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  • 12 June 2018
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The Obsoletes

The Obsoletes characters ´ 4 Origins are discovered by the inhabitants of their intolerant 1980s Michigan hometo 25 I think I was just out of my genre zone with this work of sci fi It s humorous and not too much of a leap of rationality but I just didn t have a connection I will say it kept me reading so that s a fair positive The narrator is a kid which I also find challenging in adult novels sometimes Darryl Livery is also a robot The year is 1991 and Darryl and his fraternal twin brother Kanga also a robot are trying to lay low as they start high school Not only do they not want to be outed as robots toasters is the epithet in their robophobic MI small town but they are also parentless their Mom and Dad were collected years ago after being determined obsolete Darryl has filled in the parental role and Kanga a submissive simple kid doesn t uestion his rules which are largely dictated by the manual The Directions which counsels robots on how to best blend in among their truly human brethren Since robots don t need to eat and don t get sick the Livery brothers have survived just fine on their own in this lax era of parental involvement or school overreach However this is all challenged when Kanga makes the frosh basketball team and his skills are truly super human Darryl gets dragged in as team manager second to the original team manager Brooke Moon a thoroughly weird girl whom he develops a crush on Now the boys are enmeshed in relationships with other people and life and maintaining their secret starts to get challenging There are some clever adaptations of human foibles onto robots such as Darryl s use of a spare parts catalog instead of Playboy and the imagination reuired to guess how robots might eat and later dispose of the undigested food how they re charge how they show affection and how well they hide among humans You could also extrapolate the story to look at how humans treat otherness and the ways we divide ourselves based on superficialities and prejudices but the book really glides along on the level of preposterous humor and one dimensional characters The ending has a grand finale feel to it worthy of any thriller but these are kids after all so a little misplaced maybe

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The Obsoletes characters ´ 4 A thought provoking coming of age novel about two human like teen robots navigating I recently bought an LP yes a long playing analog record its forty five minutes or so encoded by grooves stamped into a clear vinyl disk by some ancient clanking piece of heavy machinery The album s named EndGame and it s by a duo calling themselves Luscious 235 a human being Sid Luscious and an artificial entity known as Unit 235 who together survived the purge that ended the 19A0s America s lost decade a brief flowering of high technology and synthesized music that happened in between 1979 and 1980You don t rememberIn the year 1979 humanity experienced dramatic rapid technological advancement which has since been completely expunged from the historical record One day everything was blurry analog And the next primitive but rapidly evolving digital Where did it come from How did everything change so fast Some say it was extraterrestrials Or ancient secrets from the Toltecs Mayans or Egyptians Maybe it was a series of covert government projectsWithin one year the first iteration of smartphones were commonplace 2 years after 1979 artificial humans were walking the streets holding jobs and paying taxes The economies of the world turned while artificials happily carried out their functions and humans reaped the benefits It was a utopia Until it wasn t From the press release for EndGameLuscious 235 s statement continues at the link in my first paragraph it s worth a read and they re worth a listen and I get no material reward from saying so by the way just the pleasure of drawing the connectionSo why am I rambling about something that isn t even a book anyway Well because Luscious 235 s lush synth pop which sounds to me like a combination of Tangerine Dream with Stranger Things would make a perfect soundtrack for Simeon Mills debut novel because The Obsoletes also comes to us from an alternative past a past none of us rememberIn the sideways timeline of The Obsoletes robots biomechanical androids really almost indistinguishable from human beings have already been around for decades No really just roll with it Our narrator Darryl Livery and his brother Kanga were manufactured by Gravy Robotics in Detroit Michigan back in 1977 and have been growing up as if they were human children in the nearby small town of Hectorville ever since Their whole lives have been have had to be one long masuerade because the humans of Hectorville are like most of the US robophobes they re angry and afraid of robots taking their jobs supplanting their neighbors outplaying them on the court and in the courts and taking over the corridors of power And it doesn t help that the world s best robots are ChineseOkay so not that different from our world after all Xenophobia tends to behave the same way after all whatever its targetSo anyway Kanga and Darryl s charade has been hanging together pretty much even though their father and mother are no longer in the picture turns out they were obsolete But now it s 1991 and they re high school freshmen awkward and confused and desperately trying to fit in typical teenagers really until Kanga kinda accidentally becomes the Hectorville Birds star basketball playerOopsWhat unfolds from there is an entertaining romp through a vividly realized situation comedy of a universe where two obviously fake humans somehow avoid falling into the uncanny valley time after time it s not at all plausible not at all science fiction but who cares The Obsoletes is a lot of fun and it s got a good heart That matters especially these days I find myself wanting to use basketball metaphors Simeon Mills first novel which took him 18 years to write he says in the Acknowledgements may not be a full court 3 pointer but it s definitely a comfortable 2 off the backboard and I for one felt like cheering along with the Hectorville Cheerbirds by the end

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The Obsoletes characters ´ 4 High school basketball and potentially life threatening conseuences if their true There are a lot of interesting interpretations you can make about this book beyond the face value robot story line In light of recent events it s especially relevant to draw parallels to racism and undocumented immigrants Mills does a great job of layering this into the story from the brothers fear of being discovered for who they really are the conservative viewpoint of the townspeople the reporting and taking of the parent figures and To me this reading was the best aspect of the novel but I couldn t decide where The Obsoletes belongs Is this a YA Novel Sci Fi Adult Fiction There are arguments for each but I found this shelved with general adult fiction at my local library so I was surprised to find in depth chapters dealing with high school basketball games and budding romances However the next page may seem very different in tone and message This isn t to say young adults can t handle different themes but it seemed a bit manic and unnecessarily dense at timesDon t go into this one expecting every thread of the story to be tied up neatly at the end Some developments seem rushed where others are a bit long in the tooth A couple don t seem to be explained at all I won t tell people to avoid this book but I will mention that whatever you expect this book to be it probably isn t