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James Clyde and the Tomb of Salvation

Colm McElwain æ 0 Review Read à James Clyde and the Tomb of Salvation ´ PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook Picking up shortly after the events of the first adventure James Clyde returns with his best friends Ben and Mary Forester to his grandfather’s house in search of a map that will lead them to the Tomb of Salvation – an ancient shrine where the three diamonds of Orchestra must be returned with the promise of immortality J Stars James Clyde and the Tomb of Salvation is the second book in the James Clyde series and follows straight on from book one James Clyde and the Diamonds of Orchestra You really need to read the first book in the series to get the most from this storyJames and his group of friends must reach the Tomb of Salvation before the evil ueen Abigail The first to drink from the cup of salvation will receive ultimate power and everlasting lifeIn the first book we learn that James has the power to fly and Mary has the power to heal but we are left in the dark as to Ben s power In this book we find out Ben s talent bestowed on him by the diamond The story is told in both James and Abigail s POVThe writing is uncomplicated and the short chapters are perfectly suited to children aged 7 11 years There is lots of light hearted banter and enough danger and adventure to keep readers turning the pagesThe kids in the story act like kids they laugh a lot make silly jokes get scared at times but always venture on They treat the whole thing like a big adventure relishing time away from the adults The adults unsuccessfully try to rein the kids in and tell them what to do but generally know that they are capableMcElwain includes themes of working together problem solving and decision making culminating in the ultimate uestion is power important than friendshipThe second novel in the James Clyde series will lead you on an action packed adventure full of mystery suspense danger hope and yes salvationI highly recommend this series to Middle Grade readers My thanks to the author for my copy to read

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Colm McElwain æ 0 Review Read à James Clyde and the Tomb of Salvation ´ PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook S knows they will then face their greatest threat for the tomb is said to be home to a terrifying demon – an entity that has shown no mercy to anyone who has ever entered its lairThe second novel in the James Clyde series will lead you on an action packed adventure full of mystery suspense danger hope – and yes salvation Originally published at RisingshadowColm McElwain s James Clyde and the Tomb of Salvation is the second novel in the James Clyde fantasy series for middle grade readers It s a thrilling seuel to the author s debut novel James Clyde and the Diamonds of the Orchestra because it s filled with magic action and adventureJames Clyde and the Tomb of Salvation is an easily likeable accessible and entertaining novel because the story moves fast forward and the plot twists will entertain readers and take them by surprise Readers who enjoy fast paced action won t be disappointed by the story because something is always happening and there aren t any dull momentsWhen I began to read this novel I noticed that it s charmingly old fashioned but has a distinct modern edge to it I found myself intrigued by the fast paced story because the author kept things interesting by writing swiftly about the happenings and made sure that the story always goes forwardIn the previous novel three children James Ben and Mary went to spend Christmas with James grandfather Wil Clyde James was told that he isn t from Earth but from Orchestra His grandfather gave him a magical diamond of Orchestra and asked him to protect it James found out that he had to fight against evil because according to a prophecy he would be the saviour of OrchestraIn this novel the story picks up shortly after the events of the first novel The story begins with Professor Laurence Shaw a paranormal investigator having a gathering at the Clyde Manor with people who have paid to spend a weekend there Clyde Manor has become a famous haunted house because one hundred years ago three children vanished off the face of the earth there Soon something strange happens to Professor Shaw and he meets James Clyde Mary Forester and Ben Forester James Mary and Ben have returned to Clyde Manor in search of a map that will lead them to the Tomb of Salvation Meanwhile ueen Abigail is also searching for the map and wants to find a way to the tombThe stakes are now higher than before and the future of the world is threatened because James knows that if ueen Abigail reaches the tomb first she will rule forever and the forces of darkness will trample across OrchestraIt was intriguing to read about the adventure filled race to the tomb The author writes well about what kind of problems James and his friends face along the way Finding the tomb is not easy for the characters because they face obstacles and assassins I won t reveal any details about the ending or what happens to the characters but I can mention that the events are intriguing and everything culminates into what happens in the tomb because the author brings things to closureThe main characters James Ben and Mary are likeable and well created characters who differ from each other It was fun to read about them and also about Simon Grampian Kila and other characters because the author has created a diverse cast of secondary charactersThis novel reveals things about James mother which is good because it brings depth to the relationship between her and Jamesueen Abigail is an intriguing evil character who has a complex past It s great that the author explores her background and writes about how she ended up in Orchestra and what became of her I also enjoyed reading about Gilbert because he s a ruthless and dastardly manI liked Colm McElwain s worldbuilding because it s effortless and he lets readers get to know the world by means of the story Nothing is overexplained in this novel and the author leaves room for imagination which is good In this novel readers get to read about the world of Orchestra and its different places Reading about Stonecrest was interesting because it s the oldest city in Orchestra and is renowned for its ancient architecture and market stalls I also found Esterford interesting because it s a colourful town that is renowned for its railway systemThe story has a few bits and pieces of humour that are well placed I found some of the dialogues refreshingly funny and humorousAlthough this novel is basically a fantasy adventure it s also a tale about friendship power danger war betrayal hope and salvation The author explores hope and salvation from a classic point of view which is nice because it fits the story One of themes explored in this novel is if it s possible for a person who has done bad things to find salvation The author also explores friendship in a fluent way by writing about what goes on between the charactersThere s something about this novel that reminds me of classic children s novels and good old fashioned fantasy stories I have a feeling that it s possible that these classic novels and stories may have been a source of inspiration to the author When I read this novel I thought to myself that it has something in it that reminds me a bit of Enid Blyton s stories because the protagonists and their friends are resourceful and find ways to solve difficult situationsThe author writes clear and fluent prose and keeps the chapters short making the story ideal for younger readers The short chapters make the story easy to readOne of the strengths of this novel is that it may encourage many middle grade readers to read books The story is so gripping and fascinating that younger readers will most likely find themselves fully immersed in it and will begin to search for similar kind of fiction The same applies to the first novelI liked this novel and its predecessor a lot because they re classic children s novels that have been written out of love for storytelling I sincerely hope that Colm McElwain will soon write novels because he writes good and fast paced fictionI can recommend this charming fantasy novel to readers who enjoy middle grade fantasy fiction and children s adventure stories because it s an entertaining novel It s good escapism and thrilling fun for readers of all ages

