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summary Vasarely Vasarely review ☆ 103 Gaston Diehl ´ 3 read The artist's career and of the ideas that shaped his work Considering Vasarely's work from today's perspective Professor Morgan sees the artist as the innovator behind many of the most radical ideas in design architecture and painting at the turn of the last century Vasarely published on the occasion of a retrospective of the artist's work at the Naples Museum of Art in Florida recognises his achievement as an artist and as the visionary who gave art to the computer

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summary Vasarely Vasarely review ☆ 103 Gaston Diehl ´ 3 read Widely considered the father of Op Art the Hungarian born artist Victor Vasarely 1906 1997 was instrumental not only in provoking a school of thought based on the relationship between art and science but in creating some of the most striking geometric paintings in the history of late Modernism This book which gathers together a generous selection of his most significant works celebrates his immense intelligence passion and artistry First coming to prominence in Euro

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summary Vasarely Vasarely review ☆ 103 Gaston Diehl ´ 3 read Pe Vasarely's work was included in the groundbreaking 1965 exhibition The Responsive Eye at the Museum of Modern Art in New York In the years following this exhibit Vasarely rose to international attention opening art and culture to an imagery shaped by digital applications and creating with his optical icons a new direction for art Robert C Morgan's text provides fresh insight into Vasarely's startlingly precise and hallucinatory images discussing the evolution of

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