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Cold Feet review ã 103 Fe haven anything seems possibleAs Ryan’s reserve melts away Sam wants than stolen kisses under the mistletoe But a sudden thaw means making decisions They could face the New Year together unless one of them gets cold feetword count 32000 appro. OK this was very sweet and nice and had a perfect bit of angst towards the end but it was just a bit too sweet for me Most likely it was the mood I was in but that doesn t negate the fact that the first half of the book was actually uite boring and not a whole hell of a lot happenedI can recommend this book to you if you are in the mood for slow and simple friends to lovers without much in the way of sex and not a heck of a lot going on uick and easy In and out Done

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Cold Feet review ã 103 Best friends snowed in together When the heat rises will they get cold feetGetting snowed in at a remote cottage in Wales with someone he’d fancied for ages isn’t exactly how Sam expected to spend Christmas His feelings for Ryan are pointless. 45 starsWarning features awww inducing cuteness remote Welsh cabins and spoiled cats will most certainly cause a hankering for Christmas puddingThis lovely little novella reminds me of this author s which is another adorbs story about two college mates to lovers turned Ryan and Sam are best friends and housemates at uni Sam is openly gay and has been crushing on Ryan for ages What Sam doesn t know is that Ryan returns his feelings but is just coming to grips with his sexuality The MCs get snowed in just a couple days before Christmas at a small cabin in the Welsh countryside They play board games share a bed to warm up of course and rescue a cat Serious cuteness do you see This was such an easy endearing read lower in steam than some of Northcote s other books but appropriately so since the guys are younger and just exploring their new friends to something relationship The story has a lot of charm and brightness There is a misunderstanding and some typical new adult angst but of course it all works out in the ends How could it not It s Christmas after all and mistletoe abounds Plus the New Year rings in some properly delicious midnight kissesSo wrap yourself in a warm blanket and cuddle up with Sam and Ryan If there s a blizzard out all the better

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Cold Feet review ã 103 Ryan’s straight or so he thoughtUntil now Ryan’s kept his feelings for Sam buried Why ruin a friendship over what might only be gay experimentation Playing it cool seems safer until a cold snap makes sharing body heat vital In their Welsh sa. This story of two best friends secretly attracted to one another was a fun light novella to readSam was a skinny ginger nerd and Ryan a larger rugby player but despite the differences their friendship had always seemed effortless Then when Sam came out of the closet Ryan began uestioning his own attractions toward Sam although Sam never uestioned his attraction to Ryanueue up a long holiday weekend in a remote cabin alone add a freak snow storm and you have this storyI loved the first parts of the book where attractions were divulged and acted on It was extremely cute and playful yet reserved with the guys lacking any real self confidenceHowever after abruptly returning home to deal with a family emergency the story didn t flow uite as well for me and became a bit less enjoyable less freshThere were a few steamy scenes in the book but as shocking as I know it may seem for me to say this I wouldn t have minded one or two Yes slutty whatever Deal bitches The level of feels was pretty good so I did really enjoy the book and would recommend it with this one clocking in around 375 stars this time

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