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  • Hardcover
  • 467
  • Gonzo The Life of Hunter S Thompson
  • Jann S. Wenner
  • English
  • 09 November 2020
  • 9780316005272

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summary Gonzo The Life of Hunter S Thompson ✓ E-book, or Kindle E-pub read & download ì E-book, or Kindle E-pub Ú Jann S. Wenner Jann S. Wenner Ú 9 free download D Corey Seymour have interviewed the Good Doctor's friends family acuaintances and colleagues and woven their memories into a brilliant oral biography From Hell's Angels leader Sonny Barger to Ralph Steadman to Jack Nicholson to Jimmy Buffett to Pat Buchanan to Marilyn Manson and Thompson's two wives son and longtime personal assistant than 100 members of Th. I m fond of the oral biography format and I m a fan of some of Thompson s work and full disclosure I used to be ga ga over his stuff in my youth I was a little worried that Wenner would make the book sort of self serving and maybe it is a little but I thought overall this was very well doneNot surprisingly Thompson spends a lot of time being appalling to people And I didn t realize how little productive time there was in his life The drugs and alcohol really did limit him very uickly it seemed to me One thing that struck me was the sheer number of people needed for him to get any writing finished Editors and assistants and friends constantly and literally standing by to keep him on track His first wife Sandy seems to be the only one who is ultimately clear eyed about his abusiveness I suppose it s a common enough story a famous person who is surrounded by people who won t stand up to him or are only interested in the hijinks or something But the thing that stands out here to me is the huge number of people who express genuine affection for Thompson not only for his genius but his generosity warmth charm and still go to great lengths to satisfy his every whim It doesn t seem to occur to any of them to let him fall that Al Anon approved first step to dealing with addiction The book makes clear over and over how extraordinarily dependent he was on people for every single little mundane aspect of his life He was apparently never alone And even though it seems like many of those people loved him and worried about him they never let him hit rock bottom That s easy to say with a beloved famous person there will probably always be somebody to do the shit work even if your friends abandon you And maybe there were tons of people who walked away from him and they weren t in the bookAnyway he had obvious gifts but it s too bad that he never seemed to be able to put aside his legend and his addictions and move on to other things

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summary Gonzo The Life of Hunter S Thompson ✓ E-book, or Kindle E-pub read & download ì E-book, or Kindle E-pub Ú Jann S. Wenner Jann S. Wenner Ú 9 free download Ompson's inner circle bring into vivid focus the life of a man who was even complicated tormented and talented than any previous portrait has shown It's all here in its uncensored glory the creative frenzies the love affairs the drugs and booze and guns and explosives and ultimately the tragic suicide As Thompson was fond of saying Buy the ticket take the ri. A comprehensive look at the career of Gonzo journalist Hunter Thompson The oral narration has everythingfrom Hunter s Kentucky Derby and Rhode Island yacht racing essays to Fear and Loating in Las Vegas to his eventual demise due to drug and alchohol addictionAs a long time journalist I became enad with Thompson in the early 1980s reading Shark Hunt and the Fear and Loathing books I drifted away from him as I got older the drug usage he bragged of was no longer cool and instead wastefulAnd Jann Werner indicates this in the book s last chapter Hunter who attempted to portray a macho Hemmingwayesue personna became a stumbling shambling crying old man in the end The stories are funny and poignant and present an unblinking look at a fixture in American writing

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summary Gonzo The Life of Hunter S Thompson ✓ E-book, or Kindle E-pub read & download ì E-book, or Kindle E-pub Ú Jann S. Wenner Jann S. Wenner Ú 9 free download Few American lives are stranger action packed or wilder than that of Hunter S Thompson Born a rebel in Louisville Kentucky Thompson spent a lifetime channeling his energy and insight into such landmark works as Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas and his singular and provocative style challenged and revolutionized writingNow for the first time ever Jann Wenner an. This book was a pain in my neck I was hoping we were done with the privileged white guy and his drunken ways But Hunter T makes your standard inadeuate male look like a heroWhat a crazy asshole I don t care how brilliant he was I do intend to read his books it is the least I can do for such a shameful wasteful lifeWhen Amy Winehouse died Tony Bennet said she sinned against her talent That is true of HT if you want to concede he was that much of a genius it might work for youJan Wenner the Rolling Stone editor is a fucking enabler and all caught up in the drama and myth but who wouldn t beMore than one person says if you spent time w HT you did drugs So there you go But what becomes really untenable is when he gives people doses of LSD wout their consent There you go In some groups this behavior would be intolerable Some people would not want to be friends with a man who was abusive to his family These people did not live in Owl Crack Colorado fuck them allIn some ways this book was great uotes from Jimmy Carter and all sorts of political figures But I hate the jumpy short attention span snippets that oral histories beget I want to get this book out of my house it irks me than it should I think I don t know why I just hate it Johnny jump street all bonded with him I guess if he got me drunk stoned and coked up I d hang out a while too There s some Kentucky pussy fog that uses manners as an chit for being a selfish prick later in the day And he has a fling with Sally uinn Bradley in Washington in the 70s My sister Mary told me Well Sally got around That was worth the whole ordeal