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The Nanny Diaries Summary » 8 Wanted One young woman to take care of four year old boy Must be cheerful enthusiastic and selfless bordering on masochistic Must relish sixteen hour shifts with a deliberately nap deprived preschooler Must love getting thrown up on literally and figuratively by everyone in his family Must enjoy the delicious anticipation of ridiculously erratic pay Mostly must love being treated like fungus found growing out of employers Herm├Ęs bag Those who ta. I read this during a series of fifteen minute breaks at my job In the interest of full disclosure I have a bit of a grudge against any book packaged as chick lit the literary euivalent of low cal fast food However I thoroughly enjoyed both The Girls Guide to Hunting and Fishing and Prep and understand that genuinely good fiction is sometimes whored out with candy colored covers so they ll sell and I m always happy to be taken by surprise when that s the case Not so with this book Now I love the blood letting of rich people just as much as the next person but I got no satisfaction here I hated the protagonist just as much as the mother for never standing up for herself or little Grayson and I found her relationship with the Harvard Hottie HH Is that a nod to Humbert Humbert Emma McLaughlin and Nicola Kraus I promise it will be lost on your readers completely implausible It seemed like the authors were attempting to draw some sort of parallel between their relationship and that of Grayson s parents ie this could be you in twenty years Nanny but then they chickened out And the ending is terrible Nanny can t even tell off that bitch to her face she has to videotape it

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The Nanny Diaries Summary » 8 Ke it personally need not apply Who wouldn't want this job Struggling to graduate from NYU and afford her microscopic studio apartment Nanny takes a position caring for the only son of the wealthy X family She rapidly learns the insane amount of juggling involved to ensure that a Park Avenue wife who doesn't work cook clean or raise her own child has a smooth day When the X's' marriage begins to disintegrate Nanny ends up involved way beyond the. Awful I found the plot if you can call it that predictable and unimaginative and the characters flat BO ring Wish I could get those hours back of my life Can t believe they made a movie out of it Although if there are as many people watching American Idol as they say there are I m sure there s a ready audience for the movie

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The Nanny Diaries Summary » 8 Bounds of human decency or good taste Her tenure with the X family becomes a nearly impossible mission to maintain the mental health of their four year old her own integrity and most importantly her sense of humor Over nine tense months Mrs X and Nanny perform the age old dance of decorum and power as they test the limits of modern day servitude Written by two former nannies The Nanny Diaries deftly punctures the glamour of Manhattan's upper clas. Title The Nanny DiariesAuthor Emma McLaughlin and Nicola KrausCopyright date 2002Publisher St Martin s GriffinHow many pages 306 pgsHow long it took me to read 10 daysCategory FictionI learned about this book from Seeing it around Chapter s and then being released as a movieThis book was purchased at McNeely and RobinsonThis book is for people who are thinking about becoming a NannyOther books by these authors Dedication and Citizen girlFavorite characters Grayer Nanny Harvard Hottie and JoshWhen and Where the story takes place New YorkPlot in a nutshell Nanny takes a job taking care of a little boy who s parents are completely horrible parents and care about their money than their sonMain characters Grayer Nanny and Mrs XWhat I liked best It was such a good book I actually WANTED to read itWhat I liked least How true this book is Parents like that should get a rude awakeningOverall rating I am so glad for this book I was getting ready to become a Nanny but this made me come to the realisation of who I will be working for and I know this is an exaggeration of what being a Nanny is like but it s truewhy can t these parents take care of their own damn kids Also the ending kind of pissed me off I kind of want to know what happens next

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