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  • Shortcut
  • John Pollack
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  • 06 November 2018
  • 9781592408498

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Read & Download ✓ Shortcut 100 S and still do todayAnalogies are far complex than their SAT stereotype and lie at the very core of human cognition and creativity Once we become aware of this we start seeing them everywhere in ads apps political debates legal arguments logos and euphemisms to name just a few At their very best analogies inspire new ways of thinking enable invention and motivate people to action Unfortunately not every analogy that rings true. Well written engagjng and thought provoking This could help a lot of people create true analogies and avoid the traps set by misleading ones I might have given it 5 stars but for the repeated short shrift given to conservative ideas He gave a few nods to a few here and there but just enough to feel comfortable in dismissing others so uickly This was a mere occasional annoyance and was only bothersome at all because it was presented as being objective I will certainly be looking up some of his other works

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Read & Download ✓ Shortcut 100 A presidential speechwriter for Bill Clinton explores the hidden power of analogy to fuel thought connect ideas spark innovation and shape outcomes From the meatpacking plants that inspired Henry Ford’s first moving assembly line to the domino theory that led America into Vietnam to the bicycle for the mind that Steve Jobs envisioned as the Macintosh computer analogies have played a dynamic role in shaping the world around u. I absolutely LOVE books like thisreview to comeThank you to the Goodreads First Reads Program and Gotham books for allowing me to read this awesome book

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Read & Download ✓ Shortcut 100 Is true That’s why at their worst analogies can deceive manipulate or mislead us into disaster The challenge Spotting the difference before it’s too lateRich with engaging stories surprising examples and a practical method to evaluate the truth or effectiveness of any analogy Shortcut will improve critical thinking enhance creativity and offer readers a fresh approach to resolving some of today’s most intractable challeng. pretty good to get a reminder about how to communicate abstract ideas to the masses Excellent for engineers politicians and business people The only caveat would be that it is an American book focused on the US Expect at least three uarters of the book to provide you the American way