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Free read Ú PDF, DOC, TXT, eBook or Kindle ePUB free · Carolyn Weston Susannah Screaming Krug and Kellog #2 Review Ó 102 Carolyn Weston · 2 Summary Then backs up over him again making certain that he’s road kill The investigation takes a bizarre turn when the victim is undressed in the morgue and the two cops discover that his corpse is plastic wrapped in twenty dollar bill. It s 4 AM in a deserted laundromat and Paul Rees is the witness to a murder a black Mercedes that runs down a motorcyclist the driver making sure that the biker is well and truly hit before peeling off into the night Detectives Krug and Kellogg are assigned the case running afoul of two complications First is another witness Susannah Roche who makes contradictory claims of the murder car in uestion Second is Rees own dark past a tragic death a murder and a criminal record that makes Rees too leery to tell cops the truth and makes him a prime suspect He hits it off well with the mod chic actress Susannah and starts to spend his nights out partying falling for a girl whose secrets make him a bit uneasy More mysterious for Krug and Kellogg the dead biker s autopsy finds him loaded to the gills he s saran wrapped with thousands of counterfeit tens and twenties his million dollar shroud Aside from the sharp plot the uniue thing about the Krug and Kellogg novels of which this is the second after 1972 s Poor Poor Ophelia is that Weston spends as much time following the suspect as the starring detectives It s as much a police procedural as a psychological drama playing within Rees head as he attempts to clear his name not looking forward to another stay in the pen This also means that Rees gets better characterization than Krug or Kellogg Kellogg has enough character to become the sympathetic good cop but Krug remains something of a grumpy cliche and could really use some development to show how he became such a curmudgeon It helps a bit to have read the first novel but it s not a reuirement and Susannah Screaming could work as a standalone read Weston s writing style is smooth with some stylish Southern California atmosphere despite the twisty turny plot with several surprises the novel is easy to follow and even easier to be drawn into Susannah Screaming is a decent 70s police procedural with a few great twists some of its elements are typical of the genre while others stand out the setup is slick the plotting is intricate and the divided focus between the witnesssuspect and the detectives offers a uniue balance between characters Overall it holds up rather well and is an entertaining entry by an almost forgotten author It puts another solid entry in Brash s lineup one that will appeal to crime readers who don t mind a flashback to the groovy mid 70s35 stars rounded up to fourFull review and other mysterycrime book reviews on my blog

Free read Ú PDF, DOC, TXT, eBook or Kindle ePUB free · Carolyn Weston

Susannah Screaming Krug and Kellog #2

Free read Ú PDF, DOC, TXT, eBook or Kindle ePUB free · Carolyn Weston Susannah Screaming Krug and Kellog #2 Review Ó 102 Carolyn Weston · 2 Summary THE SECOND BLOCKBUSTER THRILLER IN THE KRUG KELLOG SERIESWHICH BECAME THE HIT TV SHOW “THE STREETS OF SAN FRANCISCO”It’s the turbulent 1970s a time of social upheaval University educated ex surfer Casey Kellog is the younges. Casey Kellog and Al Krug are two homicide detectives working for the Santa Monica Police Department Kellog is young and has a college education Krug is older cranky and curmudgeonly and very resistant to new ideas Their partnership has its ups and downs Their latest case involves a hit and run death and centers around two witnesses to the crime whose testimony does not agree Paul Rees new to town was doing his laundry in an all night laundromat Susannah Roche is an actress and a free spiritThis book was originally published in 1975 and was the second in a three book series about Kellog and Krug The first book Poor Poor Ophelia was published in 1972 and a new TV series The Streets of San Francisco was based on that book The pilot for the series came out in 1972 alsoI always enjoy a police procedural but this story also includes a closer look at the witnesses and how the crime affects their lives That same scenario is also often used in The Streets of San Francisco episodes We have watched episodes from the first two seasons of that show over the last two years so I have seen a lot of themThe depiction of Santa Monica in the 70 s felt realistic Some reviewers noted that the story was dated It does reflect the time it was written in and I find that charming not irritating Of course I was around in the 70 s and maybe that is the difference I often read books from previous decades to learn or remember what those times were like Or to hear about them from a different perspective or point of view

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Free read Ú PDF, DOC, TXT, eBook or Kindle ePUB free · Carolyn Weston Susannah Screaming Krug and Kellog #2 Review Ó 102 Carolyn Weston · 2 Summary T homicide detective on the force He’s teamed up with Al Krug an older tougher street wise cop resistant to change Their latest case involves a vicious hit and run death a driver in a Mercedes chases a motorcyclist hits him and. Slow start but keeps you reading Love the location as I worked in Santa Month ca for 17 yearsI did have a bit of a challenge getting into the story but then enjoyed the characters and the twists and turns

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