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Free download Intimate Desires The Love and Danger Series #1 ä PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB free Read Intimate Desires The Love and Danger Series #1 Ir home also depend on her kindness and compassion for an occasional warm drink or bite to eat But for some of those unfortunate souls Hannah’s cafe is turning out to be the wrong place to be found One by one three men have been found dead in the alley behind her bistro The causes of death are different but the scenes are spookily similar And to her they all mean one thing a murderer is in her midst Enter a handsom. Looking at the other reviews mine is not going to be received very well But here goes Number one there is no way a police detective gets involved with a potential suspect or witness If the case went to court all evidence would be inadmissible Number two who does he think he is to tell her what do According to the story she s smart enough to own and operate her own business so why does he think he can bully her I ll tell you why because she s another female whose brain trickles out of her head whenever a manly man walks into a room He gets angry when he sees another man looking at her but his anger seems to be directed at her This man doesn t listen to her at allhe just plows her over going through her cupboards and dresser drawers telling her she s coming to his place Does anyone see domestic violence down the road because I do He says this is all about her protection but it s really about his control over her I really wanted to like this book because I bought all four based on the stars this first one was given oh well live and learn I know that this is just a story for entertainment but sometimes I think we do the young women of this generation a great disservice by romanticizing an Alpha male as just a man who knows what he wants and takes it Example Sam and Hannah are leaving her Cafe when two of her regular male customers ask why she s leaving early Sam grabs her hand angrily and she has to run to keep up with him Hannah asks what is wrong he replies How many men are in love with you trying to tamp down the fury that s choking him She replies I don t know what you re talking about You re mine and I always protect what s mine I don t want any guy thinking he has a chance with you So now she s an object to be owned they ve only known each other for a few days I cringe to think what will happen after a few months How is this in any way romantic

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Intimate Desires The Love and Danger Series #1

Free download Intimate Desires The Love and Danger Series #1 ä PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB free Read Intimate Desires The Love and Danger Series #1 E alpha male Chicago Police Detective Sam Jeffers His charm and undeniable physical appeal awaken desires in Hannah that she thought she had put on hold And the persistence and determination that make him an effective homicide detective are wearing down her resolve Will their feelings for each other have a chance to grow before the murderer gets even closer Enjoy Intimate Desires book one in The Love and Danger Serie. uick easy read which I have come to expect with Elizabeth Lennox It was good Sam and Hannah had chemistry right from the first She had a lousy marriage and had given up on men and relationships but then Sam came into her life Sam is a cop investigating the murders of homeless men that are left behind Hannah s coffee shop It is short read and the relationship develops really uickly but for me it seemed real and I enjoyed itCan t wait to read Sam s friends stories

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Free download Intimate Desires The Love and Danger Series #1 ä PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB free Read Intimate Desires The Love and Danger Series #1 Hannah is trying to get on with her life but unexpected obstacles a hot cop and a dead body are making it a challenge With her short and regrettable marriage over she is thrilled to enter her very own cafe each morning and determined to keep men on the sideline for a while Business is good and her customers need her for their morning jolt of caffeine as well as her vivacious personality Those who call the streets the. No real surprises in store with this romantic suspense book and what appears to be the first book in a series of Police Detectives who are stationed in ChicagoThis is Hannah and Sam Jeffers story Hannah is a divorced woman and owns a flourishing coffee shop Unfortunately for Hannah a homeless man has been found dead in suspicious circumstances behind her business Detective Sam Jeffers is the leading Detective on the caseI enjoy books of this genre although this book for me was somewhat formulaic I had an idea early on who the culprit had to be The romance between Sam and Hannah felt rushed There wasn t any build up to the relationship to make it believable Hannah was a woman who lacked self confidence due to her previous marriage and I found it difficult to invest in how uickly she and Sam came together and the steps that Sam took to protect Hannah I guess I just wanted of an emotional connection between Hannah and SamIt is an easy read a very uick read although it didn t really offer anything new to this genre Strangely enough there were uite a few typos etc in the first chapter ie heroine instead of heroin but none in the following chaptersThis is the first book that I ve read by this author an okay read for me

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