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Impetuous Marriage

Rosemary Carter  0 SUMMARY SUMMARY ↠ Impetuous Marriage Love and passion For she was to discover firsthand how easily one could be overwhelmed by a man who stirred the blood and roused the sensesInstead of saving her sister as she'd planned had Tracy joined heron a headlong rush into madne. lol i did not feel the love at allthough the book is enjoyable but the story felt very very stupid tracy just like that out of the blue was in love with ryan after two days of acuaintance okay i can believe in love at first sight she did not want her sister to marry a man who did not love her but she herself had done only that at least allison thought derrik loved her while tracy married ryan while thinking he did not love her then why stop her sister why be a hypocrite why go to such extent as seducing derrik when she herself thought that her own husband could be having something with freda another woman tracy clearly did not have a sound mind and as for ryan he stopped sleeping with tracy cause she was pregnant just cause of that in what century are we here he began coming home late just so he won t be tempted to sleep with her my god the book made no sense to me i really liked the book but all this confusion i mean there was no sense at all behind the main characters behaviour and so the book lost stars for me

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Rosemary Carter  0 SUMMARY SUMMARY ↠ Impetuous Marriage There's an old saying marry in haste and repent at leisure Which was where Tracy Galland thought her sister was heading But before long Tracy found herself under the spell of love and marriageShe was there to stop a marriageTracy made. Re Impetuous Marriage I m gonna need a bigger skillet This one has a 22 year old h who is a model in South Africa she has been dating her photographer and he is suggesting marriage While wrapping up a shoot she gets a frantic call from her mother The mum insists that the h track down her 17 year old sister who ran off with a man leaving a letter that they are eloping The h is not ready to marry her photographer so she uses the chase the sister excuse to avoid giving him an answer to his proposal Needless to say that proposal never does get answered a tiny sub particle black hole materializes right after the h leaves on her chase and the poor lovelorn photographer is never heard from againThe mum is insistent that the h get the wayward sis back the sis has a month to go before she is 18 and can legally wed and the mum is pretty hysterical about her elopement The feeling is definitely conveyed that the mum is a bit over possessive but after hearing the description of the young man the sis ran off with the h is a bit worried tooShe goes to the farm where the sister ran off to and while rescuing a kitten out of a tree she meets the H He helps her out of the tree and makes no secret that he is very appreciative of her looks The h gets the usual hot flash when he touches her but she does her best to focus on her sister After she figures out that her sister s beau is the H s brother she asks the H about the proposed marriage The H doesn t seem to pleased about the idear either and then the h demands that the H help her recover them The H tells her the sister is a scheming seductress and then propositions her When it becomes clear the h isn t going to jump all over his offer of bed or strip down right there for some fun n games the H tells the h that his brother left the farm at a very bad time and she would have to do his work if she wants his help in rounding up the pair Instead of just asking the man where they are at and going herself she insists that she sleep in an outbuilding shack as she refuses to sleep in the house without a chaperon but agrees to do the brother jobs The H takes her sailing and tries to seduce her she turns him down and so the punishment beginsThe H keeps trying the physical seduction amidst derogatory tease comments in between working on his orchard trees and the h keeps trying to hold him off She makes it pretty clear that marriage is the price for her charms and the H asks her if she is a virgin She is and she tells him so and he is disgusted calls her a game playing tease and wanders off The h has convinced herself she is in love with the H and a bit further on in the story the h is trying to wash in the shack when the water runs out She is covered in soap so she grabs a tiny towel and asks the H to use his shower in the big house There is a steamy semi seduction shower scene where the H proposes and the h instantly accepts I had the very unpleasant feeling that the h was a bit of a hypocrite She did not seem to be wary of sex and she mouthed the words no sex without love etc but she was remarkably willing to go pretty far physically before rejecting the H After three chapters of swearing she would only have sex if she was married and she would only marry a man who loves her one shower later and she is remarkably uick to say yes to a man she doesn t really know and who she knows doesn t love her I hate thinking this but it really looked like she took one look as his wealthy lifestyle and had a huge physical lust going on and she decided to get while the getting was goodAnyhow they don t wind up in bed they go to meet his grandmother and the wedding is arranged There is a lot of emphasis on the H being the big landowner in the area and that the h will have a higher social station to maintain and needs proper clothes and all During the evening the H s former lover drops in and it is insta hate between the OW and the h especially as the OW makes out with the H right in front of everybody and the H doesn t cut it off The h and OW meet again while the h is shopping for wedding clothes The OW explains that the H is marrying her because she is a virgin his grandmother likes her and the H wants to give his grandmother a great grandchild but the H will be continuing his affair with her The OW can t marry the H because she would lose her divorce settlement if she remarries but marriage is no barrier to bedtime fun The h rejects the OW as being a liar and the H says they used to be couple but aren t any However given the