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Kidnapped To Be Married

Kidnapped To Be Married Read & download Õ 102 Imagine this I was at my friend's party partly drunk and wasted when suddenly a person with a ski mask covered my mouth and pointed the gun a. Another Wattpad discovery I discovered so many amazing books written by these amazing authors I enjoyed reading this book so much So many plot twist that caught me off guard I couldn t even get my head around this book even after I finished reading it I had so many HOW IS THIS EVEN POSSIBLE kind of moments while reading this book I CAN T EVEN HAHAHAHA You will know what I mean when you read this

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Kidnapped To Be Married Read & download Õ 102 Hat's when Mason Aspen my Kidnapper the school's bad boy telling me You and I are to be marriedIt's hard to resist a bad boy who's a good man. I m not gonna rate this it s just sad Initially I thought of alot of things to write in this review but then I was like nope not worth it I read the whole thing in under an hour last night and this was my face throughout the whole thing D this is because it finally endedwhen it s usually like thisoo 0o 00 OO 0o OO this is because it was beautiful but it endedIf I go on to elaborate on the finer points then fans andor the author would come on to attack the review like what happened to a friend of mine the other day So to the authorSuck it up and take it like a man You gonna make mistakes Okay I m cool with that But get yourself of a goddamn editor Or come to people on Goodreads there are plenty of writers here and at least three ordinary users will be able to help you rectify all your mistakes I mean seriouslygood dear God rolls eyes

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Kidnapped To Be Married Read & download Õ 102 T my head No one could hear me because of the music and he drugged me Now I woke up at some grand mansion wondering where the hell I am and t. Beautiful The revised version has even gotten betterPeople will be insecure of you jealous of you but that s that Don t let them get into you If they wanted to win that only proved how much of an immature they are

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