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We Were Liars Read ´ 6 #1 NEW YORK TIMESBESTSELLER A modern sophisticated suspense novel from National Book Award finalist and Printz Award honoree E LockhartA beautiful and distinguished familyA private islandA br. I feel like the author is a bit problematic in using names like Fatima which are very highly respected and religiously significant to describe a dog in the book Further Fatima is the only pet which is described and is explained as having a chubby nose and wide face I may be reaching but it seems like a play in some problematic phenotypic stereotypes Perhaps do better research next time to not offend your Muslim Readers unless it was intentional in which case we ve got bigger problems than writing to discuss

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We Were Liars Read ´ 6 Illiant damaged girl; a passionate political boyA group of four friendsthe Liarswhose friendship turns destructiveA revolution An accident A secretLies upon liesTrue loveThe truthRead itAnd i. whatI want to cry I want to scream and say this can t be but it was PERFECTIONI just finished this book 3 minutes ago so excuse my review if it is all jacked up I should probably take a minute but here we go When I started this book I have to admit I was not feeling it It felt choppy and I felt like I was reading the Cat in the Hat and my internal eye rolls were aggressive It just felt slow and I wasn t sure where this story was goingbut THEN The story came alive and I felt this sliver of something is not right here but I can t put my finger on what it is I was so far off from the twist and I loved how wrong I was It left me in tears in the end Just know that this isn t a book where the characters make you fall in love with them individually but as a whole It made me think and be grateful for the small amount but truly meaningful people I have in my lifeYou have Cady Johnny Mirren and Gat the liars They are best friends 3 of them cousins who summer together on their hoity toity island and their crazed mothers who fight for affection from their father and play battles of inheritance This is all super tip of the iceberg scenarios here I just can t indulge too much without ruining it but it is about the friendship and fierce bond these 4 have and how love for eachother can triumph so muchI thoroughly enjoyed this book and it was a very easy read A book I will definitely recommend

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We Were Liars Read ´ 6 F anyone asks you how it ends just LIEThrilling beautiful and blisteringly smart We Were Liars is utterly unforgettable John Green #1New York Times bestselling author of The Fault in Our Star. A privileged girl Cady grows up with her three same aged cousins affectionately called the Liars on a private island that she visits every summer until she is fifteen when a mysterious accident wipes out her memory and she struggles to unravel what happened that summer An air of tragedy permeates what used to be her idyllic existence and she wonders why everyone is not just tiptoeing around her but her cousins are freezing her out when she is recovering back home in BostonNot your typical straightforward YA novel though it has all the necessary ingredients like a teenage crush on a dark handsome outsider in the family her volatile relationships with her single mother her estranged father and her aunts and her hoary and extremely patriarchal grandfather who s a little of a tyrant like King Lear with her 3 fawning daughters dependent on his goodwillLockhart s writing is crisp and sharp and the characterisation refreshingly rich and layered where even the minor characters like each of Cady s younger cousins whom the older kids call the Littles are distinct and uniue The dialogue is also authentic and there are uite a few uotable lines that bear committing to memory like Silence is a protective coating over pain a warning Cady s mom gives her not to bring up distressing memories when Grandma Tipper dies and leaves Grandpa Harris a broken shell of a man and Mirren Cady s cousin s mantra Be a little kinder than you have to that proves to be a life source of sorts for CadyThe novel is filled with secrets and lies and unspoken griefs and the shock of the twist when it comes does take one s breath away Definitely a credible author whose work I would want to check out in the near future

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