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  • Gerbrand Bakker
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  • 24 June 2018
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Juni Author Gerbrand Bakker

Review ↠ PDF, DOC, TXT, eBook or Kindle ePUB free ´ Gerbrand Bakker Gerbrand Bakker ´ 2 Read Characters Juni Author Gerbrand Bakker Boerderij Kaan wapperen enthousiast met hun vlaggetjes Als hun moeder met de kleine Hanne te laat op het feestterrein aankomt precies op het moment dat de koningin in de auto stapt streelt Juliana het meisje over haar wang en geeft Anna Kaan koninklijk de hand Het zou een onvergetelijke feestdag geworden zijn als de bakker 's middags tijdens een inhaalbezorgronde niet met zijn splinternieuwe VW busje de in de berm spelende Hanne had geraa. You have to love an author who knows how to do sparse drama in the everyday with just the right level of suggestion faint outlines of key events And a tale about the past s influence on the present topped and tailed by the ueen s visit to a small place and a small encounter with the main characters Lovely

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Review ↠ PDF, DOC, TXT, eBook or Kindle ePUB free ´ Gerbrand Bakker Gerbrand Bakker ´ 2 Read Characters Juni Author Gerbrand Bakker Tijdens het bezoek van de koningin aan een Noord Hollands dorpje gebeurt een tragisch ongeluk Jaren later is de familie Kaan er nog steeds verdeeld over In dit magistrale roman schetst Gerbrand Bakker een levensecht portret van deze opmerkelijke familie en van de hoeve waar ze al generaties lang wonen Op die zomerse zeventiende juni in 1969 staat iedereen voor het polderhuis om de koningin feestelijk te begroeten De Kaantjes de zoons van. June A tender storyJune is the second book by Dutch author Gerbrand Bakker which is a masterful and tender novel how the ripples of a tragic incident has spread throughout the family and into the local community through the generations It also asks us to look at ourselves and how would we respond to such a tragic incident and the death of a child and how it would affect you and those around youThe Story begins and ends with the appearance of ueen Juliana and an official visit to the district of Wieringerwaard that took place on 17th June 1969 and ends with her appearance on the 18th June The ueen was well known for breaking with protocol and that is seen in this story when a woman and her daughter arrive late drawing her attention to them even while her staff are trying to move her on That woman was Anne Kaan and her two year old daughter Hanne who are central to this moving storyThis novel is an interesting story in to the complexities that can lie behind something that looks so simple and his powerful descriptions that makes you look twice or in my case read the passage a second time to get my head round itJune is set in the countryside and all the characters are based around the Kaan farm and what happened on that tragic day in 1969 but looking at their perspective years later as well as at the time We see the events unwind in the narrative through the perspective of the Kaans as well as the baker and try as they might they have not really moved on and have never forgotten The death of Hanne is the dark shadow that haunts this story and the characterisation is built around that and their perspective upon that shadowJune reminds us as much as we grow old we never really lose touch with our younger self try as we may and we see that with the characters who despite forty years passing can still remember themselves on that day in freeze frames and that comes through in the setting One could also comment on how even as we get older we can never really move on in life from tragic events and we can see that in the slow dereliction of the farmWe see how the Kaan brothers are all suffering the same psychological blow and that they seem to encapsulate it in life and that their mother Anne routinely takes the hay loft for days on end Often leaving you to ask yourself how would I react if it had been my child or sibling and so drawing a sympathetic stance from the reader towards most of the charactersThis is a wonderful story and examination of tragedy and its affect to use the psychological tool known as the ripple effect this gives that a very thorough examination There is a wonderful stillness throughout the story an examination of emotions especially when June 17th comes round One can also see the family as broken as it is emotionally that the communal sorrow of the family along with the constant bickering goes onA wonderful uiet story an interesting examination of loss and emotions as well as looking back at the younger self June is a haunting but beautiful portrayal of emotional restraint that leaves an impression on you long after you have finished the novel

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Review ↠ PDF, DOC, TXT, eBook or Kindle ePUB free ´ Gerbrand Bakker Gerbrand Bakker ´ 2 Read Characters Juni Author Gerbrand Bakker Kt Als Jan Kaan vele jaren later op een gloeiendhete junidag van Texel komt om de grafsteen van zijn zusje op te knappen is er meteen weer spanning en stille woede Is het niet eindelijk tijd om tot de orde van de dag over te gaan Moet de vergunning voor het graf nog verlengd worden En hoezo wil niemand aan de kleine Dieke vertellen waarom haar oma al anderhalve dag met een fles advocaat in de oude schuur op het stro ligt en niemand wil zi. On a hot afternoon in June 1969 ueen Juliana of the Netherlands as part of a country tour arrives in the northern village of Slootdorp All the locals are gathered speeches are made followed by presentations of flowers and goats It is the sort of day that feeds the lore of a small town a big moment in an otherwise largely innocuous existence But there is also cause to remember this particular day for another and far tragic reason Blom the local baker is out driving in his new van when he hits and kills a toddler Hanne KaanNearly forty years later the effects of this accident are still being felt At the Kaan farm the family is gathered Anna and Zeeger now elderly celebrating their wedding anniversary with their three sons The problem is that they are a scarred brood Klaas their eldest runs the farm now with his wife and five year old daughter Dieke though they are thinking about selling Jan out of work has returned with intentions of maintaining their sister s grave Johan the youngest is struggling with injuries sustained in a motorbike accident And Anna herself finding the grief still fresh is hiding out in the hayloft armed with a parade sword a packet of Viennese biscuits and a bottle of advocaat determined to drink herself into a stupor and refusing to come downPresented in a non linear present tense the story must be pieced together from various third person fragments of both family members and others either intimately or by association involved with the events surrounding the young child s death Yet what seems light on the surface at least in terms of action builds to a cumulative complexity and makes for a challenging but thoroughly rewarding read The author places high value on silence and stillness in perfect keeping with the rural aspect of the story and the natural reticence of its cast and a lot of the text by focusing on apparently mundane moments creates a series of visceral word pictures that in hindsight achieve a haunting uality Bakker s descriptive prowess diligently served by Colmer s fine translation and skill in framing set pieces is little short of sublime In replicating and exploring the scatter shot nature of sense memory he brings into focus the widespread conseuences of every action but also seems to suggest that remembrance might be as much an experience of the heart as of the mind June is in many ways an astonishing piece of work uiet meditative defined by its tenderness compassion occasional soft humour and a relentless though never overwhelming air of melancholy And as in his other novels the story seems to lie largely beyond the margins of the page What s here is sad and sometimes lovely and demanding of stately consideration Nothing happens because everything has already happened and these days years and decades are the broken aftermath