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Read & Download Bridget Jones's Diary Ù PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook Il est vrai ue les femmes modernes et célibataires ont également leurs soucis  Helen Fielding a choisi de nous les narrer à travers le journal de Bridget Jones 29 ans célibataire sans enfant et de terribles angoisses Exemples  son poids à surveiller chaue jour le nombre de cigarettes fumées les calories ingurgitées les pensées négatives et par dessus le marché une mère extravagante et adultère Bref dans un élan de machis. Like our narrator both funny and deceptively stylishI have not seen the film

Summary Bridget Jones's DiaryBridget Jones's Diary

Read & Download Bridget Jones's Diary Ù PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook T sociale et refuse catégoriuement ue les hommes viennent dans son giron pour se faire consoler la dominer ou l'embobiner Ce petit livre rafraîchissant comme un bouuet de roses pleines d'épines est pour les hommes un complément indispensable à la lecture de Haute fidélité de Nick Hornby traitant des affres du célibat masculin Pour les femmes il viendra conforter uelues certitudes ou leur donnera des pistes à suivre Stellio Pari. Get up and make sensible plan Will work hard on journal paper during day then go for well earned picnic at open air movie theatre Tonight s movie Bridget Jones s Diary v good Make salmon florentine for picnic will eat half there and save rest for tomorrow Feel v organizedHard to concentrate thoughts on journal paper After lunch go back to bed need to recover energy Wake up again mid afternoon Decide to postpone working on paper until tomorrow have to tidy apartment since guests coming for picnic and place looks like tip Pack picnic Guests arrive walk down to water and find good spot to pitch camp While waiting for movie to start eat all salmon florentine followed by large serve of chocolate mousse and most of two bottles of wine Halfway through movie stretch out hand to grope girlfriend and spill remaining wine over brand new picnic rug v bad Girlfriend not happy Arrive back home pissed at 1 am Must do better tomorrow

Summary ☆ PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook ✓ Helen Fielding

Read & Download Bridget Jones's Diary Ù PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook Me incontrôlable on pourrait suggérer ue ce livre est surtout destiné aux lectrices de Elle et à la rigueur  ce ui est nouveau  à ceux de Men's Health Seulement voilà derrière l'humour pointe l'ironie ou les remarues acerbes sur la gent masculine Car Miss Bridget si tourmentée u'elle soit par son aspect physiue et ses carences affectives est également une féministe mais de son temps Elle assume seule sa vie professionnelle e. Let s review this book the Bridget way Reading goal for 2011 35 books not badBooks actually read 38vg No of chick lits supposed to be read in a year 1 fairNo of chick lits actually read 2 including Bridget Jones s Diary But wait a second Who can call Bridget Jones s Diary a chick lit That would be an insult to such a master piece No Bridget is no wannabe chick lit heroine and this book is certainly no trashy best seller Bridget Jones s Diary is definitely a piece of literature It is well written it s funny and it is extremely relate able Bridget like most girls tends to make mistakes fall in love with the wrong guy and she gives an all new twist to the story of Pride and Prejudice In a way it is a work of plagiarism and yet it has the uality of being original It is at once the biggest tribute to Austen and one of the most successful experiments on creating a story which has its own elements of uniueness and surpriseAnd the best thing about this book is you don t want to believe Bridget is not real It s like Santa Claus or Hogwarts all over again Yes I know I can t stop gushing over it but trust me had this book been anything like the usual chick lits I most certainly wouldn t have given it a five star rating Of course I approached it gingerly and rather hesitantly at first but once I was done I felt like banging my head against the wall asking Why didn t I read it before when I had the e book lying with me for the last three years But I guess I had to borrow it from Gayatri and then spend an entire fortnight gushing over it Do I recommend it to you Hell yeah I do

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