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Something Fierce Memoirs of a Revolutionary Daughter

FREE DOWNLOAD µ Something Fierce Memoirs of a Revolutionary Daughter READ & DOWNLOAD ↠ eBook, ePUB or Kindle PDF µ Carmen Aguirre Life in exileIn 1978 the Chilean resistance issued a call for exiled activists to return to Latin America Most women sent their children to live with relatives or with supporters in Cuba but Carmen's mother kept her precious girls with her As their mother and stepfather set up a safe house for resistance members in La Paz Bolivia the girls' own double lives began At eighteen Carmen herself joined the resistance With conventional day jobs as a cover she and her new husband moved to Argentina to begin a dangerous ne. This was a mad book Mad in terms of the things Carmen and her sister Ale lived through as her exiled Chilean mother and her stepfather takes them from Canada back to Latin America to become underground revolutionary with the aim to take Chile back from Pinochet with force They set up a safe house in La Paz Bolivia and their travels takes them on through South America Carmen has some crazy terrifying experience plus has to live with the fact that she cannot tell anyone about her life her real purpose she has to lie to everyone live in constant fear of discovery saying the wrong thing causing suspicion in others that one day her mother or her stepfather do not return Carmen is 11 when they leave Canada What I thought she did brilliantly is that she focuses on her journey there is little on the impact on her sister or her parents that has not to do with the impact that has on her Whilst I respect that it makes it seem at times a bit lacking in perspective She does not go into great detail on certain aspects of South American events if those events only had impact on her in passing I know many readers found that frustrating yet to me this is one of the strengths of this book for me She focusses on her story alone if she only passes through the civil war in Peru she only mentions it in passing She lives through the upheaval in Bolivia in the late 70ies so time is given to the details Ultimately this is an interesting story and very easy to read but as I so often find with autobiographies for me is that what I am most interested in hearing is the part of the story that is not told Her choice her story I know

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FREE DOWNLOAD µ Something Fierce Memoirs of a Revolutionary Daughter READ & DOWNLOAD ↠ eBook, ePUB or Kindle PDF µ Carmen Aguirre Winner of Canada Reads 2012 True StoriesA gripping darkly comic first hand account of a young underground revolutionary during the Pinochet dictatorship in 1980s ChileOn September 11 1973 a violent coup removed Salvador Allende the democratically elected socialist president of Chile from office Thousands were arrested tortured and killed under General Augusto Pinochet's repressive new regime Soon after the coup six year old Carmen Aguirre and her younger sister fled the country with their parents for Canada and a. The blurb says it all I don t have anything much to add Chile Argentina and Peru Mad times mad people an intensity of belief that expressed itself in action that I think the author daughter of two revolutionaries didn t catch and never truly understoodIt was a consistently good read but mostly because the people were so incredibly interesting and lived what they believed The rather neurasthenic presence of the narrator the daughter picks up somewhat when she too becomes a revolutionary but one never gets the feeling that she does it because she is driven because she is 18 and it is expected As it turns out she is an actor one who follows direction

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FREE DOWNLOAD µ Something Fierce Memoirs of a Revolutionary Daughter READ & DOWNLOAD ↠ eBook, ePUB or Kindle PDF µ Carmen Aguirre W life of their ownThis dramatic darkly funny narrative which covers the eventful decade from 1979 to 1989 takes the reader inside war ridden Peru dictatorship run Bolivia post Malvinas Argentina and Pinochet's Chile Writing with passion and deep personal insight Carmen captures her constant struggle to reconcile her commitment to the movement with the desires of her youth and her budding sexuality 'Something Fierce' is a gripping story of love war and resistance and a rare first hand account of revolutionary life. Something Fierce is the memoir that won the CBC Canada Reads Contest for 2012 It is a well written and involving account of the growing up of a Chilean daughter transferred to Vancouver after Allende s overthrow who came to adulthood through years of working first with her mother then by herself for the defeat of the illicit Pinochet regime that replaced democratic government in ChileThis is a remarkable book on several levels First it recounts what it was like growing up in such unusual circumstances of deeply defined political rebellion Carmen Aguirre found herself moving rapidly from place to place She was often lied to about what was to happen She found herself left alone with her younger sister to cope with few sources of food while her mother was trying to organize resistance in Chile She could not contact her father in Vancouver And not surprisingly over time this made her independent and rebellious rupturing her relations with her mother The dynamics of this entire process are recounted honestly in this book and make for an unusual and compelling storyBut there is also a second and even interesting aspect of this book Carmen came in her young life despite her complicated relations with her mother to commit herself to revolution in Chile and Argentina And this book becomes a dramatic first hand account of what living underground is all about a description of undercover work in Chile itself and a very human story of the difficult yet touching relationships that women and men try to build in such dangerous conditions Somehow Carmen survived this struggle just as somehow Chile has survived Pinochet But this book is a memorial to the very human courage that was reuired to stay so fierce for so long