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Passion AUTHOR Lisa Valdez Read & Download ✓ 104 Lisa Valdez ☆ 4 Read & Download Us follows he and his mystery lover find something rare and wonderful blossoming between them But a blackmail scheme against the Earl threatens to destroy everything As a scandal brews each will have to choose between duty and desiretheir love for their families and their love for each other. He bent his blue gaze upon her Your body ought to be pressed upon minePassion s mouth went dry Her insidwent liuid Excuse me she whispered backing awayNo he said casually I do not excuse youOH SHITafter the first 10 pages of this book I wasNOT EXPECTING THATI LOVED this the cheese the smut the plot even the bad smut that made me cringe lolSo here s my take on the bookIt was not exceptionally good the plot was mediocre and formulaic The sex scenes were a little weird eg 10 12 inch penis yeah did not need that in my life lmao But what I loved was Passion and Mark s romance with one another I honestly hated that I loved Mark because there was not much to love about him Alas not even his 105 inch penis He was dark and rude and blunt his sex kind of scary rather than hot but I loved it I don t know why lol I think something is wrong with me He was not a romantic He was crude and impatient and everything I don t look for in a man but I loved him because I m trash and a horny horndogNow Passion was a really wonderful character She was so nice I love nice people and she was just so kind I just wanted to be her friend and we could both just have conversations about how horny we are for men like Mark I loved that she was unapologetic in her ehhem biblical needs I must say this sex was a new experience for me The errr 105 inch peepee had meAnd I really think this author needs a female reproduction 101 because well He could still feel the tight nub of her cervix but now it was below rubbing the thick distended passage that brought his spunk The pulsing head of his cock was in a deep pocket of flesh above her wombI was not aware I had a secret pocket inside my vagina where my cervix Could receive the ultimate pleasure from penis It got to the point where I was confused because I was like is the cervix I m thinking of the same cervix she s thinking of Because I don t think her cervix is existent lmao PLEASE DO YOUR HUMAN SEXUAL ANATOMY RESEARCH BEFORE YOU WRITE AN EROTICA ABOUT ITOk now back to the plotThe reason I gave this 5 stars was because I left this book with a smile on my face Their romance and love for each other was never in uestion Mark had issues rightfully so and I totally understood his character given the circumstances Honestly even though it was cheesy it was the good kind of cheese The beautiful kind of cheeseMy kind of cheese Once long ago I begged for love I swore I would never do it again But I m begging you now Passion Please love me Her hands slipped through his hair and he pressed his face against her Please For I love you I love you with all that I am and all that I will ever be I love you in this life and the next I love you I love youSigh So sweet So passionateEyy follow my reviews if you liked this one Please friend me too I love making friends

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Passion AUTHOR Lisa Valdez

Passion AUTHOR Lisa Valdez Read & Download ✓ 104 Lisa Valdez ☆ 4 Read & Download In her second year of mourning lovely young widow Passion Elizabeth Dare never dreamed she would be with a man again and certainly not a complete stranger But amidst the crowds of London's Crystal Palace Passion finds herself discreetly yet insistently pursued by a sensual gentleman who awak. 4 45 tell me something STARS Your profile ought to be pressed upon a coin Your body ought to be pressed upon mine This book was exactly what I d needed A mix of cum and tearsThe first half left me panting and desperate to call my boyfriend and demand he get dressed and come over IMMEDIATELYwhile the second half was so heart wrenching that my pillow was drenched with tears when I read the last sentence of the story If you want to say no say it now He shook his head Not two minutes from now not five minutes from now With one hand he slowly pulled free the ribbons of her bonnet NOW OR NOT AT ALL Passion Elizabeth Dare is a dutiful daughter a dedicated sister a respectable widow and a helpful cousin Her dull life with all the unfulfilled dreams and desires turns a sharp corner one day when she gives herself to a stranger with piercing dark blue eyes enveloped by the smell of lemon verbena behind a large screen at an exhibition which is a VERY public place A stranger she has yet to be able to forget All she has left of him now are the delicious soreness between her legs and the handkerchief with the letter M monogrammed with dark blue threads that he gave to her when she cried tears of longing and passionPassion needs to see this man again She needs to feel his hands on her body and his words in her ears Butis he even thinking of her Wishing for her Longing for herlike she is for himRandolp Mark Hawk Earl of Langley is a very popular man amongst the available women of London He always gets the woman he wants for one night and leaves her without the need to look back Not this time though Awareness of the body and scent of the lady with the softest auburn hair and sweetest smell of vanilla and orange blossoms has overcome Mark in a dizzying rush refusing to abandon his mind Leaving her behind without even learning her name had been a mistake A terrible oneMark needs to see her again He needs to feel her hands on his body and the little noises she makes while she is high on passion in his ears Butis she even thinking of him Wishing for him Longing for himlike he is for her THE BEST THING ABOUT MARK AND PASSION S STORY The lyricism of the sex scenes Incredible The only heart that beat was the one between her legs Beating so hard so fast shaking her with violent jolts of wracking pleasure Her eyes rolled back and with a weak keening cry warm wetness gushed out of her in a torrential wash of cum and tears The reason for the 05 stars A sex scene where the cervix of the woman EXPANDS and lets the penis almost get inside the UTERUS with a little pop sound Dude That s IMPOSSIBLE Trust me I m a medical student You guys should have seen my WTF face while reading that particular scene Ridiculous OVERALL Eda totally recommends it

