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  • ebook
  • 192
  • Bride on Demand
  • Kay Thorpe
  • English
  • 24 May 2020
  • 9781459202955

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Bride on Demand characters ↠ 5 Ven years ago he wanted her to be his wifeWhen Regan had first met Liam she'd been awed by his power by his ambition by his sexua Bride on Demand is the 68th romance novel by British author Kay Thorpe When Regan Holmes spots Liam Bentley at a party she is immediately taken back seven years to her torrid affair with the ambitious businessman He too is aware the spark is still there between them and when she unintentionally lets slip a secret he begins a relentless pursuit After all he has a right to the six year old son he has only just discovered This is the classic secret baby plot with a few twists The characters are way too serious except for the bad boy brother in law the hero is arrogant and controlling the heroine over analytical grumpy and easily overwhelmed by physical distraction communication between these two leaves much to be desired and it s a wonder they manage to get it together at all Mediocre

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Bride on Demand characters ↠ 5 Liam Bentley had always been a man who knew what he wanted And when he discovered that Regan Holmes had given birth to his son se My god the H has got a cheek and the h is just a total and utter doormat Is this guy for real or was he totally high when he approached the h I d be telling him to take a long walk of a short pier the jerkThe h wasn t good enough to marry a few years ago so off he goes to marry another woman who turns out to be a biatch who abandons him and daughter to go party The h happens to let slip he fathered her child and our H comes along and demands they get married oh and she can mother his daughter from his first wife too because basically he can t be arsed she lives with his parents during week because he s too busy to parent what a prize this dude is grrrrrrr

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Bride on Demand characters ↠ 5 L prowess Now she was older wiser and ought to know better But somehow when he demanded Marry me she still found herself saying y Was okay