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Free read Ó Forever Yours Part Four #4 á PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook Ever after Or an eternity of misery Find out in the final part of 'Forever Yours' over 23000 wordsThe thrilling new Novella series from the author of the Three Thousand Miles Series Deila Longford'Her blood is his greatest desire I didn t enjoy this series at all I couldn t get into the story at all The storyline was weak and too fast paced I felt nothing for any of the characters either

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Free read Ó Forever Yours Part Four #4 á PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook Rose Peterson has changed in so many ways since she met Dalton Clark But the biggest change is that she is about to become a vampire Rose's love for Dalton consumed her and she wasn't prepared to wait for him to turn her So Rose This book killed everything the third installment fixed for me Just when I had hope from the third book this one came along and made me cringe I can honestly say this isn t a story I enjoyed reading and it s not one I d recommend Along with all the same editing mistakes spell checker people come on Sheesh the story became completely cliche lost all plot originality even had the running through the woods scene from Twilight and the ending was not one I enjoyed I m glad it s overRead my reviews for the previous 3 installments Forever Yours Part 1 Forever yours Part 2 Forever Yours Part 3

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Free read Ó Forever Yours Part Four #4 á PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook Took matters into her own hands and she sought the help of Nicholas Dalton's somewhat dangerous Brother How will Dalton react when Rose wakes up And what kind of vampire will Rose be How will their story end Will it be a happily Paged through this to the end Notice I never mention anything about the characters because they are so bad and forgettable they don t deserve mentioning All these books should have been 1 For nothing better than to not have taken up the space of 4 My nomination for Sorriest series ever

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