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Read Funeral Games Funeral Games Download ç eBook, ePUB or Kindle PDF To find sanctuary with the army of their father's closest friend Diodorus But Diodorus is caught up in the tangled web of alliances betrayals and intrigue that followed Alexander the Great's death as his generals fought over the huge empire he had created and soon the twins will have their first taste of. I shed a few tears at the end Great characters great writing great time period great book

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Read Funeral Games Funeral Games Download ç eBook, ePUB or Kindle PDF Real battle as two Macedonian warlords clash In this violent and unstable world they must chose sides carefully as Antigonus One Eye and his brilliant son Demetrius prepare to take on the might of Ptolemy's Egypt and the forces gather for the biggest and most spectacular battle the world had ever seen Gaza. This exciting and astonishing novel is the 3rd volume of the thrilling and impressive Tyrant seriesOnce the book has been historically very well researched and described in the author s and historical note at the end of the book and not to forget you will find great maps and a well defined glossary at the beginning of the book as wellThe storytelling is as usual of a top notch uality for the author has certainly the ability to bring in his own wonderful and entertaining fashion vividly to life the brutal and beautiful Ancient Greek worldThis book starts off in the year 316 BC twelve years after the death of Kineas of Athens at his kurgan on the Tanais River until the year of 312 BCIn this year 316 BC we find the twins Melitta and Satyrus with their mother Srayanka and their tutor Philokles the Spartan at their father s kurgan when Srayanka announces that she has to make a jouyrney to meet HeronEumeles and with Ataelus at her side and some of their best warriors she sets off to meet him but when she arrives there she s ambushed by this same HeronEumeles and an unkown Athenian and finally murderedWhat should also have been achieved by HeronEumeles The Greek Boy and this Athenian is the murder of the twins Melitta and Satyrus but Ataelus manages to escape with his warriors to warn the twins and Philokles the Spartan of the immediate danger to their livesMelitta and Satyrus with Philokles the Spartan have to flee west with assassins on their heels in the hope to reach the safe haven of Ptolemy s Alexandria and hope to find sanctuary there amidst a growing storm of violence and fightingWhat will follow is a gripping and intriguing tale of treachery plots and counter plots where Melitta and Satyrus have to choose wisely who their friends andor enemies are and that same story will build towards one final monumental confrontation between Antigonus One Eye and his son Demetrius against the formidable Ptolemy of Egypt at the spectacular Battle of GazaHighly recommended for this is An Astounding Historical Tale

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Read Funeral Games Funeral Games Download ç eBook, ePUB or Kindle PDF Satyrus and Melitta twin heirs to a rich kingdom on the Black Sea become desperate fugitives when their mother the Scythian warrior princess Srayanka is cut down in a savage act of betrayal Accompanied by their tutor the Spartan Philokles they must make a perilous journey west pursued by ruthless assassins. Assuming you read the blurb so you have an idea about what the novel is about I strongly recommend this as even a better starting point than Tyrant 1 since it deals with the children of the heroes there takes place some 12 3 years later and all needed back story appears while the novel is exciting lighter in some ways much adventure oriented and without the sense of doom that pervaded the first duology I would not say it s YA despite that the main heroes start at 12 twin girlboy and it s really fun The same compelling narrative attention to detail and strong characters as in the original duology and a strong A almost an A and the best of the series so farI loved the Tyrant series and those two books I could not put down when I got them plus all the ualities mentioned above excellent research pitch perfect 328 BC atmosphere great characters action intriguebut the duology starting with the strong foreshadowing for its ending foreshadowing that repeats is amplified uite a few times was sometimes too burdened by that and I felt that overall it subtracted a bit from the appeal maybe added some power but not enough Here once we escape the foreshadowing the new series which may go 3 juts soars from the first pages and it s much enjoyable events are still brutal main characters still get killed and there is no real wish fulfillment either but I think the adventure oriented narration benefits the new series a lot

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