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  • Hardcover
  • 448
  • The Peshawar Lancers
  • S.M. Stirling
  • English
  • 04 August 2018
  • 9780451458483

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Free read » The Peshawar Lancers Download The Peshawar Lancers Showdown but no one can predict the role that one man spy and hero double and triple agent will pl I was initially rather off put by the incredibly James Bond i ness of the protagonist Athelstane King home on leave after a wound to the designated hero area aka shoulder has sex with his sexy sexy concubine who promptly gets fridged by assasins so he can appropriately swear revenge I rolled my eyesIt picks up though Oh he never gets any less Marty Stu But it turns out that it s just that Stirling doesn t do deep characters really at all But at least Athelstane is not the only one His sister Cassandra is just as ludicrously badass As are the prince and the princess and the French ambassador and King s two retainers and the mysterious seeress and the chief of intelligence Even the Emperor turns out to be pretty badass They re arranged against a mustache twirler of the first degree who literally worships Satan and eats babies and wants to end all life on earth and pretty much can t be considered dead until you ve seen the body and maybe not even thenSo this is high pulp If you can accept that and run with it it s actually pretty fun high pulpThe characters are wildly entertaining The action seuences are very well paced and often fairly creative There are camel chases and ambushes on trains and exploding airships basically across the width of India and into Afghanistan There are several fairly unbelievable and yet still satisfying romances There are tricksy plotting and can t trust anyone paranoia and ancient family obligations stretching back multiple generations Also impressive is the world building There s a very complicated setup in the 1870s a comet killed off most of the northern hemisphere which is why civilization is now pretty much centered on India with a handful of rivals The actual seuence of events both climatological and political is very well thought out There are a series of appendices at the end that detail everything but they re exactly what appendices should be interesting but not necessary The world building is done well enough in the text that you have an excellent idea of how it all works fast enough to not get frustrated and then if you re still curious there s some additional details at the end I did find the ending slightly unsatisfying in that while the heroes all totally kick ass and take names at the very end they re kind of saved by deus ex machinas Well the groundwork is laid and the events are foreshadowed but I still would have liked to see them solve their own problems rather than be rescued by circumstances beyond their controlSo Great literature this is not But it s really good pulp

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The Peshawar Lancers

Free read » The Peshawar Lancers Download The Peshawar Lancers Ritish Empire and All the Russias each rule half the world A DANGEROUS FUTURE Everyone predicts a I found The Peshawar Lancers to be very easy to fall into SM Stirling is very talented at creating believable and fully realized worlds you can really tell how much thought and research goes into themThis book in particular deals with an alternate history where man s technological progress was halted in the 1870 s by an asteroid colliding with the Earth Flooding long winters and cold summers starvation mass migration cannibalism and disease follow Fast forward to 2025 where the major world powers are the Caliphate the British Raj Empire now comprising mainly of India Australia and parts of Africa France Outre Mer The Mikado of Japan and the Czar of All Russias Russia survived by creating a religion that centers around cannibalism and is intent on bringing the whole world under the influence of Tchernobog Europe is considered a dangerous frontier full of cannibalistic savagesThe story mainly concerns the King siblings who find themselves being pursued by an agent of the Czar Count Ignatieff who is intent on their assassination as well as the end of the Royal house of the British Raj Stirling also introduces a sisterhood of psychics used by the Russians who can see the outcomes of different possibilities This serves an interesting purpose of allowing flash backs to The Fall and The Exodus both important periods in the history of the worldI will admit the characters are a bit one dimensional at times Should this turn into a series I m sure they would develop very nicely However this story despite its length was a bit too fast paced and action packed for character development On the other hand Stirling spends so much time developing and introducing the world and its history you often forget any flawsOverall an interesting what if sort of story

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Free read » The Peshawar Lancers Download The Peshawar Lancers A DIFFERENT PAST A spray of comets freezes human progress in the 1870s A STRANGE PRESENT Now the B This book highlights both Stirling s strengths and weaknesses His main strength is the power of his underlying ideas and the depth with which he has thought them out The premise is that the entire northern hemisphere basically got wiped out by meteors in the 19th century but Britain managed to relocate some of its population and retain its power base in India Australia and South Africa Flash forward 250 years but with technology lagging behind and resources much different than they otherwise would be So the land still has Empires steam engines etcHis main weakness is in characterization Even his best characters tend to be very thin and this book doesn t have anything approaching his best characters Everyone here seems to have come straight out of central casting His other weakness is in doing fantasy This becomes a problem in the latter half of the Emberverse Here it rears its head in the form of the Sisters of True Dreaming These people have a genetic trait that allows them to see parallel possible worlds It s a neat advantage because it can let them know precisely what will happen next and thereafter The problem with this for me is that these woman are kept brutally oppressed by their Russian masters and have been for a couple of centuries But the book itself shows what an enormous advantage they would have in any tactical or strategic encounter So how did they not overcome their oppression It makes little sense to meBut that s not why the book fell flat for me Instead it fell flat because I thought the entire thing was a rather unimaginative story hitched onto a very cool idea The surprises were like winks because everything happened just as one would expect in this sort of tale In other words there was no need for a Sister of True Dreaming because everything proceeded as if it were on rails While diverting and easy to read this was not nearly his best