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  • Paperback
  • 341
  • Falling to Ash
  • Karen Mahoney
  • English
  • 17 February 2020
  • 9780552565264

Karen Mahoney ½ 7 Read

Falling to Ash characters À 107 Ive maker Theo is intent on making her the star attraction in his powerful Boston vampire clan Moth will have to pull off the double act of the century to please both of them Adding to her problems is the dangerously attractive Jason Murdoch a trainee vampire hunter who loves to play cat and. 25 stars spoilers The plot was unimaginative and very average newly turned vampire Moth investigates a bunch of deaths at her old college and yea stuff happens Moth was a decent heroine although she was uite dull for the most part the only times I found her entertaining was when she was with JaceTheo and when she was angsting over her family She needed to get some life in her she was just so blah I d rather read about an annoying alpha bitchMary Sue heroine than a heroine who bores me Jace was a decent enough love interest The flirting and banter between him and Moth was pretty good though I was put off by how uickly they went from enemies to friends They would have been interesting had they slowly started to open up and trust each other A slow build up in a relationship is always fun to read about I did like Moth s relationship with her younger sister and I m glad that they were other female characters besides the heroine that was decent I would like there to be insight into Moth s relationship with her older sisterdad and why they re such dicks to her Moth and Theo s dynamic was uite interesting there was a weird daddymasterlover vibe going on It s obvious they won t be endgame but if there s going to be a love triangle then Theo needs to be made a real contender Half a star for Jace half a star for Theo half a star for Moth s interactions with them and one big juicy star for Moth not being a virginalthough I wish she d had sex than once and that the one time she did have sex it didn t end up with her being attacked killed and turned into a vampirewatch out girlsbad things happen when you have sex with someone Oh well at least she wasn t a wide eyed blushing virginal twit I ll be reading the next one because I m attached to some of the characters hopefully the plot will be exciting and Moth will be a little fun

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Falling to Ash characters À 107 From the author of The Iron Witch an action packed tale of vampire adolescence and forbidden romanceTrapped between two very different worlds newly made vampire Moth is struggling to find her place in either Not only does she have to answer to her strict Irish Catholic Dad but her overprotect. Falling to Ash was a book that I hadn t even heard of until I was offered a chance to reuest it Of course my love of vampires just wouldn t let me refuse and I just couldn t wait get started on it Marie or Moth as she now calls her vampire self was turned about a year ago when she was 18 but her maker Theo kept her hidden from the Family for fear of repercussions to himself and Moth if they knew he had turned her without permission from them The Family are a vampire council who rule and police the vampires Theo is the head vampire of Boston a hot young looking vampire who wooed and dated Marie before losing control one night and then turning her rather than letting her die He claims it was a lapse in judgement but now must face the conseuences from the Family Marie will be allowed to live if Theo can kill Thomas Murdoch a notorious vampire hunter and produce his head for the Family Otherwise Moth will be ended taking a little bit of Theo s soul with her He has one weekSomeone is killing teenagers who are connected to Moth in some way The first guy Rick is a guy she went to college with When Moth gets a visit from the police because the dead guy has her name and address on him she senses something fishy and knows she needs to look into this herself It appears to be a vampire attack so if she can get to the body she may be able to pick up the scent of the vampire If Theo gets wind of this she ll be in trouble She heads to the hospital only to run into Jason Murdoch son of Thomas the vampire hunter After a brief tussle he decides to check things out with her He can t let a vampire stroll freely around a hospital They arrive at the morgue just in time to see Rick sitting on a slab chewing on an arm the nurse dead at this feet All of a sudden Moth and Jace are on the same side I truly loved this book Moth is a spectacular heroine brave with a smart mouth but extremely caring when it comes to people she cares about She s not happy about what she is but accepts that she has to get on with it Despite Jace being a hunter she can t help but find him attractive He is definitely swoonworthy While a romance doesn t actually take off between the two the tension is there and when the two of them are together were probably my favourite times in the bookTheo is Moth s maker and therefore she has to do what he says While she complains about him a lot I could feel a caring compassionate relationship between themThis is my first book to read by Karen Mahoney but I will definitely be looking into others Falling to Ash is fast paced with sufficient action to keep you on the edge of your seat I didn t want to put this book down As yet there is no information on the second book but I really hope we re not going to be kept too long waiting

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Falling to Ash characters À 107 Mouse in his spare time Jason┬áthe cat and Moth┬áthe mouse But when the young and gorgeous teenagers of Boston's wealthiest families start to disappear it forces Moth and Jason into an uneasy truce Will they be able to solve the mystery behind the disappearances before someone winds up undead. From the cover and title nothing about the first impression screams Vampire Story and yet Falling to Ash is in fact a fun vampire story Not so different from others I ve read in the past aversions to light silver and wooden stakes with turnings being a tricky experience but I ve always been a fan of vampires books and I really enjoyed this one I really liked our leading lady Moth I liked her life a fledgling vampire living in Boston trying to find her place in her new Vampire family while avoiding the local vampire hunters and keeping her distance from her human family Moth was an interesting character curious and strong and is aware that she probably isn t the most knowledgeable vampire in the city but she pushes through her problems when she has to Vampires and hunters form a big part of the story but not the only focus When dead bodies start turning up in random spots around Boston all having strange connections to Moth a mystery needing to solved becomes the big plot in the book To make matters worse these bodies seem to be coming back from the dead and not as vampires What I loved most about this was not the extra supernatural aspect of the story but the action that came with fighting them Lots of punches thrown and weapons used I loved the pop culture reference in the novel Sometimes I fear that pop culture can really date a book it sits in that time frame for life but it s fun to see lines thrown in that make you giggle because Indiana Jones or Veronica Mars was just mentioned Karen Mahoney did a really good job in Falling to Ash the pop culture doesn t seem out of place or awkward It worked really wellUnsurprisingly there is slight romance plot to the story but I found it a bit confusing It was almost a love triangle between Moth her vampire Maker Theo and the vampire hunter s son Jace But Moth never really admits to having strong feelings for either guy I wasn t sure what was going to happen next Because Moth doesn t commit to either option straight away you re sort of detached from the romance It exists but not strong enough to react passionately to one or both guysI really enjoyed this book looking forward to seeing what might happen next 45 stars