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Read Hire Right Higher Profits Hire Right Higher Profits Summary æ PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook Rofits makes revenue targets pipe dreams and has sales leaders pulling out their hair in frustration Despite these issues executives continue to try to hire great salespeople That three word expression is exactly what Hire Right Higher Profits is all about Sales management strategist Lee Salz begins the book by challenging readers with the 25000 Revenue Test which most executives fail Then he hits readers between the eyes with the statement there are no great salespeople and offers proof of it He also cautions those executives – who view the competition as their primary sales talent source – of its risks But Salz doesn’t stop there He challenges executives to shift their perspective from hiring salespeople to investing in revenue Each salesperson represents a revenue investment made by the company with the core objective of receiving a fast high return on it – no different than when companies invest in sales strategies tactics and ideas to grow revenue Hire Right Higher Profits teaches executives how to determine what type of revenue investment is needed evaluate revenue investment candidates and get.

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Read Hire Right Higher Profits Hire Right Higher Profits Summary æ PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook A fast high return on the investment made in their new salespeople The book is a step by step practical guide teaching you how to implement the revenue investment concept – impacting both the top and bottom lines It’s a fun educational read and is chock full of stories as you learn how to Shift your executive team’s perspective from hiring salespeople to investing in revenue Identify the factors that affect revenue investment performance – the causes of a salesperson's success or failure in the role Assemble a Revenue Investment Evaluation Program to contrast candidates with the performance factors Scrutinize a Revenue Investment Prospectus – a salesperson’s resume – to get to the truth Evaluate candidates so you select the right salespeople for revenue investments Protect the revenue investment through structured sales onboarding Design sales onboarding curriculum to get a fast high return on the new revenue investments Assess revenue investment performance both during and post onboarding The methodology presented in Hire Right Higher Profits can be implemented in any company in any industry.

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Read Hire Right Higher Profits Hire Right Higher Profits Summary æ PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook Unless your product sells itself your sales force determines your ultimate success Lee Salz is spot on in his assessment of the importance of viewing salespeople as a major investment in your business Harvey Mackay author of the #1 New York Times bestseller Swim With The Sharks Without Being Eaten Alive The most insightful and most complete book on hiring the RIGHT salesperson I have ever seen or read If you need great salespeople this book is not an option it's an imperative Jeffrey Gitomer author of 215 Unbreakable Laws of Selling The challenge in building a strong sales organization has always been in identifying and retaining the right talent Hire Right Higher Profits looks past the hype It recognizes that success is about process and involves sweat than inspiration This book offers a detailed and sound process that will deliver consistent results – Howard Stevens Chairman Chally Group Worldwide Hired and fired It’s the revolving door on sales teams Executives hire what they believe to be great salespeople but the results never come – and the salespeople are let go This perpetual cycle eradicates p.

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