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  • Paperback
  • 480
  • Hammerjack
  • Marc D. Giller
  • English
  • 15 September 2020
  • 9780553587869

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Hammerjack summary Ô 109 In this dark futuristic thriller Marc Giller defines the cutting edge of suspense with a relentless tale of murder techno terrorism and a conspiracy one man is driven to uncover even if he must undo reality in the process HAMMERJACK They ride virtual waves of code and pirate high tech secrets to sell to the highest bidder they are faster and smarter than your security system and are only too happy to. A hammerjack is the term for a professional hacker in the world created by the author I like to find less known cyberpunk type novels and give them a chance Hammerjack mostly works but it makes leaps that are hard to believeThe world is interesting and immersive But it doesn t make a lot of sense The Collective runs everything but how does the economy really work If the Zone Agents can kill and destroy at will why doesn t anyone do anythingThe main characters are ok but don t feel like real people Both are hackers though one is retired They can move through the real world and cyberspace with ease Though I didn t find the movement through the network and the descriptions of hacking convincing It came off as video game then code jockeyI like the exploration of what happens when cyberspace has such a pull one forgets about the real world Network addiction is a real thing today How does a population deal with such behavior when it is easy to jack in to VR

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Hammerjack summary Ô 109 Power between man and machine Now Cray is caught in the cross fire between the corporate Collective and a shadowy fanatical anti tech cult called Inru With an assassin on his trail and a devastating secret locked in his mind Cray must turn to the hammerjack who’s been his most dangerous most elusive uarry Together they are on the deadliest mission of Cray’s life– to destroy the god that man mad. While the plot is clever enough in its own right it left me with the feeling that it was a Neuromancer ripoff in some regards

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Hammerjack summary Ô 109 Show you by how much They are hammerjacks and the rewards of their profession are second only to the sheer rush of what they do Cray Alden was once one of them Now he’s a corporate spook chasing down the information traffickers who’ve turned business into all out warBut beneath the surface skirmishes lurks something darker rumors of a biological supercomputer that threatens to shift the balance of. Pretty awesome matrix like thriller with strong female charactersThe seuel is not as great but tidies up all the loose ends Good to read together