries to help the people he sees are heading for trouble and sometimes well he doesn t He begins and ends the story as basically a good guy with plenty of failings even if a lot happens in between that changes both him and the trajectory of his life

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