fact that the H had the h wearing the OW s bikini the day went sailing I still had some sneaking suspicions The H and h get married a few days later and everyone is pleased The have cataclysmic sex and the h is feelin the loveAfter a few days of honeymooning they track down the sister and the brother to the beachside family cottage The H has revised his opinion of the sister somewhat and he suggests just leaving them alone The h isn t willing to back off she believe the brother is a womanizer and insists that she has to stop him from breaking her sister s heart After finding out her mum wants the sister home so that the mum can live out her big theatrical career dreams via the little sister the h decides that her mum s reasons for stopping the wedding are bad but she has the right to protect her sister from a Casanova type by any means necessary When they all do get together it is obvious the sister is really in love and very happy The brother seems to be too flirty for the h s taste so she comes up with a plan to put the brother into a compromising situation and let the sister walk in on it I had the strongest feeling there was some really rotten things underneath the surface of the h s relationship with her mum and her sister What kind of protective big sister ruins her little sister s love glow by making it look like she seduced her sister s boyfriend I think the h had a lot jealously regarding the sister and the mum s relationship vs their treatment of her and it seemed to be pretty ugly under the placid surface but nothing is ever discussed either internally for the h or verballyAs you can probably guess this is not going to end well In fact it ends when the H and the sister go out for a bit leaving the brother and the h alone at the beach by the cottage The h does this sorta seduction pose thing and coerces the brother into rubbing suntan lotion on her back etc after she undid her top She wants her sister to walk in on that scene It isn t the sister who shows up though it is the H He is furious and tells them the sister was hit by a car on her bike and is in hospitalEveryone rushes to the hospital and the h wants to explain what the H saw like there IS an explanation for that but the H ignores her She does see the brother is really broken up and then concludes that he really loves her sister even though she may limp and be infertile from the wreck damageThe H and h return to the H s home and make arrangements for the sister to come to them for nursing after her hospital release The H and h aren t talking and the h is whining about the empty sex Then she figures out she is preggers but doesn t tell the H When the H tries to get his groove on early one day the h is having morning sickness and winds up throwing up and the H figures out she is up the duff He promises not touch her again and he doesn t for the rest of the pregnancy and beyond The H goes out every night stays out late and comes home in the early hours to sleep on a couch in the bedroom s dressing room The h and H are polite but don t communicate or spend anytime together Then the OW drops by to tell the h how much fun she and the H are having I thought what the h did was terrible but the H s behavior was pretty trashy too He is newly married and out partying all the time while his pregger wife is never seen and left at home to care for her invalid sister and this goes on for at least 9 monthsThe h finally decides that she needs to leave the H She goes to the grandmother s house and the grandmother offers her a really expensive family heirloom necklace to celebrate the baby The h refuses explains that she is leaving after the birth and will leave the baby with the H and her sister to raise while she does regular visits The h has the baby but changes her mind and decides to take the little girl with her She is crying in the nursery a month or so after the birth when the H comes in drops a huge diamond necklace around her neck tells her she can have the matching earnings at the next child s birth and she can have the diamond bracelet on their anniversary He claims to love her and she asks about the OW He denies an affair with the OW and was supposedly out with other people the whole time They aver mutual love or at least mutual lust and promissory jewelry bonuses and I guess it worked for them cause that was the HEA I was thinking the H was happy to dodge a bullet here he may not have been with the OW but there were plenty of other women around and he had a high sex drive and he DOES say he was with other people which was probably the truth he just doesn t mention he was with them in bed So his fidelity is in serious doubt Considering his reaction to her pregnancy was to avoid her and as soon as she is physically clear he bribes her with a large diamond and exciting sex to get her into bed it is not unreasonable to assume that he will use the old lurve club when she is an empty vessel waiting to be filled Then he will go his merry way until the next birth and jewelry bonus has been delivered and he can wander back again One can only hope that all the jewelry will enable the h to finance some sort of birth control and maybe keep the H from than an occasional weekender cause it was sadly obvious that she was really physically hooked on this manSo now that I have related this somewhat tacky tale of lust and lurve in HPlandia I think I will go see if Lodge makes a 24 incher I want to avoid the cast iron skillet carpal tunnel syndrome caused by multiple blows to several individuals over the course of an HP If I can get them all in one blow it saves on the arm muscle damage in the long run and that can only be a bonus when reading stories like this one

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Rosemary Carter  0 SUMMARY SUMMARY ↠ Impetuous Marriage A wild dash for Umhlowi farm in South Africa to save her sister from an impetuous marriage Instead she was distracted and delayed there by her prospective brother in lawRyan Demant provoked in Tracy a need to reassess her perception of. Uh No The most interesting story line was the mother wanting her daughter to be a performer because she the mother had lost her chance

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