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REVIEW ´ The Apostolic Preaching of the Cross (Tyndale Press) This modern classic of biblical scholarship explains what the apostles meant when they used such words as redeem covenant propitiate reco. I first read this book over 30 years ago so it was good to revisit it and also to be reminded how much I enjoy Morris writingWhilst a knowledge of NT Greek is a major advantage for the analysis done in this fine book it is not essential I first read this book before I studied NT Greek and I would say books like this help motivate that study and now my NT Greek is sadly pretty poor yet I got a lot out of it both timesThis is a good coverage of the Atonement and the language and theology behind it Two excellent chapters on Propitiation which include an examination on Expiation were perhaps the highlight for me though the two chapters on Justification were also very good I appreciated that the Author examined language usage in the Septuagint as well as in the Hebrew of the Old Testament but with emphasis on the former due to the use of Greek There is also appropriate examination of contemporaries such as Josephus and PhiloThe Author also gives a fair covering of those with alternate views though of course the book is 55 years old and thus doesn t address recent arguments I find that Morris is very gracious in dealing with those he disagrees with and thus I find his scholarly approach very appealingAn excellent book if you want to dig deeper into the Atonement and especially if you want to see some good arguments for the Substitutionary nature of it

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REVIEW ´ The Apostolic Preaching of the Cross (Tyndale Press) Ncile and justify Leon Morris carefully explores these themes against the backgrounds of both Old Testament Judaism and New Testament Chr. Having now read most of what Leon Morris has published in the process of writing his biography this is my must read especially for any person in christian ministry Leon s detail here takes a bit of concentration but you can read it one chapter at a time what he teaches on the atonement richly rewards us concerning the depth of God s love in the death of Christ to respond to our need of a Saviour

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REVIEW ´ The Apostolic Preaching of the Cross (Tyndale Press) Istianity a rewarding task that results in a complete understanding of these key Christian terms This third edition is revised throughout. Many years ago I remember hearing Don Carson mentioned this book in passing during a conference with a local chapter of The Gospel Coalition The sermon by Carson really blessed me and I couldn t forget the book he mentioned since I wondered what treasure I would find if I were to read it myself It took me nearly a decade to finally purchased this book but I finally did it I bought it read it and was exceptionally blessed by itThis is the first work I read by Leon Morris and I was very impressed From what I understand The Apostolic Preaching of the Cross was originally Morris doctoral dissertation completed at the University of Cambridge in England It is an impressive work that looks at the doctrines related to the Gospel and the atonement Morris careful scholarship is worth emulating and definitely worth reading if only to learn from his example But it is than that this work is a robust exposition of doctrines that are held precious to those who love the Gospel Morris does this by going back to the Old Testament other post Old Testament sources such as the Rabbinic literatures and the Greek Septuagint in order to understand the New Testament background that shapes the New Testament preaching of the Gospel I must add that this work is not just a survey of background materials Morris does examine and interact with the New Testament itself and properly employ the background materials to bear The chapters that really stood out to me were Morris chapters on redemption propitiation and justification Morris powerfully argues for the historic Protestant views of those doctrines from an exegetical basis and I loved how he does it with the conscious awareness of Old Testament marching to the New Testament I like works that defend doctrines that organically flow from progressive revelation as I think it contribute to avoid mere proof texting a real risk whenever we try to develop doctrines in systematic theology I really appreciated his word studies how he handle the semantic ranges of words and considers Hebrew and Greek terminologies both in its Scriptural and also noncanonical usage such as secular and LXX contextsFor pastors reading this book I would say use this as a research material However realize that there would be much work to bridge between the information in this work and what is shared in the pulpit to minister to those in the pews This is especially true with the doctrines implicationsI highly recommend this book Just to put it in perspective originally I borrowed this book from the library but then a few pages into it I realized I have to purchase my own copy so I can take notes and highlight it for future reference I bought it because I thought it was worth being a reference in my own library and indeed it has been

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