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characters ð PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB º Lauren Oliver Lauren Oliver º 6 Download Read ☆ Reuiem by Lauren Oliver í PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB De Delirium amoris trilogie van Lauren Oliver is een fenomeen een New York Times bestseller. Warning There might be MINOR spoilers so yea be warned AFTER READINGWhen Alex and Lena were doing thisI looked like thisand then thisI CAN T FREAKING CONTAIN MY STUPID TANGLED EMOTIONSokay I m calm IamcalmJulian Lena AlexAlthough Julian somewhat grew on me in Reuiem my heart still belongs to Alex Frankly Alex din t do a lot in this book He is not as active as Julian who though struggling managed to adapt well in the Wilds His natural leadership skills are amazing and he is really determined to prove his worth uickly I think Lena was waaay whiny when she first became an invalid than the rich kid Julian and I really admired him for thatHe also has the urge of protecting Lena though he is not capable of doing that MWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAOn to Alex He has another love interest here view spoilerName s Coral hide spoiler

characters ð PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB º Lauren Oliver

characters ð PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB º Lauren Oliver Lauren Oliver º 6 Download Read ☆ Reuiem by Lauren Oliver í PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB In meer dan 32 landen verschenen en meer dan 1 miljoen boeken werden verkocht De trilogie. Due to unfortunate circumstances I have dropped the rating on this book from 5 stars to a mere 2 I m sorry I just pulled the rug out from under your feet didn t I Now there are many wonderful amazing things about this book that I could talk about howeveryou probably wouldn t be reading this if you were in it for the good stuff You would be reading the book instead So I m going to skip all of the fluffy do good particles that this book is made of and delve deeper into the reason for my rating change I anticipated Reuiem ever since the cliffhanger at the end of Pandemonium which I loved by the way and literally counted down the days to its release I even wrote it on my calendar And who uses calendars any amirite Pandemonium was a page turner It had everything that I d ever wanted in a book uniue writing that seemed almost vivid and scarily real lots of character development and the ending just UHHH The ending picked you up and slammed you down right as we figure out that Alex is alive Just before it kicks the door closed sorry You have to wait until the next book comes out to see what happened afterwards And so I waited Patiently twiddling my thumbs watching anime and crying about it you know the stuff I do I re read Delirium and Pandemonium over again just to get myself ready for what was sure to be the most AH MAZ ING CONCLUSION TO ANY SERIES EVER ANNNNDDDDDD IT STARTS OFFwith nothing Nothin Oh sure Pandemonium can start off right where Delirium ended but this book can t do the same especially when I sensed an ass whoopin coming Naw that s just cheap Let us fast forward and not even caregiveashit about Lena s first encounter with Alex after everything that had happened between them But okay yeahchilledI chilled down I ignored that glaringly obvious thing that I didn t like and I continued A uarter way through oh boy can t wait for some action to happen Surely Hana s going to do something awesome and redeem herself or Lena s going to kick some ass Half way through Okay the action can start any time nowuhplease I already know who Lena s going to end up with but just make it work k Three uarters Ummsomething Anything Please It feels like this book hasn t even started yet Can I already be this far in And so the first three uarters of this book was filled with the kind of blah blah blah that belongs in soap operas with a couple raids thrown here and there Though as glued as I was to the amazingflawless writing I found myselfdisappointed Nothing major occurs like what you d expect in the final book Hana s point of view was interesting at times but definitely not what I imagined her to sound like Sure she made a few character developments but overall Hana was another bland cured that brought almost nothing to the story line besides a slightly creepy edge At three uarters in I couldn t help but think Is this it It s almost the end Where are the explanations Where are the revelations It feelsempty somehow like a bunch of pages were ripped out Did I buy a faulty copy AND NOT WIN AN ARC I m still frustrated about that to be honest At that point I felt kind of ripped off The scene with Lena and her mother made me want to tear my hair out we were never given any explanation any stories or view from Bee What was it like in the Crypts How had she managed to climb to the top of the ranks In such an emotion filled book there was no feelings between Lena and her mother It almost pained me to read their confrontations Lifeless Like the time I fell asleep on the library floor at my school after an all nighter at a relay for life I was practically a zombie besides being served ice cream at 330 am and someone blasting dubstep in a vain attempt for all of us to stay awake But sure I could ignore that huge punch in the face But what I couldn t handle and what changed my view on this entire book was the ending That FUCKING ending I m sorry I usually don t swear in reviews view spoileryes I do hide spoiler

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characters ð PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB º Lauren Oliver Lauren Oliver º 6 Download Read ☆ Reuiem by Lauren Oliver í PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB Gaat over Lena die leeft in wereldwaar liefde verboden is en als een ziekte wordt beschouwd. For as much as I bitched about Mockingjay s epilogue I kind of think that this book could have used oneThis will be the review of can t really say jackAfter all how do I even talk about this book without spoilers Warning there are spoilers for book 2 in the comments section so don t go there unless you ve at least read up through book 2I can probably at least say that fans of the trilogy will want to read Reuiem so they can finish out the story I just expected than this and truly wish that I could give a glowing report So who here has read book 2 Show of hands For those of you who have how many of you were hoping for a bunch of view spoilerAlex hide spoiler

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