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Talk to Me Read & Download ✓ PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB Free download ✓ PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB ↠ James Vlahos Res how voice tech will transform every sector of society handing untold new powers to businesses upending traditional notions of privacy revolutionising access to information and fundamentally altering the way we understand human consciousness And he even tries to understand the significance of the revolution firsthand – by building a chatbot version of his terminally ill fatherVlahos’s research leads him to one fundamental uestion What happens when our computers become as articulate compassionate and creative as we are‘Brilliant and essential You’ll find insights and meaning on every page and you’ll keep turning them This book is dynamite’ NICHOLAS THOMPSON editor in chief of Wired‘Conversational AI is a genuine paradigm shift in our experience with technology This book does a good job of outlining the history of voice computing technology along with where it may be going and the potential societal issues of its expansion It s a good book for anyone in the field to understand where we are and where we should and should not go

Free download ✓ PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB ↠ James Vlahos

Talk to Me

Talk to Me Read & Download ✓ PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB Free download ✓ PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB ↠ James Vlahos Vlahos brings the whole story to life A thoughtful and enjoyable read’ TOM GRUBER co creator of Siri‘The baton of disruption has been passed from the smart phone to voice and Vlahos helps make sense of this tectonic shift’ SCOTT GALLOWAY author of The Four ‘Voice computing is revolutionising the way we interact with our devices Talk to Me offers a road map showing how we got to this point and the opportunities and risks that lie ahead’ MARTIN FORD author of The Rise of the Robots ‘Well researched and reported written by someone with a deep understanding of the tech itself’ NEW YORK TIMES ‘James Vlahos has written an excellent book on how voice computing has become and of a growing presence in our everyday world’ RAY KURZWEIL author of The Singularity Is Nea James Vlahos has compiled a delightfully informative history and exploration of voice computing This very readable narrative describes the early days and pioneers as they developed the first capabilities of speech recognition natural language recognition natural language synthesis and the algorithms and processing techniues including artificial intelligence that makes it all work An eye opening chapter on the development of Hello Barbie provides tremendous insight into the care and effort invested in making a popular doll capable of being a little girl s best friend that her parents would trust And that provides a good segue into a discussion of the role that voice technology and the companies behind it play in a society that is ever cognizant of the risks of surveillance Through Google Assistant Alexa and other appliances voice technology is uickly displacing onerous ways of interacting with the digital world in which we are immersed This book provides lots of food for thought for both the opportunities and the pitfalls ahead A recommended read

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Talk to Me Read & Download ✓ PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB Free download ✓ PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB ↠ James Vlahos The gripping inside story of the race to build conversationally capable computers Chat with the author ask your Alexa device to ‘open the voice computing book’ The next great technological disruption is comingThe titans of Silicon Valley are racing to build the last best computer that the world will ever need They know that whoever successfully creates it will revolutionise our relationship with technology – and make billions of dollars in the process They call it conversational AIComputers that can speak and think like humans do may seem like the stuff of science fiction but they are rapidly moving towards reality In Talk to Me veteran tech journalist James Vlahos meets the researchers at Google and Apple who are leading the way to a voice computing revolution He explo I almost universally find the recent pop tech books a disappointment since most authors do not seem to know than the average reader or don t know how to connect the pieces such that the whole is greater than the parts This author provides a happy exception to my usual disappointment to pop tech story telling This book reached beyond just telling a linear history of an interesting topic in its own right by providing a context through a past storytelling with a relevance to the now At times I found hints of brilliance in the connections the author was telling because he was never speaking of things in isolation while always making the meaning of the bigger picture central to his story and shows why the whole sometimes can be bigger than the sum of its parts Meaning reuires context history and future expectations and at first AI artificial intelligence was developed principally relying on an expert human knowledge based approach The theory for improvements had been known but the computer power was lacking in order to fully leverage machines to process and understand to a sufficient degree with the exception of some low hanging fruit problems the author talks about those problems in the book The break through starts when machine learning that is allowing the computer itself to educate itself through deep learning techniues such as backtracking neural networks Principal Component Analysis PCA Bayesian methods or in general any method that allows the computer code itself to learn for itself by exploiting the provided inputs from the outside into the self improving algorithm analogous to how a human acts albeit unknowingly in most cases For example and an example the author talks about Google s foreign language translation algorithms made the previous expert knowledge based system nearly irrelevant by developing code such that the code would describe the universe under consideration into Markov Matrices and takes all of the information within the variance covariance matrix and extracts that information into Principal Component Vectors just find the eigenvalues and their eigenvectors by way of PCA and deciding what information is needed to best describe meaning for a word within a sentence or paragraph or even a larger segment such that actual translation from one language to another is performed most efficiently For the faint of heart regarding mathematics I want to note the author never speaks in jargon thus keeping this book highly accessible for almost all readers but he does talk about techniues heuristically and I found it easier to speak in Jargon instead of writing even longer sentences he doesn t mention Markov Matrices PCA Bayesian or such except he did mention neural networks and described backtracking fairly well Note the vectors may not correlate to what we humans think of as meaningful They just need to describe the universe under consideration efficiently The author will show how when concepts that are dynamically derived from static past information can be grouped such as in foreign language translations or even voice recognition can give meaning to the chaotic order that surrounds us This book is in sharp contrast to a book I recently read Life After Google by Gilder who disliked Markov Matrices an unforgivable sin imo and thought intentional meaning must be known in order to have value another unforgivable sin imo Gilder was epistemologically trapped by assuming an ultimate value from human existence I don t recommend reading his book in order to find out what I meant by that statement btw This author does have interesting thoughts on AI and what it means in terms of meaning scattered throughout this book He ll even ask the uestion would a conversational bot such as Alexa really give meaning to the isolated old or children at play that is not an actual uote from the book but it is a paraphrase Can a computer think The real uesting is what is thinking There is a functional definition as with the Turing Test and the author talks about that at length In a way this book does delve into these topics indirectly I enjoyed this book It is not technically presented and anyone who is vaguely interested in the topic could profit from this book This book made me re rate one of my books I read four years ago from three stars to five stars The Master Algorithm by Domingos since it provided needed insight into some of the things not explicitly mentioned in this book and I rated it only three stars because he did not believe in the eventuality of super AI and I tend to but I should not have let that get in the way of recommending a very good book

  • Hardcover
  • 336
  • Talk to Me
  • James Vlahos
  • en
  • 19 November 2019
  • 9781847948052