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Passion AUTHOR Lisa Valdez Read & Download ✓ 104 Lisa Valdez ☆ 4 Read & Download Ens her long supressed desires After a loveless marriage of restrained propriety Passion abandons herself to true bliss for the first timeIntoxicated by his encounter with the beautiful stranger Mark Randolph Hawk Earl of Langley cannot wait to see her again As a series of rapturous rendezvo. 5 stars HistoricalErotic RomanceThe Good the Bad and the IckyOkay I have to be honest and admit that early on in this I was wondering if I was reading the same book that earned so may five star rave reviews because the explicit language and crude dialogue during the sex scenes although certainly verrry hot made me cringe and snicker at the same time Really it s sort of how I imagine it would be if Lora Leigh ever decided to write a historical romance I mean don t get me wrong all my GR friends know that I love my romance on the smutastic side and with dirty talk just as much as the next naughty gal but I guess I just wasn t expecting such graphic content in a mass paperback historical romance so it initially took me by surpriseThe Bad and the Icky Warning some dirty words smutty intermittent phrases and possible giggles to followCods balls Ick That s a new one Sounds like a fishPrickDoor of her wombWeeping wombWeeping cockWeeping woman too cause I swear Passion cries constantly in this bookSpunkSac Look it s crying to be inside you Is your cunt crying too Tell me Is your cunt weeping for my cock Yes This is what you need You need to be fucked And fucked Yes Mark loves to use the F word by the way Take all of me Open for me Open That s it Open I have to give you Why is she expecting a furniture delivery Nope oh wait that s just his massive 10 inch cock Tell me your name Why Because he said uietly I like to put a name to the women I fuck Niiiice Is your cunt clenching hungrily even now Look at me standing here with my prick out so full of spunk that it s spilling out on its own Come was spilling from his prick The knob was dark purple and distended Fuck He crammed it against the slippery mouth of her uim and shoved Mark gasped out loud as he slammed the tender head of his cock against the door of Passion s womb He could feel sperm still trickling out of him as he thrust again harder Harder His whole shaft throbbed and come kept boiling up from his sac and spilling out of him in a slow constant stream Passion your cunt is sucking my prick like a hungry little mouth It feels like a plea for Is it I have to give you Tell me you want it I want all of it I want to be filled with it If I could offer my whole body as a sheath for your cock I would do it Open for me Open That s it Open Let me inside you If I wanted I could bury my whole cock in you right now My prick is so bloody hard and I have the strength to do it I think I filled you to overflowing When I pull out it s going to spill I ve got to move Passion I ve got to fuck There are a lot of lewd expressions and scenes like these but I think you probably get the pictureThe GoodBut just when I was thinking WTF Is everyone crazy Why is this book so well loved and highly rated I started to feel a real connection between Mark and Passion and found myself completely absorbed in the story And after adjusting to the raw somewhat raunchy shocking eroticism I was engrossed in their intense impassioned relationship and moved by their mutual longing and sacrifice It s a beautiful touching stirring love story that made me cry and totally won me over and that s why I still gave it a high rating despite the icktastic parts

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