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The Gender Game 7: The Gender End Summary ✓ eBook, ePUB or Kindle PDF Summary The Gender Game 7: The Gender End Ender Game seriesReturn toMatrusandPatrusone last timeBuy nowBewa. I seriously cannot believe this series has endedA lot or reviewers believe that the series should have been condensed down into fewer booksI do not I think that s what gives it an edge Yes there were little bits that could be elaborated on in the series but the story is about Viggo and VioletMaybe Bella will explore the world a bit in the future but for me in satisfied and uite frankly sad this is the end of Viggo and Violets storyOverall I love this series

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The Gender Game 7: The Gender End

The Gender Game 7: The Gender End Summary ✓ eBook, ePUB or Kindle PDF Summary The Gender Game 7: The Gender End Re of spoilers in the reviews below that are without spoiler aler. This is a great seriesIt reminded me of the hunger games futuristic uite different societies than we know with very different societal rulesIt was a really thrilling read keeping you hanging on to get through to what was happening nextLoads of well thought out detail and an intricate worldIf you like an easy read sci fi type book then you will really enjoy this

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The Gender Game 7: The Gender End Summary ✓ eBook, ePUB or Kindle PDF Summary The Gender Game 7: The Gender End The breathtaking earth shatteringGRAND FINALEof the bestselling G. Title The Gender EndSeries The Gender GameAuthor Bella ForrestDesignation Book 7 she upped the ante kicked up the heat surprised me with a completed unexpected curveball and totally blew me away AGAIN I m addicted to romance adore fantasy completely smitten with actionadventure and obsessed with mystery intrigue and suspense but give me the perfect combination of these elements in one great read and I m in heaven And that s exactly what Forrest has delivered in The Gender Game Series Forrest is a truly gifted storyteller and has once again demonstrated her incredible talent exceptional skill and unparalleled imagination with the creation of a vividly depicted and beautifully detailed world populated with complex well developed characters and masterfully layered with mystery suspense and unexpected plot twists If asked to describe this book in one sentence I would simply say imagine the melding of The Hunger Games Divergent and Maze Runner into one extraordinary story and you would have The Gender Game But make no mistake the obstacles adversity and misfortune suffered by the characters in this story is no game as the title implies It s a life and death struggle for not only their very existence but also for the fate of the nations of Matrus and Patrus two societies divided by much than a toxic river and a tragic history The narrative was beautifully written with a first person perspective primarily from the female protagonist Violet Bates of Matrus In Book Two Forrest expands the points of view to include a perspective from the male protagonist Viggo Croft along with an additional brief insight from the newly crowned ueen Elena of Matrus In Book Three the perspectives revert back solely to Violet and Viggo This is one of my favorite aspects of Forest s style of writing I love knowing the motivations of all the different characters in a book It helps me to connect with them and the story The dialogue is smart well executed and flows effortlessly But without a doubt my favorite component is the cast of intriguing characters They are captivating realistic and engaging literally exploding from the pages to capture my imagination as well as my heart I fell in love with the heroine nineteen year old Violet Bates who has been branded by the Matrus legal system as a dangerous criminal In reality Violet is simply a victim of her own fate forced into an untenable existence and desperately trying to survive despite the tragic circumstances of her life I was in awe of Violet s strength tenacity and sheer will to live But despite the adversity she remains innocent and naive in matters of the heart and the opposite sex The fact that she has never known any men other than her younger brother combined with the tragic events of her life has caused Violet to harden her heart not only to men but to everyone and as a result has become uncharacteristically jaded for someone her age It uickly becomes apparent that Violet is an incredibly complex character with multiple layers of emotion and feelings she discovers and explores for the very first time throughout the story Violet is a remarkable young woman and truly a worthy heroine This story came to life for me I felt as if I were there with Violet through every step of her perilous journey I cried for her sympathized and empathized with her my heart even broke for her I desperately wanted to wrap her in my arms and console her I have such high hopes for Violet wanting so badly for her to find happiness I can hardly wait to continue the heart wrenching coming of age adventure with this brave young heroine in the next book of the seriesIn the premise for this story the two neighboring sovereign states of Matrus and Patrus are the only remaining survivors of the once great country of America whose land was devastated and population very nearly destroyed during The Last War centuries earlier Originally they were one group but as the result of political discord between genders the two factions became divided into two very different nations Matrus with a matriarchal government ruled by a ueen and Patrus with opposing patriarchal beliefs and governed by a king The female party was convinced the political viewpoints of men combined with their aggressive behavior were directly responsible for the war blaming them for the annihilation of the once great America They believed women should be allowed to govern society using a peaceful doctrine as the basis for their new civilization with the national motto of Freedom In Peace The men refused to address or even acknowledge the concerns of the female party giving the women only two options remain and keep silentor leave to form their own society uite obviously they chose the latter Thus the two opposing nations