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Kemka Ezinwo ¿ 0 Download Download ☆ PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook ¿ Kemka Ezinwo review Twerking Cruxes and a Cloaked Visage IDENTITY CRISES Matthew has a new identity following an accident then is unwittingly left with a broken heart Fate strikes a few weeks to his ordination coupled with the intermittent interceptions of his friends Ambrose Livinus and Mfon. Disclaimer I received a free electronic copy of this novel in exchange for an honest review Twerking Cruxes and a Cloaked Visage by Kemka Ezinwo follows the lives of individuals from a Nigerian community The novel takes place over several years beginning when the members of the youngest generation are schoolchildren and ending when they are nearing middle age Over the course of the novel the characters are put through multiple challenges including fighting for love finding and reuniting with lost family members struggling with religious belief and learning the true nature of those around themThe crowning jewel of Twerking Cruxes and a Cloaked Visage is the way Ezinwo weaves the lives of the multiple characters All of the characters are interconnected in some way and even when their paths diverge over time and distance Ezinwo finds a way to bring them back together again Keeping track of these characters and their many narratives must have been an extremely difficult task as a writer and I commend Ezinwo for her ability to keep the characters straight and align their narratives in such a clever wayFrom a reader s standpoint keeping track of so many characters is somewhat challenging and there were several times throughout the novel where I had to pause and remind myself who a character was and how she was connected to someone else Likewise because Twerking Cruxes and a Cloaked Visage takes place over multiple decades a lot happens in the one novel This made the plot and details feel rushed I felt like just when the plot would really develop it would be rushed onto the next event Moreover I felt like I did not have ample time to get to know the characters at than the surface level Honestly I believe the events of this one book could have encompassed an entire series if given room to breath and develop properlyOn a grammatical level the writing struggled I spotted errors in almost every other sentence which consistently forced me to pause and re read and threw me out of the narrative Additionally much of the dialogue lacked proper tagging which made it difficult to know who was speaking The dialogue also felt similar for all characters which dampened the emotions the author tried to portray and hindered the uniueness of the characters One aspect of the dialogue that I did enjoy was when it would lapse into specific dialects to show when the characters were experiencing intense emotions Twerking Cruxes and a Cloaked Visage manages to follow multiple characters as they grow and beautifully interconnect their story lines in a way that feels authentic to their characters However the fast pace of events and lack of personality in dialogue prevents the readers from connecting with the events and characters as deeply as they could In the end if you like romance drama and a dash of mystery you just may like the winding narrative and turning events of Twerking Cruxes and a Cloaked Visage

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Kemka Ezinwo ¿ 0 Download Download ☆ PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook ¿ Kemka Ezinwo review Twerking Cruxes and a Cloaked Visage Will he choose the love of many over the love of one in his struggle to untangle his shrouded past Mathilda has refused to give up hope of finding her son as she did her family Meanwhile Father Bernard takes in a stray whereas he battles. Unusually giftedTwerking Cruxes and a Cloaked VisageAfter reading through the book I observed very few words are wasted in the narrative it is precise concise and without beating around the bush The language is a combination of the usual discuss and a contemporary local Lin Gus pidgin this style allows an expos of relaxation in thinking also a strong story telling lexis which is easy in linkage infused with an underlying subtle humour The subdued pidgin expressions are explicit friendly familiar and open while maintaining a strong captivity to the endAs the story progresses the characters become real to the reader this reality grows as perception increases the reader gets involved in a picture that brings characters together compelling without losing the suspense Although the emotions and the empathies of the plot are thrown and versatile the story remains realistic and memorable The interconnection of the characters emotions and complexity of each into the later revelations almost spells a divine arrangementIn all Twerking Cruxes is a down to earth clearly vivid in imagination and dramatic The plot is well crafted and beautifully revealing The writer Kemka Ezinwo has shown dexterity in literary expression In this book she made a mark as an easy writer with strength in dialogue She has exhibited freshness in style a brilliant plot fascinating picture Good very good

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Kemka Ezinwo ¿ 0 Download Download ☆ PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook ¿ Kemka Ezinwo review Twerking Cruxes and a Cloaked Visage To discover himself Separated from their family as children and in need of closure they go back to where it all began Will it be an epitome of tranuillity or a classical culmination of vested interest who will unmasked the cloaked visag. This is where we metThis is where our hearts became oneThey may never let us be together but we llalways live together hereThis is where we ll be and this is where we ll rest Twerking Cruxes and a Cloaked Visage begins in the middle of Matthew s story narrowly escaping his own demise Ezinwo takes the reader through several different characters plots all while merging them together seamlessly Imaginative and inventive Twerking Cruxes and a Cloaked Visage takes the reader on a journey they will never forget eagerly following the characters through page turning plotsKemka Ezinwo s first novel is sure to be a hit and her books to follow will only help her following and audience grow Keep an eye out for her latest release The Rhythm of the Drum Other Stories You can keep up with her at her blog be sure and check out this new break out author 4 StarsTwerking Cruxes and a Cloaked VisageBy Kemka Ezinwo309 Pages Published 2014ASIN B00HJ2EJYUDisclaimer This eBook was received from the author in exchange for an honest review

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