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Hard Times For These Times characters ´ PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook This Suid Ink Classic edition of Hard Times includes the full text of the work plus MLA st. Mr Thomas Gradgrind a very wealthy former merchant now retired only believes in facts and mathematics two plus two is four facts are important facts will lift you into prosperity facts are what to live by they are the only thing that matters everything else is worthless knowing He sets up a model school were the terrorized students will learn this and other subjects that are unfortunately also taught the eminently practical man teaches his five children at birth facts They fear him a dictator at home his weak minded sick wife just looks on wrapping herself up to keep warm and complaining of her weariness But fictitious Coketown Manchester is a dirty factory town incessant noises from countless machines powered by coal chimneys forever spewing dark gases polluting the air thick smoke like a twisting snake high above the atmosphere moving this way and that spreading all through the surrounding areas the filth the sickness and early death to the inhabitants but the hands are not relevant money is making lots of it that and only that A foul smelling canal and even a purple river flows by the buildings becoming an ugly gray uickly the people have to escape to the countryside to breath fresh healthy air Travelers going by this place can only imagine there is a city there under the black cloud covering yet they can t see it Mr Gradgrind best friend if there is such an animal in his circle is the banker and manufacturer Mr Josiah Bounderby always telling anyone within hearing distance that he himself rose from the gutter to become a rich man no help he did it alone Story after story of his sleeping in the streets hungry soiled without a farthing to his name Abandoned by the evil uncaring widowed mother brought up by his horrible drunken grandmother who beats the child repeatedly Entertaining heart wrenching you felt for this man how he suffered greatly in youth except it s not uite true in fact lies Louisa Mr Gradgrind s oldest and favorite child is very pretty the bachelor Bounderby has eyes for her when she reaches the proper age of about 20 the fifty year old man asks for her hand in marriage of course conveying this fact first to her father Louisa says what does it matter a prisoner in her own home the girl hasn t seen anything of the world disaster follows the couple have nothing in common what can they talk about Mrs Sparsit her husband s meddling housekeeper from a good family hates her Louisa flirts with the restless gentleman Mr James Harthouse who proudly states that he is no good Still Louisa only loves her brother The Whelp young Thomas getting money from his sister gambling drinking wasting it all and always coming back for The selfish boy works in the bank for Mr Bounderby his now brother in law when the well runs dry the drunkard finds some 150 pounds sterling inside the bank not properly being used and sees that it will be Implicating an innocent hand Stephen Blackpool fired recently by Bounderby for speaking too much shunned by the trade union members for not joining he walks the streets a lonely man with an alcoholic wife who deserted him she still periodically comes back to sober up and a sweetheart that he can t marry too MrBlackpool seeks work elsewhere not knowing he s a suspect in the puzzling crime The industrial revolution makes some people rich and others sick but there is no going back the dye has been cast

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Hard Times For These Times characters ´ PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook Essays for when your teacher reuires extra resources in MLA format for your research paper. Now what I want is Facts Teach these boys and girls nothing but Facts Facts alone are wanted in life Plant nothing else and root out everything else You can only form the minds of reasoning animals upon Facts nothing else will ever be of any service to them My reading of theories of pedagogy and knowledge development usually is uite separate from my reading of fiction for the pure pleasure of being human But now recently I have come across several references to the wonderful Dickensian caricature of positivism with the suggestive name of Gradgrind There is a war going on in the world of schooling with a clear front between those who are in favour of the measurable fact based model that fictional Gradgrind tried on his own environment with uite heartbreaking results and those who have interpreted the opposite of Gradgrindianism as the way forward and claim that inuiry creativity and transferable skills are the pillars of education and that facts are obsolete before they enter the heads of the suffering child vesselsNow I am uite sure that Dickens could have written a brilliant satire on the extreme opposite of Gradgrind s pedagogy if he had seen it in action How are children to develop ideas if they have no knowledge to get inspired by How are they going to proceed in inuiry if they have no basic understanding of the scientific concepts How are they going to create exciting and artistic visual and textual artefacts without the literacy skills that are the tools leading towards linguistic and artistic mastery How are they going to research a history topic independently that they have never heard of before and definitely cannot put into contextAs happy as I am whenever Gradgrind shows up in the educational debates I have to say that his very presence as a negative example of old school knowledge is an ironic symbol of the value of knowing the iconic history of literary or scientific reference points If you haven t had some kind of basic schooling in literature you won t understand what Gradgrind s evil represents to evaluate his mentioning in the school debate you have to know about Victorian standpoints Dickens position within them Gradgrind s failure and educational theories over the past century that have swung like a pendulum from one extreme to the otherSo cheers to the fact that facts are part of life and the devil is in the PART

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Hard Times For These Times characters ´ PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook Yle citations for scholarly secondary sources peer reviewed journal articles and critical. Dickens wrote Hard Times as an attempt to increase sales of his flagging magazine and had to produce it in weekly instalments which probably explains why it s so bereft of inspiration and artistry It s ironic that a novel lauding the importance of heart and imagination as guiding principles in social reform should have a mercantile consideration at root Hard Times is a leaden rhetorical read There s little subtlety in its sermonising There s not even much of a story and what story there is doesn t always make sense Most surprisingly of all it doesn t include a single memorable character The characters are programmed automatons of the flimsy plot Even the humour is relentlessly off key The only positive note is his standard sentimentalised girl woman only plays a minor role in this novel For me this joins A Tale of Two Cities and David Copperfield as duds in the Dickens canon though it doesn t possess the redeeming features those two novels possessed