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Colm McElwain æ 0 Review Read à James Clyde and the Tomb of Salvation ´ PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook Ames and his company of adventurers journey through treacherous lands fraught with danger and meet many obstacles along the way – dangerous assassins on board a train the dastardly Gilbert also known as the ‘man in black’ and even an unlikely encounter with a fabled lake monster If they reach the Tomb of Salvation Jame This is the second book in the James Clyde series which I received from the author in exchange for review This series is a fun middle grade fantasy series which follows a group of children as they go off on an epic adventure to save the land from an evil ueen The author did say to me when he offered me these books that this one could be read as a standalone however I would really recommend reading the first in the series beforehand otherwise I think you might struggle to understand the story My thoughts about this one are fairly similar to the first in the series We pick up the story right where the first one left off and continue on the fun adventure filled with magic and mystery The writing continues to be uite simple and easy to read but as before this didn t stop me from enjoying the story The plot continued to intrigue me and at times I was really compelled to keep reading as I was keen to find out what happened next The characters continued to be just as fun The children continued to support each other and there was a lot of fun and humorous moments amongst this group The children continued to feel and act like children rather then all of a sudden becoming older than their years They laughed joked and were scared throughout this book but we also saw them step up at times and begin to think like adults This character development was a nice touch I also liked how the children weren t left to their own devices and were supported but the adults in this world upon their uest however the adults didn t overshadow the children I also really liked learning a bit about ueen Abigail and where she had come from in this book The ending of this book wrapped up uite nicely We had a great build up to the climax and then there was uite a nice happily ever after ending However I do think it wrapped up uite uickly and I would have maybe liked a little bit conflict before the resolution Based on this ending I think this is the final book in the series however the author has left it open enough for the group to go off on another adventure and I think this would be really fun to see Overall I enjoyed this one just as much as the first one I think its a really fun middle grade fantasy series that I can see lots of children really enjoying If you have any budding young readers amongst you I would recommend picking these books up Overall rating 35

  • Paperback
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  • James Clyde and the Tomb of Salvation
  • Colm McElwain
  • English
  • 21 April 2018
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