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  • Paperback
  • 368
  • Tempest’s Fury Jane True #5
  • Nicole Peeler
  • English
  • 09 August 2020
  • 9780356500515

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characters ß Tempest’s Fury Jane True #5 104 Ch rather be getting busy with her boyfriend Anyan Unfortunately Jane's enemies have been stirring up som. Hmm no Sorry but just noHalfway through the book I had already decided it wasn t my favorite of the series but it was well on its way to a solid 3 Then it came the last chapter Contrived is the kindest word I can use to describe itIt s like she tried to pack all the punch that the rest of the story lacked into one shocking and surprising last chapter The uotation marks should give you a clue as to how well I think that worked out I was even chanting in my head don t go there don t go there over and over as I started reading that partAlas she went there and so now I m not even a little bit excited about the last book in the series which is just wrongThe rest of the story was just OK I love Nicole Peeler s silly humor but that can only be the icing on the cake if you have a good plot then that would make it even better but you can t build a whole book on one liners alone And the plot got old pretty uickly It goes like this Jane gets cock blocked by Blondie with new info about the bad guys they chase the lead they investigate and set up an ambush the ambush fails Jane gets kidnapped silly interrogation ensues Jane gets released and goes swimming Jane ends up alone with Anyan and things escalate Jane gets cocked blocked by Blondie oops I already said that just rinse and repeat for about 4 or 5 times then the last chapter and that s itMaybe I ll get lucky and forget about the events of this book before I make it to the next one I hope so

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characters ß Tempest’s Fury Jane True #5 104 E major trouble and attracting a lot of attention making it tricky for Jane and Anyan to get any alone ti. I ll admit it I am having serious trouble with this review All I want to talk about is the ending I know that s not fair I can t spoil people I can t rob them of that feeling I got when Nicole Peeler totally ripped the rug out from under me in the last chapter Unfortunately my brain just won t let me move past it So I must tell you off the bat that the ending to this book is a shocking amazing horrible punch in the gut cliffhanger But I won t tell you what it isThat being said let s go back to the beginning The story starts with Jane on a mission to Great Britain to help Blondie deal with a new supernatural threat Ancient elemental entities similar to the underground creature in the last book are threatening to make a comeback And unlike the being that imbued Jane with her new fancy ax these beings are murderous and fierce Blondie actually hacked up the Air and Fire beings also known as the Red ueen and the White King back in the day when she was the champion of the magic ax Their pieces were scattered around the world but now someone is gathering the pieces to put the monsters back together again Jane Anyan and Blondie have to stop itIt s a cool story arc It s fast moving and full of action It takes unexpected twists and turns and it incorporates some familiar faces from past books All this while continuing to expand the established world buildingThe book is really good I only had one complaint That was the ridiculous number of near sex encounters between Anyan and Jane I was already stretched to my limit before I started the book While I appreciate the need and desire to keep sexual tension alive I was just flat out annoyed with all the stops and starts The interruptions to their attempts at physical intimacy continue well into this book And though they do eventually finally seal the deal and it s fantastic by the way I had lost my patience way before that pointBack to the plus side I love Anyan Love Anyan We get to know him better as Jane does both through his actions and through a peek into his history Jane continues to be a funny earnest and all around great heroine She is really growing here yet she still manages to hold on to the core of who she is I wouldn t have it any other wayI have no idea when the next book comes out which makes me even of a wreck about the ending But knowing Nicole Peeler it will be one heck of a series finale I can t wait to see how she fixes this Because she must fix it ARC Provided by Orbit

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characters ß Tempest’s Fury Jane True #5 104 Supernatural halfling Jane True's not happy She's been packed off to England to fight a war when she'd mu. THIS IS IT I m done and I m dropping this seriesTrying to finish the book is a challenge for meNo reading about Jane s libido VS her virtueI meanC MON Not every single pagechapterSo nope NO MORE for me Thank you for the memories