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Lucifer Father of Cain Download Á 104 This book utilizes myriad extra biblical scripture from hundreds of sources including the Nag Hammadi codices Dead Sea Scrolls Apocryphal Psuedipigrapha Forgotten Books of Eden and the Kolbrin Bible to verify that Cain was a child of Lucifer Satan.

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Lucifer Father of Cain Download Á 104 And Eve not Adam and Eve; and that the parable in the garden was symbolic for an act related to sexual lust and that whatever took place it was not just a fruit from some tree While Cain being a child of the devil is a major theme of this book al.

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Lucifer Father of Cain Download Á 104 So included within its contents are introspection into the 3 World Ages who the watchers the fallen angels giants nephilim annunaki were and are and what their interdiction into the affairs of humanity really means for this the fig tree generation.

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