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Download ë A Dream of His Own ´ eBook, ePUB or Kindle PDF The only thing philanthropist uinn O'Neill wants is to forget the accident that took his wife and son He doesn't expect a fender bender with a lovely strang. When a fender bender in a parking lot launches single mom Ava Darnell into wealthy magnate uinn O Neill s life sparks fly Both characters have lost their spouses and both have developed poor coping mechanisms to continue living Ava clutches her self sufficient pride while guilt prods uinn to get rid of his money at every turn Gail Gaymer Martin has written another sure to please love story for Christian romance fans Interwoven in the romance are down to earth struggles of raising a chronically ill child and unresolved grief Emotionally challenged by their grief that s where the characters similarities end Ava is an outgoing amateur interior designer while uinn is perfectly happy to sit inside the beige walls of his drab mansion telecommuting Or at least he thinks he is until Ava enters the picture The problems they face are realistically portrayed As a mother of a teenage son I find Ava s overprotective nature toward son Brandon in remission from cancer very relatable Ms Martin does a brilliant job of balancing the characters angst with their growth Sparks fly not only when Ava and uinn disagree but when their romantic chemistry comes alive on the page As their relationship grows so does their spiritual maturity and both learn with God all things are possibleAs this is the third book in the Dreams Come True series loose ends are tied up and romance readers will find the ending very satisfying

Free read A Dream of His OwnA Dream of His Own

Download ë A Dream of His Own ´ eBook, ePUB or Kindle PDF Er to change his life in a major way Struggling single mom Ava Darnell and her teenage son have their own hardshipsWhat better way for him to lend a hand th. Great read

Free read º eBook, ePUB or Kindle PDF · Gail Gaymer Martin

Download ë A Dream of His Own ´ eBook, ePUB or Kindle PDF An through the Dreams Come True Foundation But helping Ava means earning her trustand having faith that dreams of healing and family just might become reali. There are three little words that can always put a smile on my face Gail Gaymer Martin Sometimes it can take a few books for me to become a fan of an author but that was not the case with Gail I became a fan right away and that has not changed A Dream of His Own is the third and final book in the Dreams Come True Series Each book in this series deals with a child who has an illness and his or her parent finding true love again I loved the theme of this series because we all have dreams and very often we don t have the faith or trust to believe that God wants those dreams to come true for us That was certainly the case for uinn and Ava and Ava s teenaged son Brandon who was battling Hodgkin s These are three very lovable people who need each other than they realize and each has their own issues that keeps people at an arm s length But as each learns to trust God and heal things begin to change and we see a sweet little family begin to emergeI always come away from Gail s books with a warm and happy feeling I always feel a renewed sense of God s love and how simple and easy it can be to call on Him and feel His love I saw so much of that love in this story I know this is just a story but we see the miracles both big and small in our everyday lives if we are paying attentionI am always amazed by how visual Gail s books are She writes in such a way that allows me to see the beautiful settings In this book it is the beautiful setting of uinn s home and his gardens I love the colors and the changes that take place and how it symbolizes the changes taking place in the hearts of uinn Ava and Brandon A Dream of His Own was everything I was hoping it would be I knew I would not be disappointed Gail has written another sweet and sentimental book that speaks of the love that can be found even in the heart of someone who has known great pain I loved this book just as much as I have loved this entire series I highly recommend it

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  • 24 September 2018
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