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  • 23 September 2020
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Smart People Dont Diet Download ✓ PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook Being on a diet is a miserable experience for most people and it rarely leads to the desired goal of shedding fat In fact studies show that dieters often gain weight rather than lose it because most diets' intensity restrictions and short duration are ill euipped. Smart People Don t Diet is a fresh new voice in the sea of dieting books and countless opinions on weight and health Dr Charlotte Markey writes with a human touch and shows us all how easy changing habits for the better isand why it is smarter than the crazy fad diets that we have all tried and tested and failed I haven t read any other books by this same author and I don t usually read books in this genre but I do think it was very interesting and I learned a lot The book brings a lot of health concerns and permanent weight loss in to play They were very effective and put me in a great growth mindset for the future This book appeals on both the emotional and logical field I am very interested in psychology and this book was full of psychology behind why certain eating habits happen and why the brain does things to you I felt I really connected with the author on some of those points because I understood the perspective and angle she was coming from It was also from the logical perspective because the advice all made sense and was cleverly worked into the bookThe main idea is staying healthy and losing weight It is very important throughout the book to be slowly changing your bad habits and integrating new ones in a manner that is not to difficult It is even said throughout the book that the point of this process is not to be hard it s to be simple and rewarding Many other customers on other reviews have confirmed that it was a refreshing change from other diet books and takes a clear and bold stand for healthy eating and living This book is definitely a good resource for any uestion on healthy eating and dietingThe purpose for this book is very apparent It is clearly about finding balance in your health and losing weight Obviously the main theme of losing weight is very clear But along with this a lot of other strong ideas are presented Good overall health is a main focus as well Stopping eating disorders is also reiterated a lot and good habits are pushed I think these together are very influential and they fit together to inspire change in the good way Dr Charlotte Markey author teaches classes about this topic at Rutgers University and wrote this book to share some of that information with the world She has done a lot of research and compiled good reasons and evidence to help motivate and support those trying to get their health in check She produces many compelling arguments to battle the unhealthy choices we make in this obese America we live inThis style is very carefully written to apply to everyone It has an informational tone but Markey writes from her own flawed and experienced perspective and this makes it very easy to read and accept It applies to adults but also teenagers and adolescents It also applies to people who want to lose 100 pounds or even just 5 The author also implements stories and humourous insights to keep you interested in the actual information I would overall recommend this book to all sorts of people young and old It s important to understand and practice good eating and exercising habits while you re young and fixre fix them through your adult life as well This book truly will give you some insight and hopefully get you started on a path to a better you

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Smart People Dont Diet Download ✓ PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook To produce long term effects In Smart People Don't Diet Dr Charlotte N Markey offers a refreshingly different approach to weight management Based on than 100 years of research by scientists doctors nutritionists and psychologists Dr Markey's plan addresses the und. This is a perfectly adeuate book about eating healthier and would especially good for chronic dieters andor people who haven t read a lot on food or nutrition Markey claims to support her points with science as opposed to fad diets and their uestionable health benefitsWhat I found most helpful were the ideas of shooting for ten pounds weight loss per year rather than per week Achievable through small increments and sustainable through new habits The examples are exactly what you might expect ie low hanging fruit cutting the soda a day habit or swapping out a few pieces of fruit for the bag of Cheetos every afternoon More drastic weight loss would involve making than a simple change or two and shooting for over the course of several weeks or months ten changes or whateverSo you don t diet per se no foodsfood groups are forbidden but many daily delights might have to be relinuished for the most partIn our household we usually make up for December sugar and fat overload with Sugar Free January since I find going cold turkey for a little while much easier than just treating myself occasionally but to each his ownI did furrow my brow over the emphasis on limiting saturated fats like full fat dairy and red meat since I feel like the science arguing that full fat dairy negatively impacts cholesterol and such has been debunked See THE BIG FAT SURPRISE and WHY WE GET FAT for example In fact despite the subtitle How the Latest Science Can Help You Lose Weight Permanently there was far less science covered than in many other similar books I ve readIf you do happen to read lots of food and nutrition books you will find this book pretty familiar and often repetitive But given how badly most folks eat I think there s a big audience out there that could benefit from the message

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Smart People Dont Diet Download ✓ PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook Erlying causes of weight gain and offers proven strategies for healthful lasting weight management including advice on how to eat well lose weight and keep it off The gimmicks don't work but Dr Markey's reasonable accessible advice will help you get and stay healt. I love the principle behind the book how diets dont work but by using a scientific methodical approach both adults and a child eating attitudes would change Too often as children and teenagers we are embroiled in our body image especially when you see thin models in all magazines and one remark can send you off down the road of being thin constant dieting weight loss This book explains with common sense approach about the science and psychology behind changing your attitude to what you eat loving yourself for who and what you are and promoting healthy eating fort life HIGHLY RECOMMENDED A MUST READ BOOK