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  • Paperback
  • 464
  • Hackers Heroes of the Computer Revolution
  • Steven Levy
  • English
  • 05 June 2019
  • 9780141000510

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Review Hackers Heroes of the Computer Revolution Steven Levy × 2 Free download Hackers Heroes of the Computer Revolution Download Ú 2 Seminal moment when the risk takers and explorers were poised to conuer twentieth century America's last great frontier And in the Internet age the hacker ethic first espoused here is alive and well I loved this book It is a documentary about various aspects of computing The first part is utterly excellent It is about the birth of the hacker ethic around the DEC PDP machine in the MIT AI Lab It is very funny and very inspiring Some of the people in that section of the book have disappeared into obscurity so the book is amazing for capturing this lost part of tech history The second part is about the personal computer revolution It covers the Altair machine the Apple I II and other microcomputers of its class This part made me realise for the first time how much of a key player Apple were at the beginning They pretty much created the home computer The third part is about games and the programmers and companies that created them for the early computers It focuses on a few key developers and companies mostly Sierra This was uite interesting since I played a lot of Sierra games back in the day and didn t know any of these background stories until now Anyone really into programming should get a kick out of the first section it is worth buying just for this

Review Hackers Heroes of the Computer RevolutionHackers Heroes of the Computer Revolution

Review Hackers Heroes of the Computer Revolution Steven Levy × 2 Free download Hackers Heroes of the Computer Revolution Download Ú 2 Mputer revolution that was about to change our world forever With groundbreaking profiles of Bill Gates Steve Wozniak MIT's Tech Model Railroad Club and Steven Levy's Hackers brilliantly captured a I don t usually review before finishing but I m not sure I ll get through this one so might as well It s a bloated and repetitive book that focuses on a very specific area and drags it out as far as you can conceivably take it The author seems to think the people in the book are extraordinarily interesting with their petty neuroses and self centred immaturity but unfortunately they are not Do yourself a favour and watch the excellent films Pirates of Silicon Valley and Micromen instead if you want to know about this particular era of computing There are lots of very interesting parts of Computer Science History but this book isn t one of them I m intrigued by Hero of Alexandria s first forays into Robotics Ada Lovelace and the start of programming the incredibly fascinating Bletchley Park and enigma code breakers when you are used to genuinely absorbing computer science history this book just doesn t cut the mustard It also only cares about a particular era of young obnoxious male Americans and acts casually as though their contribution to computer science is the only one that counts for anything It doesn t even include young Female Americans who contributed like Grace Hopper Klara dan Von Neumann Margaret Fox Katherine Johnson etc preferring to buy into the idea that women just don t do computer sciencestrange isn t it No the strange thing is how this ignorance still gets perpetuated as a fact in an information book about computer science in this century Give me a breakMy main complaint though is thatit s just boring It doesn t have to be but it is As another commenter mentioned you could cut out a heck of a lot of this book with some decent editing

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Review Hackers Heroes of the Computer Revolution Steven Levy × 2 Free download Hackers Heroes of the Computer Revolution Download Ú 2 A mere fifteen years ago computer nerds were seen as marginal weirdos outsiders whose world would never resonate with the mainstream That was before one pioneering work documented the underground co This book the original version changed my life when I read it in high school It along with The Cuckoo s Egg put me on the road to computer science in college