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review ê BlacueBleu Al town of Arcada the unexpected is always waiting right around the corner Now Blacue and Bleu just need to survive long enough for Arcada's magic to work for them Publisher's Note BlacueBleu is related to Chrysalis and Mad at the Moon which were published by Changeling Press This book contains explicit sexual content graphic language and situations that some readers may find objectionable Bondage domination malemale sexual practices violence. If I were to divide this book in three parts it would be as suchFirst comes the hotter that the pits of hell sizzl

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review ê BlacueBleu Lukas Blacue is a deeply closeted werewolf and almost than anything in life he desires his neighbor Oliver Bleu Oliver is a vampire who is slowly dying from insomnia More than anything he needs Lukas Blacue and the rich blood that flows through his veins On the day that Blacue makes an important commitment to his family and pack he also succumbs to temptation and agrees to a passionate weekend with the alluring vampire At sunset on Friday it'. MY NEW FAVE COLOURS THE COVER I just love it it s all mysterious and sexy and the back shot of the guy in fro

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review ê BlacueBleu S all about urgent lust and the drive to lose his virginity When the sun rises on Monday lust has shifted to love and devotion He's not sure he can walk away even for the commitment he's made He's even less sure Bleu will let him go In Blacue's world vampires and werewolves make uneasy bedfellows and a gay werewolf is an impossibility In Bleu's world all living creatures are little than vessels for food and sex But in the mysterious and magic. BlacueBleu seems to be a total hit with most of my Goodreads friends Alas I m in the minority here This book reall