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Characters ß Munnu Author Malik Sajad 102 A beautifully drawn graphic novel that illuminates the conflicted land of Kashmir through a young boy’s childhoodSeven year old Munnu is growing up in Indian administered Kashmir Life revolves around his family Mama Papa sister Shahnaz brothers Adil and Akhtar and his favourite older brother Bilal It also revolves around Munnu’s two favourite things – sugar and drawingBut Munnu’s is a childhood experienced against the backdrop of conflict Bilal’s classmates are crossing o Maus Joe Sacco Kashmir MunnuExcellent work Highly recommendedMaus influenceAll Kashmiri people are portrayed as hangul Kashmiri stag which is an endangered species Rest of the characters are regular human beings One can easily find RK Laxman in a couple of frames Joe Sacco influencePersonal interviews of surviving victims references of Sacco s Palestine and The FixerThere are references of the author reading Palestine 20 times The similarities ends there Rest is bringing up the Kashmir conflict and presenting a slice of it in the form of author s own personal lifeLoved the light throw in of cultural references in the form of objects in Munnu s room bedtime reading of Manto s story Titawal Ka Kutta posters of rockstars some music CDsVDs etcConceptually its not something new But the ex

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Characters ß Munnu Author Malik Sajad 102 Kashmir Closely based on Malik Sajad’s own childhood and experiences it is a beautiful evocatively drawn graphic novel that uestions every aspect of the Kashmir situation – the faults and responsibilities of every side the history of the region the role of Britain and the West the possibilities for the future It opens up the story of this contested and conflicted land while also giving a brilliantly close funny and warm hearted portrait of a boy’s childhood and coming of age Read a graphic novel after real long time Wonderfully illustrated book with Kashmiris represented as Hangul deer wild red deer Gives a true portrait of life in Kashmir from the 90s onwards against the backdrop of militancy the Pandit exodus military occupancy Inspired by Maus by Art Speigelman Highly recommended read

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Characters ß Munnu Author Malik Sajad 102 Ver into the Pakistan administered portion of Kashmir to be trained to resist the ‘occupation’; Papa and Bilal are regularly taken by the military to identification parades where informers will point out ‘terrorists’; Munnu’s school is closed; close neighbours are killed and the homes of Kashmiri Hindu families lie abandoned as once close mixed communities have ruptured under the pressure of Kashmir’s divisionsMunnu is an amazingly personal insight into everyday life in Its heartening to see a graphic novel by an Indian artist and that too one which is of good uality An autobiographical account of the author s childhood and the years growing up in Kashmir during the period of unrest and how he comes to be influenced by it to hone his craft Told from the perspective of a Kashmiri Muslim this book seems like the other side of the story of Our moon has blood clots which was another autobiographical account of a Kashmiri Pandit authorOne can see the inspiration that is drawn from some of the most famous graphic novels especially those dealing with conflicts and international human rights crisis The art style is reminiscent of The Complete Maus using anthropomorphic animals in this case the Kashmiri red deer Hangul mice and cats in case of Maus to portray th

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  • Munnu Author Malik Sajad
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  • 05 May 2018
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