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  • Paperback
  • 712
  • Sweet Savage Love Brandon Morgan #1
  • Rosemary Rogers
  • English
  • 08 March 2020
  • 9781551668314

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Sweet Savage Love Brandon Morgan #1 Download ´ 104 Countless unforeseen dangers before they can enjoy sensual exhilarating passion that burns between the. I m starting the New Year off right with some fabulous buddy reads BR in January with Korey and ueen Snowflake NeniaREVIEWI heard about this book when I was a teenager before I even really knew what a bodice ripper was A friend of my parents had this book and when we saw it at their house my mom knowingly said Steve and Ginny I sneaked a glance at the title and thought sweet savage love was something I REALLY wanted to read aboutA few years later I tracked the book down and devoured it It was like none of the other romance novels I d ever read So much passion and hatred Yes Reeling from the impact I described the entire book to a friend of mine while eating lunch at Panda Express which I m sure she really enjoyed I never read another Rosemary Rogers book afraid it wouldn t be as goodAnyway I still enjoyed this a lot on my second read but now that I m older and cynical I wasn t as breathlessly rapt as when I read it in my early twenties While the first three parts of the book were really good the story started to drag in the fourth THEN Rogers puts you through the wringer while torturing her characters But I actually love that she isn t afraid to torture them Too often the hero or heroine of a romance novel is spared any real lasting damage Or they escape just before something really bad happens Here s the thing I LOVE WHEN CHARACTERS SUFFER ALLLLLL THE SUFFERING PLEASEAnd holy crap do Steve and Ginny suffer They put each other through it others put them through it and they do it to themselves I m not even convinced they stop suffering after the story is over and I ve seen reviews of the second book that confirm they suffer there tooRogers writes in a way that s easy to read although riddled with grammatical errors that don t necessarily look like errors she loves semi colons This is one romance that defies the term and is definitely not for the faint of heart

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Sweet Savage Love Brandon Morgan #1 Download ´ 104 Ginny Brandon is swept from the ballrooms of Paris to the desert sands of Mexico and into the arms of. Because 5 measly stars is so woefully inadeuateYou should see my copy of this book It came without covers front AND back Truly a rarity in my collection but it was a freebie on Paperbackswap so I couldn t complain It now sports a hot pink cover courtesy of card stock from the office supply closet thievery for a good cause with a BW xerox of the cover image courtesy of the internet and it s all laminated in packing tape from the local Dollar StoreI am nothing if not resourcefulI m not even sure how to write this review Well for starters I doubt I ll ever look at any bodice ripper the same way again The urge to compare will be irresistibleand totally unfair Because this book uite simply is one of a kind and I doubt I ll ever read its like again Somehow I m afraid that the rest of the Steve and Ginny series won t be as heart wrenchy and gut punchy and sheer bodice rippery as this one was Do I read them and suffer possible disappointment Or leave well enough alone Oh shit I ll read them simply because I can t get enough of that fine hunk of man Steve MorganYes I have rarely fangirled a hero with such giddy abandon as I have Esteban Alvarado aka Steve the Stud Every scene he was in had my full attention and mind in full on perv mode Part of the blame rests on him being described as a dead ringer for James DruryI m serious Even down to the description of his clothes in one scene and his bloody eyebrows Methinks Rosemary loved her some The Virginian and who can blame her Hey even if I m way off the mark here he s my image of Steve And did it ever enhance the reading experienceAhem where was I Oh yes Steve Luscious Steve Alpha hero to the nth power SteveSteve the Union officer who bangs the married Sonya Brandon duels with his superior over Sonya and is condemned to a firing suad for the act Steve who escapes said suad by agreeing to act as a government agent spying on the traitorous Senator Brandon Steve who feels up Sonya s stepdaughter Ginny Brandon in a hotel room under the assumption that she s a whore sent to service himand sets in motion all the sweet savage loving and hating events that followI m unapologetic about my fangirling of this dude I know not everyone would haul to their reader s bosom a hero who marries the heroine and then within minutes is tonsil boxing a gypsy temptress with his still with the tag wife standing right beside him But I did Oh did I everThis book succeeded where other romances like Stormfire failed I didn t go through agonies when Monson s hero and heroine went through the wringer but Rosemary Rogers ripped out my guts and did a flamenco on them during the last third of the book where she puts Steve and Ginny through both physical and mental torture each one suffering a trip into a personal hell Normally I don t get that involved with a heroine but Ginny s anguish over Steve s torture and presumed death really kept me glued to the pages mainly because the hero was someone I thought worthy of the emotional whirlwindRogers is an author that I m glad I never read back when I was younger I doubt I would have appreciated the glorious excess and I m not sure just how I would have reacted to the Alpha1ness that is Steve Morgan He s a nasty piece of work an unrepentant horndog and delights in tormenting his lady love Ginny But she gives as good as she gets and I can t can t can t wait to get back to their sweet savage saga

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Sweet Savage Love Brandon Morgan #1 Download ´ 104 Charismatic mercenary Steve Morgan But this fearless heroine and hero of all heroes must first endure. I tried I really did I wanted to see what the fuss was about WTF is romantic about this story The part where he rapes her Or the part where he slaps her How about the part where he washes her mouth out with soap Oh I KNOW It s where he keeps calling her a whoreOMFG no thank you I love bodice rippers but I kind of like the hero to not be a masochistic ass wipe