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Imperial Reckoning The Untold Story of Britain's Gulag in Kenya

Read & Download Imperial Reckoning The Untold Story of Britain's Gulag in Kenya Þ PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook Line Elkins has conducted exhaustive research to piece together the story unearthing reams of documents and interviewing several hundred Kikuyu survivors Britain's Gulag reveals what happened inside Kenya's detention camps as well as the efforts to conceal the truth Now for the first time we can understand the full savagery of the Mau Mau war and the ruthless determination with which Britain sought to control its empir This was an eye opening book and I read it at a time when Britain s role in the world and in Europe has been dramatically altered with their withdrawal from the EU The importance of this book is understood when put in the context of the time Britain had just helped defeat Germany in WWII and liberate concentration and death camps filled with people Only a handful of years later a group of Kenyans seek their freedom and independence and there are a few killings of white settlers The Colonial government essentially goes bananas and institutes a decade long repression and systematic murder of as some estimates put it well over 100000 Kikuyu Kenyans The process began years before with the relocation of Kikuyu to reserves where they can be monitored and given less productive land to live on As they felt the pressure of struggling to survive like they always have the colonial government organizes a serious of round ups in Nairobi where the city was searched door to door and all Kikuyu of uestionable politics are sent with only the clothes they have on their backs by truck to concentration camps Their belongings and houses were given away or sold cheaply to loyal Africans and sometimes white settlers The Kikuyu farms are split up among their loyal neighbors or white settlers This struck me as half Salem witch trials where people are given the opportunity to implicate people they have disputes with in order to seize their property or wives and half 1950 s Mississippi People are sent away just from a nod of a loyalist head Once in work camps holding camps or something akin to nazi death camps Kikuyu are pressured to confess that they are part of the Mau Mau movement through torture Those who refuse suffer torture and are sent to the death or concentration camps Many confess to stop the torture but are shipped away anyway to work camps where the slogans above the entrance are eerily similar to arbeit macht frei They are through work comes freedom These slave camps build dikes sometimes just go dig ditches only to fill them in again suffer from purposeful bad water starved whipped like slaves and beaten daily Many die of disease and sometimes being murdered to make an example The torture techniues are almost unbelievable This work was richly explained and well researched and definitely deserved the Pulitzer Prize that it won I am sure British school kids are not taught how under the cloak of the mission to civilize savage Africans British colonials repeated the same tactics they fought against only a decade earlier There have to be works out there that detail the actual war between the British and the Mau Mau That is what is missing from this book The camps are taken in isolation without putting them in the greater context of the war

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Read & Download Imperial Reckoning The Untold Story of Britain's Gulag in Kenya Þ PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook Ges ringed with barbed wire and to portray them as sub human savagesFrom 1952 until the end of the war in 1960 tens of thousands of detainees and possibly a hundred thousand or died from the combined effects of exhaustion disease starvation and systemic physical brutality Until now these events have remained untold largely because the British government in Kenya destroyed most of its files For the last eight years Caro If I could I would give it a 25The book was the author s dissertation on the Mau Mau uprising of the Kikuyu people in Kenya during the end of the colonial era Specifically it detailed the imprisonment of hundreds of thousands of Kikuyu in the Pipeline a huge prison system designed to draw from prisoners confessions of their allegiance to the Mau Mau cause The confessions were forced from prisoners through torture so brutal it is absolutely disgusting to read Most of the record of all of this was intentionally destroyed and there has never been a major investigation of it this is the authors attempt to document this history before the witnesses are all deadI knew very little about the colonial history of Kenya and had never read a book on Kenya aside from Out of Africa and I really enjoyed learning about itThat said it took me over a month to finish because it is uite long and uite dense with all of the names of the colonial officers loyalists MPs etc For my purposes it was way too much and I would not recommend it to anyone other than someone studying Kenya for school for travel or for some other reason that makes knowing all of the details importantSome aspects of the book that were particularly interesting to me were shocker the gender issues That Kikuyu practiced FGM and that the right to do so was a rallying cry for nationalism and independence the sexual torture of female prisoners as related to nationalism and genocide the sexual torture of Kikuyu women not imprisoned as related to land ownership and national control machismo as related to sexual torture of one s wifechildsister mother machismo as related to wife bearing non Kikuyu or mixed child Also interesting was the candid analysis of the effectiveness of torture from the victims themselves that sometimes it worked and sometimes it forced false confessions and provided bad information All the time though it dehumanized

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Read & Download Imperial Reckoning The Untold Story of Britain's Gulag in Kenya Þ PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook Britain fought in the Second World War to save the world from fascism But just a few years after the defeat of Hitler came the Mau Mau uprising in Kenya a mass armed rebellion by the Kikuyu people demanding the return of their land and freedom The draconian response of Britain's colonial government was to detain nearly the entire Kikuyu population of one and a half million to hold them in camps or confine them in villa Nope 12 Star for this poorly written and organized account Have to look elsewhere for a good history of Kenya and the end of empire