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  • The Zimmermann Telegram
  • Barbara W. Tuchman
  • English
  • 11 March 2020
  • 9780241968260

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The Zimmermann Telegram Read ã 0 D domination was exposed bringing America into the war and changing the course of history The story of how this happened and the incalculable conseuences are thrillingly told in Barbara Tuchman's brilliant exploration This book shocked me for a few different reasons1 I had NO idea that a decoded telegram was the thing that finally drove the US to join the allies in WWI2 I had no idea that Germany had proposed to ally with Mexico and Japan in order to return Mexico s lost territories ie California Texas little places like those3 The sinking of the Lusitania happened two years prior to all of this Wilson didn t love it but it didn t come close to driving him to war4 With his irrationality disregard of basic facts constant pandering to the Russian leader and preponderance of hurt feelings Kaiser Wilhelm was the proto Donald Trump Truly the similarities are astoundingAs always Tuchman s breezy rigorous snarky tone is such a delight

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The Zimmermann Telegram Read ã 0 Nothing can stop an enemy from picking wireless messages out of the free air and nothing did In England Room 40 was born In January 1917 with the First World War locked in terrible stalemate and America still neutral I recently criticized a book on this site for trying to tell a history by jumping around and said that it takes a very good writer to make that work Barbara Tuchman has that skill She tells a very complicated story with a very diverse cast and keeps everything straight and lucidNow that might be enough for four stars but Tuchman does all this by making the whole thing sensible as well You understand why people took the actions they did You understand why people make the assumptions they made And bestworst of all you understand why the world made the huge mistake that was World War ITuchman isn t just an efficient writer she s deeply entertaining She has an unusual writing style old fashioned aristocratic but never stilted or inaccessible It s like listening to an opinionated Aunt tell you about the family And I do mean opinionated Tuchman isn t an unbiased reporter she instead seems to embrace the concept of history will judge them and goes right ahead and judges the men that she s writing about You can practically hear her shaking her head over Woodrow Wilson and his unending attempts to bring a peace to the world that no one but him wantedI ve been meaning to read Tuchman s The Guns Of August ever since it was discussed in one of my favorite historical films Thirteen Days I started with this book instead and it has revolutionized my understanding of World War I I used to be sufficiently mis informed to believe that conflict to be mostly European in nature and to be little than a precursor to World War II This one thin book has absolutely changed my view of history and I m thrilled to know I still have another longer pulitzer prize winning book to go

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The Zimmermann Telegram Read ã 0 German Foreign Secretary Arthur Zimmerman gambled the future of the conflict on a single telegram But this message was intercepted and decoded in Whitehall's legendary Room 40 and Zimmerman's audacious scheme for worl I thought that lots of information stuff I didn t know would translate into an interesting read While I learned a lot the flow was never compelling to me like other good books that bring you there I was never engaged Typically a narrator can bring the story to life but this reader did not do that for me I think both the author and the narrator failed me on this one Interesting topic but this version was just OK for me