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Starfire Bantam Spectra

Starfire Bantam Spectra review ¸ 103 Earth has been ravaged by galactic disaster but the real devastation is yet to comeThe end draws nighThe year is 2053 and Earth has barely recovered from the Alpha Centauri supernova that destroyed much of the planet's infrastructure Now the supernova's residual effect a storm of high energy particles is racing toward Earth and. This is a well written book with an excellent ending and I d give 45 stars if I could Humanity is working in space to create a shield for the deadly particles from an alpha centauri supernova This work encounters many technical difficulties after all humanity s understanding to date said it wasn t possible for alpha centauri to go supernova On top of those technical difficulties are the political intrigues pursued on one hand by those who wish to profit from the catastrophe and on the other hand by the rich seeking to use their power to insure their own survival Humanity has overcome all difficulties to date to create a space habitat of 80000 to support the work on the shield However on top of everything else a serial killer is lose on that habitat All distractions even those of serial killer have to take second place to the work intended to save humanity Yet someone needs to consider how all this came to pass and what if anything can be done when the answer to that uestion might just be an alien intelligence

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Starfire Bantam Spectra review ¸ 103 Een enlisted to track down the Sky City killerThen comes startling news Evidence indicates that the original supernova was caused deliberately and that the lethal particle storm will arrive sooner than anyone expected But who or what tried to destroy the Earth And will the answer come in time to save it from its final apocalypse. This was just a thrift store find which are usually just mind candy but this was a very intelligent surprise I liked it enough to reread and order from Mr Sheffield

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Starfire Bantam Spectra review ¸ 103 An international effort has been launched out of the Sky City space colony to save the planet But the controversial plan to build a giant protective shield for Earth is falling dangerously behind schedule A series of unexplained murders has disrupted the Sky City workforce so much so that a brilliant but monstrous criminal has b. 2nd in the Supernova series and while the story is still intriguing enough the third time around it is by far not the greatest I think anyone that is almost at the end of he 2nd book in the series no longer needs an explanation of what a Supernova is He also does not explain how the new president of the US is foreign born yet made it to office

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