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READ & DOWNLOAD ☆ Chanur's Legacy C.J. Cherryh ´ 0 READ & DOWNLOAD CHARACTERS Chanur's Legacy National best selling author CJ Cherryh continues her highly acclaimed series with a new generation of alien encountersA game of interstellar politics in which Hi. This is a reread for me and part of the buddy read of the Chanur series with the SpecFic Buddy Reads group The series is structured is an initial volume a middle trilogy and this book a seuel following Pyanfur s neice Hilfy as the captain of her own shipThere were five years between the publication of Chanur s Homecoming and this book and I suspect most of that book was written straight after the previous two and it really shows The writing of this is so much smoother and the world so much better thought outHilfy Chanur takes on an unusually lucrative contract with the Stsho governor of Meetpoint Station Unfortunately she almost immediately regrets the decision as she becomes embroiled in political machinations regarding Stsho internal government with both Mahendo

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READ & DOWNLOAD ☆ Chanur's Legacy C.J. Cherryh ´ 0 READ & DOWNLOAD CHARACTERS Chanur's Legacy The Chanur series A tour de forceuintessential SF The Magazine of Fantasy and Science FictionOne of the best science fiction tales ever Minneapolis Star and Tribu. One of my favorite sci fi series Cherryh creates an alliance of aliens that feels very odd yet real and refreshingly we humans are not the big players in the galaxy In fact we are a minor race in the big scheme of things and seen as fairly annoying by the other racesIn this series the focus is on the cat like Chanur a race of traders The heroine is the niece of the main character from the original series She s trying to establish herself and her ship away from the reputation of her famous aunt She also is dealing with having one of the few crews that isn t all femaleOn top of all that stress she then gets dragged into a bit of alien politicsA great read that mixes the adventure of space travel with the realism that most of the problems come from having to deal with

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READ & DOWNLOAD ☆ Chanur's Legacy C.J. Cherryh ´ 0 READ & DOWNLOAD CHARACTERS Chanur's Legacy Lfy Chanur and her vessel Legacy are commissioned to transport a small mysterious religious object The price is extremely generous perhaps too generousPraise for. Chanur s Legacy is the final book of Chanur series or maybe it s better to call it post final as the story of Pyanfar and the crew of The Pride of Chanur was concluded in Chanur s Homecoming Chanur s Legacy stands out among other books of the series for several reasons first of all it features an entirely new cast of characters with only Hilfy and Hallan serving as recurring characters if Hallan s appearance in the epilogue of Chanur s Homecoming ualifies to make him a recurring character Secondly the conflict of the story isn t as large scale as the Compact wide war that Pyanfar had to deal with but it had just enough of political scheming and complex diplomatic manoeuvring to keep me glued to the pages And thirdly the story has a strong focus on s

  • Paperback
  • 416
  • Chanur's Legacy
  • C.J. Cherryh
  • English
  • 04 May 2018
  • 9780886775599