of Matrus and Patrus were born Both now attempt to exist on a small strip of territory located in Appalachia separated by the toxic Veil River but with very little interaction between the two As you can imagine there s extreme prejudice and gender discrimination against the few males residing in Matrus and in turn the same holds true for females in Patrus Men have no rights in Matrus but neither do women living in Patrus A woman cannot live in Patrus unless she is owned by a male citizen and must have a male guardian with her at all times I found the concept and premise for this story to be new uniue original fresh imaginative exciting fascinating and actually uite realistic With the current political climate in our country I can truly envision this happening in our society todayThe Gender Game Book 1Violet Bates has never had an easy life and conseuently has found herself always battling her anger Growing up as an orphan she was constantly taunted by others and called Violent instead of Violet At only nineteen she has already been marked as a criminal in Matrus Sadly she lived the majority of her life in orphanages after her mother died giving birth to her brother Timothy when she was only three At eleven she was caught trying to help her then eight year old brother Tim escape to Patrus and charged with obstruction of justice Then at fourteen she was convicted of woman slaughter when she tried to defend herself against a young woman who was accidentally killed by a fork during the struggle She was sentenced to seven years of confinement along with hard labor and bounced from one horrible detention center to another Now at nineteen with only two years remaining before she can claim her freedom and reenter Matrian society another tragic turn of events results in Violet having to once again defend herself and in doing so another young woman has been accidentally killed This would be her third and final conviction for in Matrus three strikes and you re outpermanentlyas in dead The death of this bully no matter that it was unintentional would cost her everything including her life There would be no second chances Fortunately for our young heroine fate intervenes and she is offered an opportunity to serve her country by accepting an undercover mission in Patrus where she is expected to recover a mysterious object stolen from a Matrian lab in an act of espionage by a Patrian sympathizer If she can successfully complete her assignment she will be granted her life her freedom and finally allowed to see her brother with whom she s had no contact at all for eight long years But women residing in Patrus have no rights and must be owned by a male citizen They must submit to men and are only allowed out of the home when accompanied by a male guardian A woman in Patrus is in constant danger with perils at every turn especially a Matrian woman like Violet who is unfamiliar with the laws and customs of Patrus No self respecting woman of Matrus would ever allow themselves to be owned subjugated and treated as chattel by any man Yet if she is to complete her mission she must acuiesce and submit It seems either way Violet is at risk of losing her life so clearly her only choice is to accept the assignment and become a pawn in the centuries old struggle between Matrus and Patrus Violet uickly realizes she must use her keen intelligence along with every skill she possesses if she is to complete her mission and survive But never having known a man other than her brother the one thing Violet could never have anticipated is the effect of meeting the ruggedly handsome Viggo Croft a natural born male citizen of Patrus who stirs her blood and clouds her senses with emotions unlike anything she s ever experienced And even worse Viggo is a warden of Patrus an enforcer of the law and should be her enemy Despite the risks Violet finds herself with conflicting emotions regarding the handsome Viggo But whom can Violet trust What does the future hold for Violet Viggo and the two opposing nations of Matrus and PatrusThe Gender Secret Book 2Our story resumes with Violet once again running for her life and struggling to survive She is wanted for crimes against Patrus which resulted in dozens of Patrian deaths but even worse she has been betrayed not only by Lee Bertrand in his attempt to frame her for the murder of ueen Rina and Professor Alistair Jenks but also by her own mother nation of Matrus Violet finally realizes that she has been manipulated by the very people she trusted and used as a pawn in an elaborate conspiracy Now both nations want her dead Knowing her betrayal has probably resulted in Viggo s imprisonment or even worse his death Violet battles her inner turmoil as well as her conscience and struggles to find the strength to continue Every step of Violet s journey brings secrets to light which unfortunately results in even perplexing uestions With nowhere to go and no one to trust Violet battles to persevere vowing to find her brother Tim and somehow rescue him But will Violet be prepared for what she finds Facing unimaginable perils harrowing danger and insurmountable odds can Violet defy fate and once again find a way to survive We ll seeThe Gender Lie Book 3Not only did Viggo survive he has now been tasked with the job of capturing Violet and returning her to Patrus to answer for her crimes Thanks to Lee Bertrand s implanted tracking device Viggo tracks Violet to The Green but once again must save her life Despite his anger at being used as a scapegoat by Violet and Lee in their plan to steal the egg Viggo uickly realizes he still has feelings for the lovely brave Violet and after hearing her story knows there s no way he can return her to Patrus which would most likely result in certain death Violet is now a wanted fugitive by Matrus and Patrus so where will they go What will they do That uestion is soon answered when they discover an abandoned underground secret facility located deep within The Green They take refuge inside only to discover Viggo was not the only one searching for Violet Elena the new ueen of Matrus has sent Violet s former mentor Melissa Dale to capture Violet and return her Matrus to face the charge of murdering the former ueen Oddly ueen Elena is not content with sending only Ms Dale she also enlists