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  • Flower AUTHOR Elizabeth Craft
  • Elizabeth Craft
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  • 10 March 2018
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Read & Download á PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB free ß Elizabeth Craft Flower AUTHOR Elizabeth Craft Free download ¼ 105 Ith boys and love and sex So obsessed that they lost sight of their futures of what they wanted And in the end they lost everything I'll never let a boy distract me I promised my grandmother that But that was before Tate Before the biggest pop star on the planet took an i. What makes a book unputdownable As an author I wish I knew that magic formula But the authors of FLOWER Shea Olsen and Elizabeth Craft clearly have it down to a science I could not put this book down I read it in bed while eating breakfast while cuddling on the couch with my dog It came with me to work where I spent my lunch break whipping through pages instead of doing my own writing whoops Every time I thought I should probably put it down and save it for later something would happen that made me NEED to read In FLOWER the main character Charlotte Reed is determined not to do what all the women in her family have done fallen in love and ruined their own lives She s studious and hardworking with a dream in mind that has nothing to do with boys But when Tate Collins walks into the flower shop where she works she begins to uestion everything FLOWER is full of romance and intrigue but I think my favorite thing about it was seeing Charlotte s character develop and having her figure out the difference between the person she is and the person she wants to be This kind of struggle is something I think everyone can relate to Charlotte has to figure out if the path she has chosen for herself is what she really wants or if she is doing it to prove to those around her that she won t end up like every other woman in her family Love love loved this book Go read it but make sure you have some free time because this is a book you ll want to finish in one sitting The Pocket Idiot's Guide to Your Carbon Footprint Pocket Idiot's Guide you have some free time because this is a book Niets was wat het leek you ll want to finish in one sitting

Read & Download á PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB free ß Elizabeth Craft

Flower AUTHOR Elizabeth Craft

Read & Download á PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB free ß Elizabeth Craft Flower AUTHOR Elizabeth Craft Free download ¼ 105 Nterest in me Before private planes and secret dates and lyrics meant for me alone There's so much I don't know Like why he left music Where he goes when we're not together What dark past he's hiding But when we kiss the future feels far away And nowI'm not sure what I wan. So this book was bought for me and I thought Hey maybe it will be good I m 18 and so is the main Maybe I can relate At first yes When I was working to get into college I was very focused like Charlotte and I also had a job that I worked at everyday after school She was pretty okay as a person Then Tate came into the picture Might I add that he has no personality whatsoever He is literally just an attractive superstar who is void of everything but lust and oh my god Charlotte Also Charlotte s once hard working determined self is erased from the picture because of him She does not become a better person She actually gets a whole lot worse Her grades plummet her friends and family are shoved to the side she lies to get out of work What in the hell happened to her She becomes so annoying so whiny and so dependent on a BOY that she promised never to become dependent on She has no self discipline and that drives me insane Any girl who is firm in who they are never loses that side of themselves If I wasn t so sure in who I was I would think this is how a girl my age is supposed to react to love and that is NOT true This is teaching girls to drop everything to be in a not so healthy relationship WRONG I absolutely hate that I just hope that whichever girl reads this next knows that you can have a dream and go for it as well as fall in love I could have come up with plot twists and ideas to make this story interesting That angers me I was not suprised at all I was not intrigued at all No twists no turns just please don t leave me s and I miss you s Typical in everyway I actually found myself thinking of ways this could be spiced up as a writer myself I wanted to rip up the pages and write a new plot altogether with new characters and all Note NOT ALL 18 YEAR OLD VIRGINS ARE LOVE SICK PUPPIES WHO WILL GIVE ANYTHING FOR A TOUCH It is RIDICULOUS the age stereotyping I felt like I was waaaaay too old to be reading such a thing for something based on my age Moms please think of the maturity level of your daughter before giving her this book Also please think of who she is and if she s sure of herself Reading this as a timid unsure girl can really make girls see things differently than they should They will think that dropping everything for a super star guy is appropriate and that it would be okay to forget who you are I get it love makes one wild we ve all had our times but give me a break What a disgrace to girls out there who have both love and dreams

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Read & Download á PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB free ß Elizabeth Craft Flower AUTHOR Elizabeth Craft Free download ¼ 105 These are the things that I've always wanted To get the top grades in my class To make my grandmother proud And most of all proof that I could succeed where the rest of my family had not a Stanford acceptance letter early admission My mother and my sister were obsessed w. I got a free copy of the German edition of this book through Vine and boy am I glad I didn t pay money for this Flower tells the story of Charlotte a good girl who only cares about school and stays away from boys and Tate a famous singer who immediately falls for her when he sees her through a shop window At the beginning of the story we find out that Charlotte doesn t date and has sworn off guys and sex until at least after college because she doesn t want to end up like her mom and older sister who both got pregnant before they finished high school No Charlotte wants to go to college and become a doctor and so her focus is all on school her college application and her best friend So far so goodBut then along comes Tate and Charlotte throws all caution overboard faster than you can say first crush Suddenly the only thing that matters is being with Tate homework isn t that important any after all and she even ditches her best friend for a date with him It felt like she was completely head over heels in love with Tate after only two dates both of which ended rather apruptly one of them with Tate sending her home after finding out that she had never kissed a guy before Mind you at the very beginning she gave Tate the brush off but that didn t last long When he tells her that if they are going to be together it has to be by his rules she tells him no and leaves only to then call him back a few hours later in the middle of the night to tell him that she wants it after all and is okay with sticking to his rules Why she changed her mind I have no idea Oh no wait she woke up all sweaty and with the feeling of Tate s hands and mouth all over her And that is what makes her change her mind RightAfter the third date Tate tells Charlotte that he wants her to join him for a trip to his parents place for christmas He hasn t actually seen his parents in years but he wants Charlotte to meet them And of course while they are there Charlotte sneaks into his bedroom at night to try to seduce him cause she has waited long enough Makes sense for a virgin who just weeks earlier said that she doesn t want to have sex until at least after college Right At least Tate has some sense and tells her no but of course this is followed by him telling her that she needs to leave Pronto As in he puts her on a plane home the next morning Why Who knows The guy is not big on explanationsYou know love stories where the guy occasionally acts weird and stalkery or like an asshole in the beginning and the girl is naive and throws all her plans and priorities overbord after she has gotten her first kiss can work but only if they are written by a skilled author and if the characters have a good back story that explains everything and character development that shows them realizing where they went wrong and learning from it And it needs a well crafted story None of that is the case with this book unfortunately Both the writing and characters were superficial and had no depthThen there s the constant changing of mind with both Tate and Charlotte I m not interested he should leave me alone is followed almost immediately by I want him so much and in Tate s case he goes from practically stalking Charlotte and telling her he wants to be with her to pushing her out the door with no explanation whatsoever several timesThere was no chemistry between these characters and I found their romance unbelievable There just weren t any scenes that made me want to root for them In the end I gave up around page 200 and the only reason why I m giving this two stars rather than just one is because I have actually read worse stories than this