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Summary Eye of the Dragon

Characters ↠ Eye of the Dragon Ç PDF, DOC, TXT, eBook or Kindle ePUB free Summary Eye of the Dragon Graduate student Cameron is on the trail of an ancient Chinese artifact a ruby with a history When he meets adventurer Poe in Mexico he spills the beans on his uest and Poe sees dollar signs as well as the hottest professor he’s ever metThey head off to th I was only able to get through the first sixty pages All this book has to offer is sex broken up by one or two lines of bad dialogue followed by sex Not my idea of a good read This is my second attempt at trying to enjoyfinish this book and while I did get further this time around I just can t continue with it I d end up hurting myself Eye of the Dragon gets moved to the abandoned bookshelf

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Eye of the Dragon

Characters ↠ Eye of the Dragon Ç PDF, DOC, TXT, eBook or Kindle ePUB free Summary Eye of the Dragon P from some old friends and a few new ones When it becomes too late to turn away from their uest Poe and Cam put themselves and their friends in deadly peril It will take every bit of their talents and courage to make it through and survive the Dragon’s Ey REVIEWED BY ULYSSES DIETZMEMBER OF THE PARANORMAL GUILD REVIEW TEAMA fortuitous meeting on a Mexican beach a young professor wannabe and an older worldwise jack of all trades Cameron Davis has an arcane project resulting from years of research a find of such huge potential that he doesn t want to share it M Poe known simply as Poe is drawn to this beautiful younger man and thinks he can help him and possibly profit from it tooAs our two heroes make their way into the rocky wastes of the high Utah desert they are joined by two other couples one linked to Poe by an old friendship the other tied by blood and tradition to the very treasure Cameron is hunting None of them fully understand the power of what they re dealing with and it will take all of their wits to surviveIt s a good plot and BA Tortuga knows how to write both romance

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Characters ↠ Eye of the Dragon Ç PDF, DOC, TXT, eBook or Kindle ePUB free Summary Eye of the Dragon E salt flats and mountains of Utah searching for a lost wagon train from the eighteen hundreds What they find is danger beyond normal comprehension and a stone that drives men to insanitySoon Poe’s only concern is saving Cam but to do that he’ll need hel This is one book that I had a hard time with There were parts that I liked and parts that really frustrated meI liked the storyline The whole adventure aspect of finding the Eye of the Dragon was really a good plot I also liked what the Eye could do to those that came near It was uniue and what kept me reading till the end when I wanted to stop 30 pages inWhat I really got frustrated with in regards to the story was all the sex scenes Don t get me wrong I like a little spice in my books It just seemed like you would read five pages of sex for every one or two of none It was making it so that the book was boring I would have loved a lot storylineI did finish the story though I can t say that I won t try another book by the author either I think I would I am just hoping that it doesn t go uite the same way

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