the help of her genetically enhanced twin sisters in capturing Violet Viggo and Melissa Dale find themselves in a precarious unexpected alliance They must work together to eliminate the twins but Viggo makes a critical sacrifice that may cost him his life This time it s Violet s turn to save Viggo but Violet uickly discovers in order to save his life she must accept help from a new player in this perilous game of life and death A new rebel faction calling themselves The Liberators has suddenly appeared and Violet uickly learns that the Desmond to whom Lee Bertrand s letter was addressed is so much than Lee s middle name Desmond is not a dual personality of Lee as Violet originally suspected but is in fact a real person and he is a she Not only is she a woman Desmond is Desmond Bertrand Lee Bertrand s mother Huh Oh yes and that s not all She s also the leader of The Liberators rebel faction What Yes she s the mother of the same Lee Bertrand Violet killed in self defense Oh my And without Desmond s help Viggo will die Oh dear With limited options and no other viable choice Violet must choose to trust Desmond but as even secrets are revealed including the fate of the missing boys of Matrus Violet begins to recognize the true complexity of her situation Both nations have perpetuated a tenuous web of lies and the loyal citizens of Matrus and Patrus are nothing than innocent victims to be used as pawns in an evil cabal Regrettably Violet learns too late that Desmond is than she portrays herself to be and so much than Violet ever suspected With Viggo Tim and Melissa Dale s life in jeopardy as well as her ownagain it appears the time has finally come to pay the piper and the price may be their lives Is Desmond Bertrand the Pied Piper or is she merely a puppet being controlled by another puppet master in a much sinister game Will Violet Viggo Tim and Ms Dale once again find a way to survive We ll see Oh my This story continues to get even darker and convoluted and I can t get enough Buckle up my lovelies It s a wild rideThe Gender War Book 4The adventure continues in a race against the clock with even pulse pounding thrills chills lies deceit betrayal action suspense heartwrenching angst and gripping emotion as Violet and Viggo are forced to face the true depth of their feelings And with the help of their small but mighty band of followers our group of unlikely heroes suare off against Desmond King Maxen ueen Elena and Princess Tabitha in a no holds barred struggle for the fate of both nations Loyalties are tested and lives hang in the balance Who will live and who will die Oh my This just gets better and betterThe Gender Fall Book 5Our story resumes after Viggo once again rushes to save Violet after she is badly injured during her confrontation with Princess Tabitha The explosives used as a distraction aids in their escape but the palace in Patrus is destroyed Violet s brother Tim is missing and she s in critical condition At only twenty years of age Violet Bates has become enemy number one in both nations and is now hanging to life by only a very weak thread To save her Viggo must seek help from the very people who tried to kill them the Liberators and unless he can somehow convince them to turn against Desmond and join his and Violet s cause all will be lost including Violet s life Join Viggo Violet and their band of courageous ragtag misfits as they battle to the death for not only their lives but also the lives of every citizen of both Matrus and Patrus Love will be tested loyalties uestioned causes doubted friendships challenged as even evil machinations are revealed Not everyone will survive Lives will be lost Who will live and who will die And who will be left standing We ll seeThe Gender Plan Book 6Outmanned outgunned overwhelmed and possibly outmaneuvered a still recovering Violet Viggo Melissa Dale and their ragtag band of patriots for humanity continue their fight against the monstrous atrocities of ueen Elena and her co conspirator Desmond Bertrand Yet despite the impossible odds our brave rebels continue to gain ground in the battle to secure freedom for the citizens of both Matrus and Patrus But will the ultimate betrayal cost them everything We ll seeThe Gender End Book 7In the long awaited conclusion our courageous heroes risk everything in their final showdown with malevolent ueen Elena but not everyone will survive Who will make the ultimate sacrifice in their uest for euality and peace We ll see Nonstop action heartache and loss kept me on the edge of my seat totally captivated alternately sobbing and shaking my fists in anger but I loved every single word and never wanted it to end Absolutely spellbindingDid I like this book No I LOVED it Once I started reading this story I simply could not stop I was riveted to my seat white knuckling my ereader with my heart fluttering wildly in my chest while the hours passed as uickly as the pages and loved every single minute It was magnificent Would I recommend this book You bet and I am for a wide variety of ages Although there is some violence included it s not gory or graphic but this book does contain a teeny tiny bit of mild profanity There is a heartwarming romance but no explicit sex I would probably give this book a PG rating ages thirteen to one hundred Will I read this author again Abso freaking lutely Just as soon as she releases her next book And finally was I entertained Good gracious YES I was completely captivated No spoilers from me but I will say if you re looking for an intriguing well crafted post apocalyptic somewhat dystopian fantasyscience fiction saga featuring a gutsy troubled but compassionate kick butt underdog heroine perfectly paired with an intense gruff yet surprisingly sensitive ruggedly handsome unlikely hero and filled to the brim with perilous danger compelling drama pulse pounding action edge of your seat adventure impossible hardship agonizing angst extraordinary bravery unwavering loyalty heartbreaking betrayal spinetingling suspense enthralling intrigue unconscionable espionage mind blowing plot twists sweet romance and the hopeful promise of forever love then this book is definitely for you OMG Best action scenes ever Fabulous entertainment and an awesome read

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